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    Question how to hook up the speakers for my HTPC

    I have 42pz77u 42" 1080P HDTV Logitech Z-5500 Speakers Direct TV receiver HTPC with sound card my questions is how should i hook the speakers to get the best sound quality? with Digital Coaxial Audio RCA Cable? or what do you recommends? Thanks edit: this is how the back of the tv...
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    HOT! EVGA 7800GT @ TigerDirect 279.99 After 20 Dollar Rebate

    Link eVGA GeForce 7800 GT / 256MB GDDR3 / PCI Express / SLI / Dual DVI / VIVO / Video Card with Free Quake 4 PC Game
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    A few question

    I am about to Spray paint my Lian-Li V-1000 to black. but i want to know what kind of tool use to take the case apart. thank
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    What kind of paint i need to use for Lian Li V-1000

    well i bought this case. a silver color one. but i wanted to paint everything inside out to black. what kind of paint you suggest me to buy. and where or any local stores sell them that you known of. thanks
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    *****HOT****Arctic silencers on clearance at $9.99 each
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    Newbie to waterCooling. Advise me please

    Hello I am new to watercooling , i was wondering how much does it cost me to just water cool my CPU and Graphic Card. something thats not very expensive around 100-200. and its will keep my computer cool. my setup are . AMD 64 3700+ San Diego eVga Geoforce 6800. DFI UT NF4 SLi-DR i am...
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    Problem with Onboard Audio DFI UT NF4-SLI-DR

    i am having problem to get the onboard audio working . even though i installed the driver, and the Realtek manager detects the devices. but some how the sound devices wont produce any sounds. anyone experienced the same problem before or have any ideas whats wrong? thans