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    Power Supply question.

    So just an update on my first rig: 6 RX 580s/480s on a 1000w Corsair RM1000x. Working like a charm. I made sure to undervolting the first 4 GPUs before adding the extra 2 and undervolting them, just incase, All worked out great :) So I have an additional question on an extra PSU I have lying...
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    Starting first rig next week!

    I just got 5 RX 580 8gbs for $340 each and a 480 8gb for $300. Risers and 1000w PSU on the way as well.... Intending on using an existing i5 2500 and Gigabyte GA Z77X US3H motherboard to run it all from. 5 Big Questions going in: 1) Where can I find the best bios for the 580s (and 480)? What...
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    How low will the TDP get?

    I am wondering what Ryzens lowest TDP consumer desktop part will be. It will be interesting to see if the performance holds up at lower clocks, and if these processors are capable of getting down to 35w and below like the Intel ones are. I would expect the APUs will push for lower TDPs. Last...
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    Need GTX 960 vs GTX 1060 clock-for-clock comparison

    I know its a bit late in the game with the next generation right around the corner... But it would be nice to see a comparison of the GTX 960 vs GTX 1060 at the same clocks, to really see what gains are had from Maxwell to Pascal. I know some comparisons were made between the 1080 and 980ti...
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    AM4 ITX?

    Is there any word on AM4 ITX boards?
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    Have past cards from nVidia also violated PCIe power specs?

    Overclockers UK Forums - View Single Post - Radeon RX 480 "Polaris" Launched at $199 Power Consumption: Gaming - GeForce GTX 750 Ti Review: Maxwell Adds Performance Using Less Power This is just nVidia's last generation while Toms did this type of testing. Im not sure if Toms or anyone else...
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    Need 470 / Polaris Architecture review please

    We need a 470 review for 2 reasons. 1) Does the shader count make a big different? Does the lower shader count allow for higher clocks (like 980ti vs TitanX for instance)? 2) If you downclock a 470 to 380x speeds, they match up spec-for-spec (from what I have seen). How do they compare at...
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    x190 wish list

    Someone make this board!!! -Micro-ATX -Premium Sound (Not just ALC 1150) -Built In WiFi (with new bluetooth standard if available) -2 full 16x Gen 3 PCIe slots -2 U.2 (or atleast 2 M.2) at full 4x Gen 3 PCIe speed -Thunderbolt 3/Type-C -Intel Ethernet Closest I found as an X99 was...
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    Make Good Great Again!

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    Kyle is reddit famous!

    Top thread on /r/amd lol Kyle Bennett is MAD. "AMD GPU Stack is about to collapse" • /r/Amd
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    June 29th NDA?

    Any speculation on what the June 29ths date is for? 490?
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    The under-rated market segment

    Low-profile and pcie-powered cards. Steam Hardware & Software Survey the 970 and 960 at top certainly show demand for the $200-$400 segments... But what goes under-noticed if the 750ti, and if you remove integrated graphics the 650 is not far behind... I think there is a much larger demand...
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    Are we assuming Vega is the 490? Or is it possibly the 500 series?

    Any information on this? Im excited to see what is to come. If AMD could push a Tonga architecture to Fury levels with 14nm, various architecture improvements, clock boost, and more/faster vram, then I cant wait to see what happens when they do it with Vega which I assume will be a rework of...
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    Which is the best bin FX?

    FX 8370e FX 8370 FX 9590 Which is the best bin? which would get the best clocks at the lowest temps/power?
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    WOW.... 1070 faster than Titan X @ $380

    Mind Blown Must Buy!
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    Killer Instinct DX2 review

    Any plans on doing a DX12 review for Killer Instinct? There is a lot of interest in DX12 and Async Compute, so I think the third 'real test' of this would gain a fair amount of attention.
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    $350 XFX 390x 8gb ($30 rebate) After $30 Rebate
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    Who has the better 'current tech'?

    It is quite obvious that NVidia has had the better sales and marketing.... but going on tech alone, who has the 'leg up' going into the next generation? Essentially, we are looking at Fiji and Tonga vs Maxwell... Both made big power usage strides and both made big advancements in DX12 related...
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    New Skylake/170-series on board audio.

    New 170 series motherboard have been released, and it looks like the major players are throwing a little bit of focus on onboard audio, as it is one of the few features/functions that can vary in quality between manufactures. The main onboard audio efforts have come from Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS and...
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    GTX 950 wish list: passive and low profile

    No, not both passive and low profile at the same time :P Anyone else looking for either a low profile card or a passively cooled card for a SFF build, and limited to the 750ti or 750 right now? The 950 seems to be positions right between the 750ti and 960, and share the 4k playback...
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    Best Surge Protector/Power Filter?

