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    ATX Tower, Good Dust Filtration, No Windows

    The R5 just came up in my research and it looks to be perfect. (Basically just a revision on the R4). So I think that's where I'm leaning.
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    ATX Tower, Good Dust Filtration, No Windows

    I'm looking for an ATX tower (or mid-tower perhaps). Things I want: - Dust filters by default - Quiet - Understated, no LEDs or Windows or any of that. - At least 6x HDD bays, preferably more Budget is WIDE open; my current case (HAF-932) I've had since 2009 so I really keep these a while...
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    Dell U3014 unboxing :)

    Just got my U3014 last night. Tested today; no issues at all with the banding problem that's been mentioned a few times. No testing on overdrive or anything; dont game - but stellar for workstation stuff. Very very pleased.
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    $20 for $40 Newegg gift card, Tomorrow 11/28 only!! @ googleoffers

    Took some effort; but got mine. Success.
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    spartan programmers setup

    That's my setup for this. Workstation + 27" + 2007FP in portrait. Laptop in docking station. Synergy running between the two. Works wonderfully.
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    2 * 8GB ddr3, $179.99 after code

    I do development on my box at home. Most of it enterprise software that interacts with active directory heavily. I also have a colocated VM box for production items. But when I need to quickly spin up a series of VMs to mirror a specific domain structure, the last thing I want to do is push...
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    2 * 8GB ddr3, $179.99 after code

    You do understand these are 8gb DIMMS and some people want to get past the 16gb capacity on 4 slots? For a while 32gb in an 4x 8gb dimm configuration has been sitting at about $450. This is a marked drop over that. But thanks for your insight :)
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    2 * 8GB ddr3, $179.99 after code

    God damn. We're almost to my pricepoint of 350 for 32gb.. May pull the trigger anyways. Thanks.
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    HP ZR2740w - 27" IPS - 2560x1440

    P8Z68-V here, UEFI. I do not have a BIOS screen on boot; I've got a 2007FP in portrait mode next to I use for BIOS.
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    Best setup under $150

    I will HEAVILY endorse the M-Audio AV30 / AV40 offerings. They both are excellent for music, and bestbuy has the AV30s on sale right now for $70. Theyre VERY good for music. Not amazing for games, but not bad either. Seriously, studio monitors or bookshelf speakers are going to sound many fold...
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    Xigmatek Loki Heatsink - $5 AR

    This is a very good heatsink. I've got it on a 2500k clocked at 4.5 and never top 70C. Its surely not the BEST, but its quiet and works well for the price.
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    HP ZR2740w - 27" IPS - 2560x1440

    Yes and yes and ive tried others. Did more troubleshooting, DVI port is DOA. RMA time. Monitor is great via DP though
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    HP ZR2740w - 27" IPS - 2560x1440

    I just got mine. Pleased and upset simultaneously. Pleased: Great picture, no dead pixels, backlight even. Upset: Displayport works perfect. DVI-D from the GTX 260 = no video. Have installed/reinstalled drivers a million times with no luck. Windows sees the monitor, identifies it, verified...
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    Looking for the best 27" under $500...

    I think the HP ZR2740w is a good middleground for the 27" Bit more than $500, but can be had a good bit cheaper than the U2711 too. 2560x1440, IPS panel, LED backlight, and a bit less lag than the U2711 all in one. Less...
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    Virtualization @ Home, uses?

    Nowhere near what some of you guys are doing: 2x 2008 R2 Domain Controllers 1x SQL Server 2008 1x IIS dedicated sandbox 1x 2008 sandbox for development purposes 1x App server (for mirroring special third party apps I need to test against) Thats it right now. Got a pair of Xeon E5220 processors...
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    best 27'' for gaming?

