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    Help with 4p opteron shutting down

    Hi everyone! Hoping I might be able to get some help from the knowledge vault that is horde :D. I have a 4p opteron build here that I bought a little while ago second hand. Running a supermicro H8QGi+-f board and 4 opteron 6170 chips. The board had one cpu socket with a snapped pin (memory...
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    WTS: E5 Xeon 2680V2 CPU's

    Hi everyone, Looking to sell a pair of my Intel CPU's I purchased from taobao in China a few months ago. They are of the extra chilli spicey variety so you will have to pm me for deets! But be warned before you PM, I am looking for $1400US for the both of them and shipping will cost an...
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    Running bigadv on xeon v2 only 32 threads (solved)

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is deserving of it's own thread but I couldn't find quite where it belongs. Installed the folding appliance on my new 2P E5-2680v2 machine. So it's 20 cores, 40 threads in total. When I start f@h it only runs 32 threads though. I've checked and ubuntu is seeing all 40...
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    WTB: Xeon e5 v2

    Hi guys! I know I have just about no chance of this happening but I thought I'd ask anyway :D. I'm looking to upgrade one of my 2P xeon machines and I want to replace the CPU's with either E5-2695's v2 or possibly e5-2697's v2. (open to some other model suggestions though!) So I don't...
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    Aussie 4P opteron

    Hi everyone! Thought I might share my new 4P opteron system with you guys! The only one (soon to be) folding for team 24 that I am aware of. Wouldn't have been possible without the excellent guides here on Hardocp! Specs: 4x 6164HE opteron G34 CPU's (12 core 1.7ghz low power)...