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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    Just a fun fact. If you can get an awesome 1600W psu for a steal, it's a small bonus.
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    For anyone who cares, most PSUs including these have optimal efficiency at half load which would be 800W So yeah you may not need 1600w, but running 800w is a lot less taxing and more efficient for the hardware versus a 1000w running at 800W
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    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    $180 shipped with an associate code, I guess mine is 93O5ZVPJ782UKRD , I don't know if I get anything for sharing it but it'll save you $20 bucks maybe, or google around for another code? I got the P+ over the P2 because the eco switch is externally mounted, and the P+ is cheaper and smaller...
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    10th gen itx silliness.

    SinLoon M.2(NGFF) Key M NVMe SSD Extension Cable Extender PCIe3.0 x4 Full Speed 12.6inch SSD Extension Cable (32cm) Just search m.2 extension cable
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    Best GPU for an old PC (ASRock X58 Extreme)?

    Your qpi is way too high, get it mid2-3ghz I'll take some pics of mine soon
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    Is it worth upgrading to windows 11 for my config?

    Even that is debatable, and only probably because MS and Intel are working deals. No reason they couldn't patch 10 to handle P and E core scheduling appropriately. That being said, I tried 11, and immediately hated how Mac'y it was. I fixed up the interface as much as I could, eventually got...
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    Best GPU for an old PC (ASRock X58 Extreme)?

    What motherboard? Write up that and ram, and cooling info. If its on a signature I missed it cause I'm on mobile... Take pics of memory, cpu, voltages before making changes so you can reference. Some motherboards had "Slots" you could save the settings to for backup, but they weren't 100%...
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    Best GPU for an old PC (ASRock X58 Extreme)?

    Probably said in the thread but an x58 at 4ghz is pretty easy, if not 4.2ghz, and at 4k resolution the card is usually the limiter and the cou doesn't matter so much, generally. Cpu bottle necks were more 1080p. That being said, I would shoot for an nvidia 1080, 2070, or 3060ti-3080ti and any...
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    Internet speed required for mining?

    5hose people may be offloading due to prices being low, but ethereum is going proof of stake soon too so getting in now you may only get a couple months of decent mining, then have to mine some altcoins for much less $
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    How to connect these radiators

    Xspc has crossflow TX ultra thins. It's how I was able to triple 360 rad a lian li o11 NOT-XL. They weren't designed for it and it had similar crampedness. I had to build a bracket for mounting the gpu vertical in that case too. Usually if you did a bottom rad you couldn't do a vertical GPU or...
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    How to connect these radiators

    See if they offer crossflow rads still. Could run mini 90s too
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    NVIDIA reportedly wants to cut TSMC orders for next-gen RTX 40 GPUs 5nm wafers amid lower demand

    With mining being basically dead it makes sense, the secondary market will be getting flooded with used cards, just like when the last mining bubble popped. Still don't like reading it though after such a shortage and scalpers having a field day prior.
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    Fallout: London

    Yeah I was hyped big time before seeing it was a mod, even if it would've been buggy as hell being from Bethesda. Mod video looked promising though, who knows.
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    Fallout: London

    I've played NV and 4, I prefer the power armor on 4 and base building, but NV did some stuff better too. 3 is pretty old so I'd say you have to try it, the genre may not be for you. I always hated having to loot everything and dump it but figured out some ways to make that less painful. The...
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    Pulled the trigger on a new NAS

    Awesome NAS setup, what are you're plans for it?! That's a lot of high speed high capacity storage
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    Laptop cooler

    I'm thinking about routing a piece of plywood, veneer the edges, and maybe add a handle and room for a mouse. One of the best things you can do is provide intake clearance, and a buffer from your flesh. Might make standoffs to increase clearance too. Now that I've written all this I gotta...
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    Every man needs a four pack - flashlights 10 bucks shipped

    I've been using a streamlight microstream now for two years, and I use it a LOT! It is USB rechargeable, no strobe but you can double tap the power for high or low brightness. Fits great with my leatherman wave too. I used to do building and equipment maintenance, but it comes in handy around...
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    [GOG] The Elder Scrolls: Arena and Daggerfall (free till 6/16)

    Thanks, I read that post probably 2 or 3 times but didn't realize the URL was in the text LOL. I need some sleep :banghead:
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    [GOG] The Elder Scrolls: Arena and Daggerfall (free till 6/16)

    Can someone post the newsletter or link for the 31 free games? I'm a brainlet and can't find it...
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    ThinkCentre M73 Tiny CPU upgrade

    Yeah AMD had better onboard graphics for sure, but that is dramatic
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    The Quarry

    Well that would be excellent too, thanks for confirming!
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    2 sticks or 4 sticks ?

