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    GUIDE: High Res 27" 2560x1440 Monitors, wuw to know!

    I decided to pull the trigger on the Shimian Lite model this weekend and it was already shipped out today (Monday). The fedex tracking number estimates 7 days for delivery though. Has everyone gotten the same conservative delivery date, but just simply gotten it much sooner? I'm out next week so...
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    X25-M G2 availability

    i swear i'm hitting "order" as soon as they get in stock...
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    Supertalent ME 64gb

    Newegg has this thing now for only $139: I know this is an Indilinx based SSD, but it seems like all the nifty firmware releases are being put out by OCZ. Can you flash the Supertalent drive with the same firmware? My guess is...
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    OCZ Vertex 120gb vs Intel Gen2 80gb SSD

    does intel also gc in the background? or does it just write as efficiently as possible? also, TRIM does not work currently in Linux - it probably won't be until 2.6.32.
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    eagerly awaiting review. polarizer?
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    Eizo FlexScan EV2411W

    Does anyone have any information about this monitor or its release date in the US? There doesn't seem to be much information online about its price or where you can buy it, besides from Japan for roughly $795 US. This looks like a good...
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    GeForce 7900 Quad SLI review @ X-bit Labs

    so far it's unreliable garbage...
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    2405FPW lag shots

    looks like you just run a timer and take a photo
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    monitor advice...?

    yup, pretty much
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    monitor advice...?

    now i'm thinking of just getting another 19". this way, two 19s = more pixels than one 20", and it'll be about the same price.
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    monitor advice...?

    are there any nice 20" non widescreen displays? it seems like everybody is going ws...
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    monitor advice...?

    just got in on the dell 1907fp deal, and actually got a pretty nice monitor: samsung panel, no dead pixels, great colors. i was worried i'd get the AU Optronics panel. anyway, here's the problem. 1280x1024 is not enough! i don't understand why all 19" non-ws panels are limited to 1280x1024...
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    GeForce 6800 Packaged with the XPS600

    i *think* this is what i have. it's pci-e but you can stil unlock to 16 pipes
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    2007 models on the US site now

    thanks! guess i know what i'm getting this summer.
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    2007 models on the US site now

    does anyone know if this monitor is 16.7mil colors?
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    Anyone have the Samsung 214T 8ms LCD?
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    Where to get a Apple G5 Case

    ebay, got it for a good deal a month ago : )
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    Where to get a Apple G5 Case

    i have one of those : )
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    your 6800nu idle temps?

    54C idle
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    Amd Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core CPU - Photoshop Test

    64.7 sec venice 3000 @ 8x350
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    Amd Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core CPU - Photoshop Test

    68.5 sec venice 3000 @ 9x300
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    yet another G5 pc.

    sorry i didn't take many pics along the way, but it's pretty self explanatory to see what little progress ive made so far. i grabbed a G5 case off of ebay with a dent in the back, and bought a motherboard tray from cool cases USA. unfortunately, the motherboard tray was far too wide to fit...
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    Project: G5, AMD Inside

    please do : ) thanks for answering all my questions!
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    Non-Dremel rotary

    i have the black and decker RTX rotary.. they advertise it as having 3 speeds but it's really got a wheel with variable speeds on it. pretty nice, definitely good enough for what i do. i'm sure there will be Dremel fan boys saying their tool will last longer, etc, but this is fine for what i...
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    Project: G5, AMD Inside

    how is the clearance from the bottom 120mm fans to the motherboard?
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    So did I get lucky with this cpu or is this normal? 3000+ (Venice)

    most are making past 2.5ghz, keep goin
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    AMD price shift on August 1st?

    screw it, i'm ordering my 3000+ venice now, no price changes $146 newegg
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    plastic moulding found on lian-li cases

    i'm not sure what this piece is actually called, so i'm going to have to describe it. it's the plastic semi translucent piece inside some lian-li cases near the drive bays. seems to smooth out the sharp edges. is this something i can pick up at home depot or something? thanks!
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    Project: Feeding Frenzy

    where did you get those beautiful copper ram sinks?
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    Where to buy just motherboard trays?

    how sturdy is that tray? is it like a lian-li sturdy or like a $5 case sturdy? thickness of the aluminum used? thanks!
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    Project: G5, AMD Inside

    how does the hard drive get power? it looks like they're too far away from the power supply.
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    Stock 3200+ (Venice) HSF on a 3700+ (San Diego)?

    why, may i ask, is this such a bad idea?
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    Stock 3200+ (Venice) HSF on a 3700+ (San Diego)?

    how big is the retail 3000+ heatsink? i'm thinking of using it on a video card for the core.
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    How is the 6800 so much better than 6600 GT?

    does the 256mb or 128mb card clock higher? i'm guessing the 128 does? most of the 256mb boards i've seen come at 600mhz instead of 700mhz. is having 256mb on the 6800NU important for games like Doom 3?
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    6800 non-gt pci-e?

    would you rather take the 128mb 6800NUs with 600mhz ram or 256mb w/ 700mhz? i want the evga pci-e model but the only thing thats holding me back is the 600mhz of 256mb.
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    How is the 6800 so much better than 6600 GT?

    is there a specific model 6800nu you guys recommend that overclocks better?
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    mirage paint on plastic

    how much did you sand? how did you prep the plastic? i'm thinking of doing this to my laptop.
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    mirage paint on plastic

    has anyone tried it? it seems like its mostly been used on metal
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    css box question

    say i have a 2 col setup, with two boxes. i want to have the content in one box while having links in the other box. is it possible to click on the links on one box and have it display in the other, similar in the way frames would have it? in other words, i can have a navigation panel on the...
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    Please help me to prove me parents wrong

    mr. pro network technician: there is a very simple solution that has already been mentioned. why don't you connect his box directly to the intarweb, leaving your machine out of the equation? if it's shit AOL's fault, then he can't put you to blame. if it's suddenly fast, guess whose fault it is?