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    3rd gen Threadripper, big fail and missed opportunity for AMD.

    Please buy Intel! AMD needs to die financially again so that Intel can again have huge prices. That was so great. 1. TR is worth every penny for the performance. For some or other weird reason you have the idea that all cores are equal. Really? 2. AMD actually still desperately needs money...
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    The End of Blu-ray

    The biggest joke is that DVd will last longer than Blue ray. I have never owned a Blue ray player, neither a Blue ray writer. This technology was too late. I think HD-DVD might have had better luck, since DVD writers are still a thing and even DVD players.
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    Ryzen 3000 Processors Listed on Russian Retail Site

    Great news and very believable. AdoredTV has been very accurate lately and it seems AMD has "chosen" him as their primary leaker. Companies actually do this on purpose, since it is free marketing.
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    Navi, Vega II, Ryzen 3000 and More AMD CES Rumors

    Please read what I have posted again. My posty is not as much as what AMD has offered in the past, but what they could offer now. The video is about what is coming. I posted in reaction to you. You said that basically after AMD releases a competitive part, you will will wait for nVidia (and...
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    Navi, Vega II, Ryzen 3000 and More AMD CES Rumors

    This is what Intel/nVidia fanboys just not get. You have been supporting these guys and they have milked you for what you've got and became very slack in not progressing much and holding back technology. Now AMD comes at last, almost with their final breath and produce some competition and...
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    AdoredTV Discusses the Recent AMD Ryzen and Radeon 3000 Series Leaks

    I'm just thinking in the poor fools who invested so much money in a 9900K, with zero upgrade path. What a sad lot that must be...
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    Intel Exec Discloses Discrete GPU Details and Strategy

    Does anybody know how they intend to overcome the patent issues?
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC Catches Fire in Spectacular Fashion

    This is final proof. All electronics work with smoke. There is special smoke inside all electronics that makes it work. Once this smoke is released, it will stop working. You can however prevent this from happening by taping all electronic components. Duck tape will work well. This will...
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Re-Reviewed, 95-Watt TDP Results

    Nope. The issue is not about what the CPU can do for us, but the impression Intel is officially giving. If they say that this is what it can do as an overclocked cpu, fine. This is not what they did They gave performance numbers as if this is what it is at stock. So yes, I understand your point...
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Re-Reviewed, 95-Watt TDP Results

    So many here are just clueless and probably have not even watched the video. They miss the point. Most people do not build their own systems. They buy OEM systems like Dell or HP. These companies know they have to stick to the specs. The issue is that if you ignore the TDP, you lose your...
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Processor Shortage Hits NewEgg and Amazon

    This is not a shortage, but a failure to supply. The few they supplied, cannot realy be called a supply. It was just to stop people from waiting for Zen 2, an old trick with paper launches.
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    Intel Kills off the 10nm Process

    Charlie responded to Intel's denial and he said that he stands by his report, basically calling Intel out as lying about it.
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    Intel Kills off the 10nm Process

    I wonder though if Intel is telling the truth. There are good reasons that they do not want this news to come out. It will hurt their stock price and the investors will be very angry There is no reason why Intel may not announce next year that things did not go as planned and they had to stop...
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    Drone Shot Simulates Airplane Collision

    Nope, can't be true, we all saw how a plane went right through a whole building, coming out of the other side. So a little plastic drone cannot even make a dent in a plane's wing. But I do suppose these drones might be a lot stronger than the steel bars of a building, as well as the concrete...
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    Adored's RTX 2080 Ti Review Roundup and Analysis

    At least Raja is gone and most importantly the marketing guy (Chris?). The latter really hyped the Vega so much and created such high expectations.
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    Adored's RTX 2080 Ti Review Roundup and Analysis

    Yip, they could have have sat on the 1080's a while longer and knowing nVidia, they would have. The only reason they are doing this now, is because this gives them a broader market to milk. Even though the older cards are now cheaper, their average selling price has gone up a lot. This will...
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    Adored's RTX 2080 Ti Review Roundup and Analysis

    There is huge difference. In AMD's case there was a shortage of components (RAM) and the demand exceeded their ability to provide. The difference is that in this there is no deception involved. Why can't you get that? So for you deception is just as bad as not having the ability to provide...
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    Adored's RTX 2080 Ti Review Roundup and Analysis

    It is not about forcing anybody, but it is about deception to convince somebody to buy.
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    AdoredTV Dissects the Marketing to Make Nvidia Turing RTX Performance Predictions

