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    Is something bottlenecking my comp?

    Ya it's mostly for gaming but I'm not too demanding on the details. The 9600gt is a blast, thanks for the tips.
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    Is something bottlenecking my comp?

    Yea so I ended up getting a 9600gt indeed for the one guy who cared. ;)
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    Is something bottlenecking my comp?

    Hi! Sorry for such a mundane question but I would love an answer from you people. I've got: E4500 2.2ghz 2gb of Kingston Value Ram GeForce 8600gt Pretty low range machine but I'd be curious to know if there's any particular bottleneck. Is the processor "too good" for the rest...
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    Best video card of all time?

    Either the first voodoo, the 9700 pro or the first geforce, can't make my mind... :)
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    Sapphire X1900XTX on Sale in Europe!

    Actually it's 19.6% over here (France), and it differs from country to country.
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    Should a 9600 se be able to play C&C Generals?

    My friend has a P4 3.0ghz with a 9550 and 512mb ram and plays it perfectly. Same for me with my t-bred 2400+, 9600 pro and 512mb ram. You should have no problem :) (but if you want to play online you should definitely purchase Zero Hour, not much people playing vanilla gens these days...)
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    Another BFG RMA Screw Up!!!!!!!!! Funny :D
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    Well I did it...

    Nice purchase :) I can free you of your 9700 pro :cool:
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    Games Crashing After Intros

    lol, it probably won't help you much but I had the exact same problem... 7 years ago, on my k6-2 450mhz rig :) Reinstalling the mobo drivers solved it... And your current rig reeeaaally deserves a new video card :)
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    Why cant I run AOE3 maxed out?

    It's always like that with new RTSs with kickass graphics, you have to settle with a lower graphics quality than you are used to with other games. There is just so much going on that you can't directly see, IA calculations, routines etc. etc. Personally I saw the biggest improvements when...
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    upgrade to FX5500 worth the $?

    You will see next to no difference by upgrading to a fx5500... :(
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    Is computer gaming is expensive?

    Computer gaming is expensive only if you always strive to play the latest games at the highest settings... I'm an avid Warcraft 3 fan so gaming is very cheap for me :)
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    crap... is my card DOA?

    I think this screenshot proves that there are still people using IE :(
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    Catalyst updating trouble

    Yes I also had many problems with 5.8. I'm back to 5.7.
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    Catylist 5.8 stabilty issues?

    Well when I tried all of them (back when 5.7 weren't released), the omega 5.1 gave me the best results... but I have a 9600pro. When I talk about 5.7's performance boost, I'm only refering to ATI's change log when they give the approximative performance gains in different applicationd due to an...
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    The KO is up to my expectations (Dialup beware)

    This card looks awesome :eek: I give you my postal address and you send me your old useless vanilla GTX? :D
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    Catylist 5.8 stabilty issues?

    I have also been having a lot of stability trouble with the latest 5.8 drivers (usually the game would be "tabbed" and there would be this VPU recovery message, than I could tab back and keep playing normally). This happened with both the CCC and CP versions, and I always use driver cleaner when...
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    XFX jumps on the lifetime warrenty bandwagon...

    I think it's old news :/
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    9800 Pro to an X700 Pro AGP

    I don't think it's worth it...
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    Very, very interesting new Dell 7800GTX videocard...

    That solves a big mistery :D
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    [H]review(2x7800GTX) = "Must Have Hardware"....?

    Duh, when I go play some Warcraft, I'm not playing 1994 game :p
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    eVGA 7800GTX

    You should read recent developement regarding Kyle and eVGA... quite funny :)
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    [H]review(2x7800GTX) = "Must Have Hardware"....?

    EQ2 is not 5 years old, and it's very resource demanding (actually I think it's the most resource demanding game on the market, I've heard people saying it was intentional as Sony wanted it to be "future proof"...).
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    Thanks to [H]ardOCP members who visted 3Dfx collection

    My pentium 100, 16mb EDO, S3 Virge 4mb was pure pwnage :p
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    Terrible performance problems.. Help wanted

    Sad to see the problem still isn't solved :( Maybe you could convince a friend with a video card of the same level to try it on your comp? Did you check every BIOS option, like VGA Share Size, AGP Aperture Size, Fast Write etc. etc.? Good luck! (I made the mistake of buying an fx 5xxx...
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    Terrible performance problems.. Help wanted

    With FX cards on VIA mobo's you have to set the AGP Driving Value manually in order to get correct performances. You should find this option easily in the BIOS. The options are in hexadecimal numbers, try EA, and if your card starts getting too hot, try DA. Hope it helped...
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    Poor HL2 benchmarks...

    I think there indeed is quite a difference between a 3000+ and a 4000+...
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    x800xl dead?

    I was just asking that because you previously had an nvidia card, and with nvidia card on via mobo's you often have to manually set the agp driving value, and when you then switch to an ati and forget to set it back to "auto" it gives the exact same kind of problem... but I see your new card...
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    x800xl dead?

    Do you have a VIA mobo?
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    Color 3D GeForce FX 5200 Problem

    I had the same problem back when I had a 5500 (good riddance >_> ), reinstalling the drivers solved it for me.