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    FirePower Fatal1ty 750W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Already exists
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    Satya Nadella Admits Microsoft’s Phone Share Is Unsustainable

    Great! If the device I use isn't important, than there's one less reason to get a windows phone! Great argument there MS!
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    GeForce Game Ready Driver for Grand Theft Auto V

    Seeing a way to get the preorder for $30 was a change of mind.
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    Where the SSD Market is Headed in 2015 @ [H]

    Thanks! I meant more testing to see if the motherboard booted with nvme kinda thing, but hopefully your answer means that will be looked at too in future motherboard reviews once consumer drives are released?
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    Where the SSD Market is Headed in 2015 @ [H]

    Great article! Very informative. I'm disappointed I didn't see any nvme testing for boot etc in the latest mobo review posted after this article, the GIGABYTE Z97X Gaming 7 LGA 1150 Motherboard. Will this be checked going forward?
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    How Does My Power Supply Impact Overclocking? @ [H]

    It would be fun to see over clocking results with the most out of spec PSU you've tested, then results with a great PSU.
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    Far Cry 4 Video Card Performance Review @ [H]

    Re: Editor's GTA V comment on final page of this article: Thing is, basically every GTA game on PC is like that since they started releasing for consoles first. I feel like it's more about milking consoles for sales than fixing the bugs in the game for PC. Hey, it's a business and they are...
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    Postal Service Discloses Major Data Theft

    You forgot the 3 million customer accounts compromised.
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    Reddit Is Getting Into Crowdfunding

    The big features advertised are zero risk for project creators, and total anonymity. Yeah, those sure are things that give me confidence in it! NOT! Also, most of the projects are t-shirts.
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    YouTube Now Supports 60 FPS

    But wait, I thought 30 FPS was supposed to be enough for anyone :) j/k
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    Watchdog: Apple Not Doing Enough About In-App Purchases

    That $32 mil in returned payments, that's like what a few hours of profit from itunes for them?
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    AOL Urges Password Change

    Nowadays you can have an aol email account without being a member. There's also still people using Aim or ICQ. They are probably counting all the above. Most of those millions probably aren't paying them anything.
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    Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1300W PSU Review @ [H]

    Awesome review! I imagine a donation of a couple of these to [H] would have a potential to add it to the queue :)
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    Corsair RM750 750W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    quote from corsair, emphasis added. So, how the HECK can they say that? Are they guaranteeing that a an abrupt power loss won't screw something on the computer up? Won't cause a hardware failure? Won't cause a software failure? Won't cause a raid failure? Won't cause a windows problem...
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    AMD Radeon R9 and R7 Series Re-branding Introduction @ [H]

    I wonder if mantle will always require an AMD card, or if nvidia will make some sorta compatible setup.
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    Malwarebytes Puts Antivirus Cleanup Program on a USB Stick

    Especially with the BSA running ads (I heard one on the radio not too long ago) about cash rewards for informing on your employer.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 780 LIGHTNING Video Card Review @ [H]

    Presumably you mean 1.187v, since other wise its not exactly lower :)
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    Windows 8.1 DPI Scaling Enhancements

    All they are doing is adding an extra 200% DPI increase option, previously they offered 150%. The entire article is bragging about them adding an extra 50% to that option. Yawn. Plus that stuff has NEVER worked right. No one programs properly for it, INCLUDING MS THEMSELVES. Try cranking...
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    Toshiba THNSNH 256GB SSD Review @ [H]

    Not sure they are the same. Here's their line of THNSNH SSDs. Notice the model numbers are things that all start with "THNSNH" Now the bestbuy items...
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    PayPal Vulnerability Finally Closed

    If you are feeling sympathetic for paypal, you probably didn't RTFA. They also said that he wasn't the first to report it. Which means they've known about it and not bothered to fix it for longer than 2 weeks.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 770 Lightning Video Card Review @ [H]

    Hasn't it been that way... for forever? And not just software but hardware too? Nvidia has obviously invested heavily in optimizing SLI and reducing stutter.
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    Polish Prime Minister Gives U.S. President The Witcher 2

    Point was to show off polish culture. Witcher 2 was made by a polish game company. Much better than crappy gifts from the whitehouse in the past. Like the wrong region off the shelf DVD's they gave to the british PM.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7990 Video Card Review @ [H]

    You mean the video from pcper that has this in the video description?
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    Intel CEO: Windows 8 Touch Devices To Drop to $200

    I'd say that depends on YOU intel. How much are you going to charge for those chipsets? Because you overcharged for those ultrabook chipsets, a big reason why they didn't go much of anywhere. Another part depends on MS and how much they want to soak people for. If they are smart, they will...
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    WalMart Explores Customer to Customer Delivery

    I think the organization of that would be a nightmare. What if the delivery guy kept the package, are they on the hook for every package they deliver unless its delivered? What if the customer realizes he can keep it without paying for it if he says he never got it? Then would that put the...
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    Attack of the Killer Smartwatches

    You just aren't looking in the right place. There's the pebble. I don't have one and haven't tried it, but I know its out there.
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    Get Norton AntiVirus 2013 for Free

    Kaspersky also runs free after rebate deals for 3 computer packs. I suggest looking for one of those. There's also outright free AV Avast AVG the MS one
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    Start reading some of the power supply reviews :) Example: I bust out laughing whenever I read this, especially the last page. OMG, I just did read it again and now I have hiccups. Funnily enough, that...
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    Best Buy Cutting 30-Day Return Policy In Half?

    Sell it on ebay, you'd at least get some cash out of it. The way ppl bid things up, you might get $22 out of it.
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    Kaspersky Update Hoses Internet Access For XP Users

    Considering you can get infected through just ads on legitimate web sites (just to describe one vector), that won't always stop things. I've had to format exactly 0 times on my PC because of a malware in 10 years, and I DO use AV.
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    The Evolution Of Real Time PC Graphics

    Its a bit long for me to watch the whole thing, but I did enjoy skipping around. Some stuff I hadn't seen before, like catzilla. Also, it really should be called "The Evolution Of Real Time PC Graphics in the last Decade" since it doesn't go back further. I'd expect things like wing...
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    Kaspersky Update Hoses Internet Access For XP Users

    I wonder if its related to something that happened to me (and a bunch of others judging by the kaspersky forum posts) today. Windows (and kaspersky) started telling me my definitions were out of date, regardless of how much I updated them. I have them set to auto update. I have windows 7...
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    New 3DMark On Steam

    Try a few weeks. Thats how long it took steam to get me a missing game when I bought a package recently. I love steam, but DANG their customer support SUX.
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    The Most Accurate Map Of NFL Fans Uses Facebook Data

    I think if you RTFA, you'll find its 10% of AMERICANS, not facebook users, that have liked an NFL team. The number stated is 35 MILLION usa users have liked an NFL team.
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    Xbox 720 Chips Now in Production?

    Since the story was double posted on H's front page, does that mean its a double plus good rumor?
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    Receiver audio configuration question!

    Your receiver doesn't automatically pick it up and switch? And can't be configured to do so? There's little $10 boxes that are HDMI switches that auto switch, you could use one of them before it hits your receiver...
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    How Not To Crowdfund Your Game

    Actually its worse than that. Turns out that interplay is using this thing called which has even less rules and controls than KS. If you goto this link: And search for V13, you can see the number of ppl and dollars. Its up to 121 contributors...
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    Rockstar Games Offers Printable GTA Maps

    What I would like from R* for Christmas is them letting me throw money at them to buy RDR for PC.
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    RAID-6 fail - what are my options? :(

    If you want to spend money on it, there are professional recovery services.