    Reply to Sickbeast "Why? Is the credibility of the source not important to you?" Where did I say that the credibility is not important to me? You also did not mention why you regard this source as not credible. Kyle specifically find him very credible, so maybe you know a bit more than he...
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    AdoredTV Dissects the Marketing to Make Nvidia Turing RTX Performance Predictions

    Maybe you should watch the video first before making comments.
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    Goldman Sachs Downgrades Intel, Upgrades AMD

    Hari is just stupid. He has been so extremely wrong on AMD and is very late to the party. I do not have respect for his judgement.
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    Tesla is Building its Own AI chips for Self-Driving Cars

    We all know this is what Keller was doing at Tesla. This has been awaited for very long. The most likely product to use, would be an AMD product, especially with Keller. It might be a special kind of APU, with many Vega cores. It could be a beast.
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    PCs With Cannon Lake CPUs Won't be on Sale Until the Very End of 2019

    T The lower yields has more problems than just profit margins. If the yields are low, then bigger chips will have a zero yield, therefore you can only produce smaller chips, as Intel is currently doing with it. With low yields, it means the defective parts on the wafer is high. With...
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    Commodore 64 Mini Coming to North America on October 9

    You guys should look into the ZX Spectrum Next as well It is a huge project in the final stage Theoretically the hardware might even be able to do Commodore 64.
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    New Spectre 1.1 and Spectre 1.2 CPU Flaws Disclosed

    Strange how people can word an article to convey a desired sentiment. This is about Spectre, but somehow it is made about AMD. People think journalists are objective, but they're not in this case at least. AMD is least affected, yet is made out to be the villian here. Really?
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    SemiAccurate Teases 10nm Failure Fallout

    Mediatek has a market cap of $17B. Calling them a 20B company would be fairly correct. Rounding down to $10B won't be right. All smaller cellphone companies use them. There are reports that they are moving from TSMC to GF, but they did use 10nm. There were rumours of going to 7nm, but what...
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    SemiAccurate Teases 10nm Failure Fallout

    Viceroy does exactly this (did it with AMD) and gets away with it. I do not think Charlie is doing this though.
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    World Record for Number of Times "Interposer" Said in One Video

    Watch his other videos, they are great, worth subscribing in my opinion...
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    Rumored Release Windows for New AMD Polaris, Vega, Navi GPUs

    I think AMD need to worry a bit about Intel, remember their spy that worked for Intel was now fired. That CEO was really the best CEO, for AMD. You never know, they might get a Lisa...
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    Rumored Release Windows for New AMD Polaris, Vega, Navi GPUs

    Polaris is not such a bad idea, but why not polaris on 7nm with GDDR6. It will really do well. i suppose replacing memory controller is too expensive for midrange.
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    Father of Larrabee Failure Back at Intel

    Hi Kyle. I was under the impression that you did not like Raja after he tried to get RTG separated from AMD. He and Lisa did not get along as I understand it. He also was not transparent about Vega at all. I do not like him one bit. Maybe you can also help us understand something. How...
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    Intel's Obfuscation Analyzed

    Guys, you really need to watch AdoredTV's other videos.
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    Intel's Obfuscation Analyzed

    Please watch his other videos, he slammed AMD heavily for it. You really should watch all his videos. This guy is terrific.
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    Chris Hook to Lead Discrete GPU Marketing at Intel

    It is better that Raja and Chris left AMD. They for sure did not help much, The guys that re[laced especially Raja are better at what they do.
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    Microsoft to Kill Off OneNote’s Desktop App

    Well, now I am glad I chose Evernote. It will suck to move to another note app.
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    Intel Is Unable Deliver a Microcode Patch Some Older CPU Models

    How is your comment even relevant? The question is not about performance, but security. Maybe you did not get it? The fact that AMD made lower performing CPU's is in no way relevant to the topic. But it is OK, support Intel so that we can have another decade of no innovation, just go ahead...
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    Intel Is Unable Deliver a Microcode Patch Some Older CPU Models

    Sorry, I cannot improve on you in this regard. Haha
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    Intel Is Unable Deliver a Microcode Patch Some Older CPU Models

    One of my PC's has one of these CPU's and it is working just fine with Windows 10. Why should I be forced to buy a new system just because Intel has a flaw that I did not create? Now this machine cannot be trusted on my network, which it is on and has rights on the network. In which universe...
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    Windows 10 Finally Adds Tabs to File Explorer

    Well, you at least need to know what to do with it, most don't even know that.