    Totally system dependent here. Intel Alder Lake if you're OCing RAM 2 sticks is better, but on LGA 115X usually you could run 4 almost as fast as 2, aside from crazy OCs. I like 4 for sure if I'm doing RGB to look at
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    4 TB SATA 7200 rpm Hard Drive problem

    Sounds like it's spun down/idling/power saving. That's a WD Black drive so it shouldn't be a slouch. Can you hear it start spinning/seeking when waiting? What OS, what motherboard?
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    The Quarry

    Wow that looks great, I hope it lives up to what all it claims to offer. I can remember too many "your choice will affect the outcome" type games where it was a huge letdown. Forgot to donate a bullet in Metro? You're the devil! Play all Mass Effect games for a coin flip ending, etcetera. I just...
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    Current State of running Primary AMD GPU with secondary Nvidia PhysX GPU?

    Part of the problem here is that every time someone independently started developing possible solutions to mixing cards they get bought out. Whether it's software mods or otherwise... I remember a short time a while back where we were supposedly going to get a chipset that could mix ATI and...
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    Intel re entering the HEDT game.

    Raptor better add more PCIe 5.0 lanes, I'd like at least dual x4 NVMe drives and a full x16 slot. I hope the HEDT is more like the prior series but I can't imagine how far Intel can exceed their current offerings... jam a bunch of P-cores and PCIe, and triple/quad channel RAM again? Then again...
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    Poll: Do you play with an inverted mouse?

    Inversion for flight sims only, and even then I rarely swap it over. I'd prefer a HOTAS for flights anyway. Everything else up is up and down is down, or forward is up, depending on your perspective
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070: up to 30% faster than RTX 3090 in gaming

    Much doubt, unless it's a paper launch!
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    Disassembled a 2.5" drive to remove the magnets

    Love me some HD magnets, the platters are so shiny too! Have any of you managed to separate the magnet from the housing? I took one magnet and ground the sides down, turned it into a stud finder with a bit of string, works great!
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    (RUMOR) Konami is set to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill

    Hope so! SH was great. MGS could be tough, I remember spending a lot of time on Snake eater trying to 100% it but going back it was nearly unplayable for me now. MGSV was entertaining but very different. Hasn't Konami devolved to primarily casino game development now?
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    Nvidia Transitioning To Official, Open-Source Linux GPU Kernel Driver

    Any chance this is in relation to the blackmail breach incident?
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    Apple Discontinues Last iPod Model

    I was aware they still made them, but didn't see the point. If anyone out there needs a music player, grab a pay as you go iphone and don't use the sim. Same thing but you CAN use it as a phone too.
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    i5-12600k vs i7 12700k

    12600K is more than enough for gaming, you won't gain much going up. If money is an issue you can get the non-k 12700 or 12700F. Few games will take advantage of more cores, with fewer faster being better. The extra cache on the 12700/12900 doesn't help much either. Getting much above 5ghz is...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yeah I don't mind the chaos, I think I was going for a "good" run though. I don't remember the achievements but being a bandit or renegade is so much easier!
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    As it seems there will never be a 16:10 with any gaming options I finally ordered a XG321UG to replace the 30" Dells

    Thanks for the info! A lot more affordable than I thought! Local dimming is nice but I'm more interested in refresh and no burn in
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    As it seems there will never be a 16:10 with any gaming options I finally ordered a XG321UG to replace the 30" Dells

    I'm still running a 30" 16:10 , mine is HP but they used the same panel. I just can't justify the price tag yet. My buddy bought one of those samsung ultrawide screens for probably $1500 near launch and it's having burn in already. Crg90 or similar, I forget which but its 4k wide by 1080 tall...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I don't like sand, it's course and rough, and it gets everywhere...
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    USB disconnects continously & problems at firmware startup

    Failing usb ports or controllers? I have that issue going on now with my asus p6x58d-e, mostly when using a hub and drawing too much power. Check the pins in the USB ports, make sure none are mangled or flattened. They should have an arching nature. Did moving stuff to a separate PCIe card...
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    NVIDIA fined USD $5.5 million for hiding how many gaming GPUs were sold to crypto miners

    The free press of having the NVIDIA name everywhere is worth more, even if it's negative press
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Ah man it's one of those illusions, this or that. Thought bear at first but seeing wolf now. I enjoyed RDR2 but the bugs made me take a break forever... riding into town and having an NPC stumble into my horse and shoot me triggering a damn manhunt on me, I slaughtered them all. Not just the...