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    GTX 780 DirectCU II SLI question

    Anyone is running GTX 780 DirectCu II SLI? 780 prices dropped and I might have a good deal on second Asus GPU, for my dual GPU configuration. My PSU should handle it ezpz. The only thing I am concerned are temperatures. When my rig consisted of 7950OC + 280X for mining purposes, god, it was...
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    Wall-mounted stereo computer speakers [~150$ max]

    Hey. I would like to replace my Fujitsu Sound System DS S2100 (received as gift some time ago). I need an advice on what speakers (studio monitors?) to buy. Some key points of what I expect: stereo speakers, either 2.0 or 2.1 (I have a nice spot for a subwoofer now) front bass reflex...