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    Changing the way a submitted form looks when emailed

    OK, I have my form all setup and it is emailing me.... however, the way it looks in the email is difficult to read. Is there way where I can change the way it emails me? I know I can change what is says for each category, but it still comes out bunched together and just doesnt look good. So...
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    Need help with "Submit" button

    OK, so I am building a webpage for someone, nothing major. The client wants to have an online form so they can submit it for a quote. I have the form up and running (I just used an online form maker) My question is this... Where does the "SUBMIT" button submit to? I click on it and it does...
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    Willing to pay for modded bios

    I want to unlock my HP DV6871us willing to pay or trade LMK if you can help
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    Modifying the Ultra ChillTEC Cooler

    As most of you know.. this is a TEC\air cooled setup. My question is... what experience do you have with it? I am running it now and seems to be OK. However, I want to know if anyone has modify the ChilTec all? I was thinking about putting another fun on the other side of the heat sink so...
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    More than 12v from PSU?

    Can you get more than 12volts running through the molex connector? I thought I read somewhere a long time ago that someone combined the yellow and red (i think) wires to produce more than 12volts. Is this possible or is there a way of doing it? Thanks!
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    Looking for the best easiest way to extract object in CS3?

    What is the best way to extract an object in CS3? I know that you can outline it in the exact filter.... but is there an easier way or even a plugin that does it automatically?
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    Which Temps Are Right On Striker Extreme??

    OK... I have a Striker Extreme MB w\e6600 processor. I am water cooling it also. I have three differant temp. monitors with three WAY differant numbers. Note : all these are at idle and no OC..... The first temp sensor is the external kind with the 2 pin connector. I have it underneath...