    I am looking for a less expensive 6-8 plug surge protector that doubles as a filter for EMI and RFI noise coming through the power. For an audio system that is sensitive and may often be transported... These are the top 2 I have found thus far. Feel free to weigh in on the selections or...
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    RM850i vs EVGA G2 850 question: white paste on internals

    So I am deciding between a Corsair RM850i and EVG SuperNova G2 850... Both are winners. The RM850i seems to be the better PSU by a very slim margin, but I have a concern. In all 850i/750i reviews I have seen, the units being used have a lot of white past coating some parts, I assume used to...
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    Onboard motherboard audio: which power rail?

    Does anyone know which PSU voltage rail runs (or most effects) the onboard audio on a motherboard? Trying to pick a PSU with the lowest ripple and voltage regulation on the rails that matter most for audio.
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    Best SFF ATX

    What are some of the best and smallest full ATX cases available out there? Im looking to fit a full ATX board, 3 120mm W/C radiators and a 12" gfx card. I'd like to find something that looks nice and may eve have a window or look good with case lights.
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    What AMD does vs WHat nVidia does...

    I really don't get the anger over AMD rebranding their old tech and keeping it 'up to date'. NVidia will develop something marginally better than their last tech, spend their time neutering it in multiple different ways for as many SKUs as possible while only making the very top SKUs better...
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    Want to see r7 360 low profile

    AMD and a partner needs to deliver with their whole "new form factors" campaign. half-height/low-profile r7 360. 6x power is fine. Just something I felt needed said :P
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    8gb 2133mhz DDR3 vs 16gb 1600mhz DDR3

    I got 2 memory slots on a motherboard with a FX 8370e and GTX 970... Should I run 8gb of 2133mhz DDR3 or 16gb of 1600mhz DDR3 ?
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    wait for the benchmarks :)

    I think people are going to be very surprised by the benchmarks on the 390/x and the 380. Drivers: Once review sites stop using old 290x benchmarks taken in 2014, Hawaii will see a bump in performance on 'the charts' just from AMD driver improvements since Maxwell. Its been ugly watching...
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    Better 290x card/cooler? Saph Tri-X or XFX Double-Disp? vs Which cooler is better?
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    Iris Pro vs Intel HD vs r7 APU - Post Processing - Cores vs iGP for DX12

    So I'm looking for some insight as to the power of Iris Pro when it comes to post-processing. I am considering an ITX build and am weighing the balances of x99 vs z170, mainly thinking of the processors... With DirectX12 around the corner, utilization of more cores is going to get better...
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    New FX chips for AM3?

    So, AMD seems to be showing 2 new FX releases? This one, that shows AMD releasing a new FX line with the new Zen cores that the 7th generation APUs will also be using: And this, which shows a "6th generation FX", assumingly using...
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    Seeking: Good AM3+ micro-ATX board

    Any new AM3+ micro-atx boards hit the market lately? On the topics, I've heard that the lack of Micro ATX AM3+ boards is because it is hard to fit all of the AMD chipset onto a smaller board... So I look at current Micro-ATX boards and wonder how much would really be lost if they removed a...
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    290/290x and DX12/Vulkan?

    What is a good source to find out what DX12/Vulkan features the 290/290x will and will not have? I believe I saw something about it supporting 'some' new DX12/Vulkan features but will be hardware limited from others, and that the number of compute cores it has will benefit greatly from the...
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    Memory Overclocking & high vram games

    Im interested in seeing memory overclocking vs core overclocking results on a game like GTA V... Especially with cards like a 4GB 960 or 8 GB 290x... Would those cards make better use of their added memory if it were faster?
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    Memory Benchmarks? Anything good?

    What are the benchmarks out there that show the most difference between memory speeds? I know iGP graphics benchmarks show solid variation with both Intel and AMD, but are there any non-graphics benchmarks or graphics benchmarks with discrete cards that show more variation than most? Even if...
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    970 3.5gb 'feature' vs 750ti 4gb....

    So it seems Jen-Hsun Huang over at nVidia has revealed via blog that the extra ram above 3GB on the GTX970 (including the last .5gb) if a 'feature' that if not included would have limited the GTX 970 to a 3gb card.... So the real question becomes.... How does the new GTX 750ti 4GB utilize...
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    Dedicated PhysX Card vs No PhysX question?

    Will running a dedicated PhysX card with PhysX enabled result in any performance increase from running no PhysX? Or would it just add new effects without any performance gains? I am curious if it offloads/stops any alternative physics engine (like Havok) that the GPU or CPU would be running...
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    Dedicated PhysX vs no PhysX question?

    Will running a dedicated PhysX card with PhysX enabled result in any performance increase from running no PhysX? Or would it just add new effects without any performance gains? I am curious if it offloads/stops any alternative physics engine (like Havok) that the GPU or CPU would be running...