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    Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX Mid Tower Chassis Review @ [H]

    Has anyone tried fitting a Rampage in this case? Official specs say it's too wide, but I'd like to see for myself.
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    MSI 980 Ti Lightning

    I'm disappointed in the OC's so far. Tweaktown didn't even hit 1400mhz and guru3d only hit 1500!? The absurd 8.7gbps memory won't do that much for actual gaming performance. Amazing stock temperatures and sound levels though.. but who buys only one of these things? Can we stick to 2 slot...
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    Where are the 240 Hz video cards?

    OP knows that..
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    Hardware report card: Nvidia vs AMD

    Not even. They list the Fury X with a TDP of 375W, Titan X with 165W, and 980 with 250W.
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    390X Reviews/Benchmarks Thread

    These benchmarks are all over the place. How is it that much faster than a 980 Ti but slower than a 980?
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    AMD Fury X... Wait, no DVI?!

    I couldn't agree more. Everyone complaining about legacy connectivity probably don't need a Fury X. I also had a Qnix Evo 2 @ 115hz, and boy was it a shit experience. What do you expect from a single legacy input monitor for $260 with no real company behind it? SMH. Thanks AMD for...
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    Oh, woops, ignore my comment about 40 fps & the Titan. Was looking at a 4k SURROUND bench on normal settings lol.
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    At the beginning of the stream, Lisa Su also said that the Fury X was running Tomb Raider at 60 fps at 4k. The Titan X averages 40 fps in that game. That's about the best we have in terms of performance #$'s right now.
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    AMD themselves said it burns 275W at the most during the live stream.
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    [CES2015] ASUS MG279Q 2560 x 1440 Gamer 120Hz IPS 5ms GTG

    I honestly can't tell if Gsync even works. Still stutters below 60 fps, so to me, it was wasted money. 144hz with the 1ms input is incredible for fast pace and competitive games like Battlefield, but not that useful for other games. Watercooled 290's? Hang on to those until the 490X or Nv...
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    [CES2015] ASUS MG279Q 2560 x 1440 Gamer 120Hz IPS 5ms GTG

    I ran my Korean at 110hz as well (sometimes 120hz), but switched to the 144hz Swift. It is MILES better.. The Swift colors are terrible, but it was worth the switch. 144hz is so much more usable than 110-120.
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    Is there a downside to buying an overclocked videocard?

    The pre OC'd cards are 100% safe as they are WAY lower than what the card can actually do. They wouldn't sell a product that is pushing itself to the limit or anywhere close.
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    MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G Golden Edition

    First the Krait, now this! MSI knows what people want!
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    Maxwell reviews starting to appear

    King at 1080p 60hz sure. Many of us have graduated and moved onto wqhd or bigger years ago.
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    Need an itx mobo for a G3258

    Make sure you have active cooling over your ITX mobo. Pumping all those volts into the CPU put my ITX board at 128C, and with no cooling, would crash.
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    So how many of you are going to?

    295x2. No need for anymore Titan anythings.
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    Single GTX770 at 2560x1440 opinions Enjoy your 770 :rolleyes:
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    Single GTX770 at 2560x1440 opinions

    I love how utterly wrong everyone is about 1440p. It is incredibly demanding. There is no point in using all your resources on resolution alone. There are more factors to image quality than that, and that's what you give up for raw resolution. EXACTLY. If 1440p were so easy to drive...
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    EK Radeon R9 295X2 Single Slot Water Block

    This is EK's solution, not AMD's
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    EK Radeon R9 295X2 Single Slot Water Block

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    680 SLI (2GB) for 3440 x1440

    So you're saying your 680 and 2600K performs just about as good as my GTX 780 Ti and 4930K @ 4.4? Hell, even in SLI I will sometimes dip to 50fps depending on the map and server circumstances. again, "just fine"
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    680 SLI (2GB) for 3440 x1440

    No offense, but everyone wants to believe their setup runs "just fine." With a $999 monitor, you should be striving for maximum quality. G-sync wouldn't exist if 40fps lows and 80fps highs were acceptable... you want 60fps MINIMUMS to avoid a compromised experience. I've used 670 PE SLI at...
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    680 SLI (2GB) for 3440 x1440

    yes. Your 680's won't even run 2560x1440 that well unless you turn down AA.. but who buys 2 $500 gpu's and a $1500 monitor for medium settings?
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    4K Surround + Quad GTX-Titan Black SC *BENCHMARKS*

    Nice, those are my daily drivers. No matter what else I hear I can't leave the 800's for more than half a day. What source?
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    NVIDIA GeForce 337.50 "Beta" Driver

    WOW, SLI WORKS AND 71% IMPROVEMENT FOR ROME 2! WHOPPING 45 FPS WITH 780 TI SLI AND 3960X! Rome 2 was the biggest failure in years.
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    GPU Advice at 1440p

    The answer is simple. Buy a GTX 780 and spend the $200 budget surplus and get a half decent motherboard. You have a big full tower case, there's no reason not to have a full fledged Z87 ATX board. Throw in a 2nd 780 later. Anyone who says they run everything maxed out with a single card @...
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    Trade 780Ti for 780 / 8XX? Need advice.

    The REAL question is... who would trade a 780 Ti for a PS4?!
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    EVGA GTX 780 6GB and GTX 780 Ti 6GB

    Roger. Bold move unless it's for the same price as a TB.
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    EVGA GTX 780 6GB and GTX 780 Ti 6GB

    You guys think EVGA will undercut the Titan Black by releasing an identical 6gb 780 Ti?
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    780 classy SLI or 780 ti classy SLI?

    Get the 780 Classifieds when they are below $500 after rebate and buy 3 instead of 2 Ti's, or spend the difference on water blocks.
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    NVIDIA to launch GeForce GTX TITAN Black Edition and GeForce GTX 790

    Why would we trust a guy who thinks vram bottlenecking is a myth, uses 660's at 1600p, and truly believes AA makes no difference?
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    Tri-SLI GTX 780 vs Duo-SLI GTX 780Ti?

    I didn't read the thread but 780 Ti is the only answer. 3-way Gk110 scaling sucks ass especially for resolutions below Surround. I would know, I had 3x and hated it.
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    Mantle is here

    I don't trust jack shit from Techspot anymore after they released this graph:
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    Mantle is here

    My 4930k @4.4 and 2x 780 Ti under water gets 38fps in the Rome 2 bench after today's patch. /fail
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    Cod Ghosts - dirty scope or its my GPU?

    Could also be a glitch in the game, although I have not experienced it
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    Cod Ghosts - dirty scope or its my GPU?

    The scopes don't do that, so it's your card.
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    Best 780TI??

    I can bench my Superclocked Ti's under water at 1255mhz core and 8035mhz memory. I play at 1230mhz/8000ghz 24/7, or stock during League of Legends because that game is bullshit and is unstable with any GPU OC or refresh rate OC.
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    NVIDIA to launch GeForce GTX TITAN Black Edition and GeForce GTX 790

    5 GK110 cards in 15 months all launching at $650-1000 and cannibalizing the previous card in price and/or performance. Has the consumer market not learned their lesson when it comes to investing in Nvidia flagships? Or Nvidia in general? Titan lasted 3 months before faster 780's arrived for...
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    Phanteks Enthoo Primo, ASUS Rampage iv Black Edition build

    Nice build. Mine is very similar (same mobo, ram, 4930k, 480 rads, red led's, etc). Enthoo Primo FTW!