    Just ordered the ZR2740W myself. Seemed like the best price:performance monitor that could walk the balance of real estate (resolution) and gaming response time.
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    2 * 8GB ddr3 = 16GB for $259.99 - $60 MIR = $199.99

    Waiting for 16gb kits to hit $175 without a rebate, then I'm in for two.. Thanks for the post.
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    8G ram chips....ecc/unbuff

    It's getting there. Once it hits $350 for four or so I'm jumping in for 32gb.
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    Battle of 3 Solid State Drives I'd look at this. It's price competitive, and a fantastic drive.
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    2TB WD Green HDD $80 at best buy

    Ship to store was not working earlier today; did this evening. Got one headed to my store.
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    Just bought a Crucial M4 128gb SSD for $188

    I got mine for $180 on a pretty good sale a little while ago, for $188 I'd say you did just fine. It's a fantastic drive and I've been intending to grab a second in the near future. Enjoy.
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    I52500k usage and virtual machines

    That's kinda odd. I mean, I know the 2500k isnt a perfect CPU for VMs, but I'm running Workstation 8 with 4x Server 2008 R2 VMs, two as domain controllers, one running IIS, and one SQL and I'm hitting 8gb RAM reserved, and rarely go beyond 5% CPU utilization. Full config: i5 2500k @ 4.5ghz...
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    How much memory do most have?

    Desktop: 16gb Laptop: 8gb (max) Why? VMs and Visual Studio 2010. These things consume resources. (I am admittedly running a whole 2008 domain + SQL server in VMs for VS2010 purposes)
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    Intel D0 Overclock question

    UD3R 4.55ghz 1.5v Water Living on the edge.
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    Looking at the GTX 260/216 - any other options?

    Upgrading from a 4850, but not a typical upgrade. Generally speaking, the 4850 suits me for games, however the fiancee just built a new computer, and wants the 4850 - which is cool by me. But now I need to replace the card, and may as well get something a bit more capable, as I do...
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    Lian-Li ArmorSuit PC-P50 - $153.99 Pre-Shipping @ Mwave

    I did the same t hing on the PC-A70B. Ran me $215 shipped, next cheapest was $230 + shipping it seemed. Mwave has some good pricing on these cases right now.
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    Going bigger than my P182

    Went with the PC-A70B, managed to get it for $215 shipped from mwave - best price by FAR that I've found. And now to pick up a new radiator and reservoir - waterloop rebuild time.
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    Going bigger than my P182

    Does the 840 have better dust control than the HAF932? Thats my one serious holdup with the HAF. Gotta keep the insides clean :)
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    Going bigger than my P182

    A70B it is I think. Anyone cheaper than mwave after shipping? $230 shipped.
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    Going bigger than my P182

    Bumping to get one more round of views here before I go and purchase something this weekend. Any final thoughts / comments / suggesitons more than welcome.
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    Is 57c okay for an i920 @ 3.8, 1.211v?

    Idle is a bit high, but the sensors are less accurate the further away from TjMax they are. I'm running my 920 at 4.55ghz at 1.5v and seeing 45C idle. Water though. Agreed. If you want to see <65C, avoid i7. Even at stock on water, I was at 62C under load. They run hot, no debating it, no...
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    Ordering i7 from newegg, quick question

    All this is anecdotal, and I'll be adding to it, but my d0 gets 4.55 on water at about 77C load under Linpack. However, I've got a friend with a c0 who hit 4.1 on the stock HSF who doesnt top 80C. It really seems that stepping is barely important with the i7 920. At least my small sample size...
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    i7 920 - Hitting a brick wall at 4.2ghz.

    Volts ended up being a little higher than I'd like, but I am concious of the decision and watching temps extremely closely. Any degredation I risk, I do knowingly and accept with a smile on my face :) 4.5ghz left me running the ram at a 6.0 multiplier, but my benchmark testing showed minimal...
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    Low scores in cinebench with 920 @ 3.6

    Where are you seeing 27000? Link? Thats me at 4.5ghz on my 920. edit: Google seems to say that 17500 is about on par for your clock speed?
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    Suggest me something on steam (or elsewhere for download)

    Hah, thank you :) Braid and World of Goo are exactly what I'm looking for, but alas - played both :) I'll give Mirrors Edge a whirl, I have heard good things.
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    Suggest me something on steam (or elsewhere for download)

    Yeah, done the counterstrike thing. Not a big shooter fan in general though - Call of Duty 4 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein are about the two most recent shooters I've enjoyed. :)
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    Suggest me something on steam (or elsewhere for download)

    I'm looking for something new to play, and I have a very particular taste in games: - I like things quick and easy to pickup for shorter bursts - Simpler is generally better (no deep RPGs, etc) I work fulltime and dont have time for gaming - System requirements are of no concern, but at the...
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    i7 920 - Hitting a brick wall at 4.2ghz.

    MAXED. This is where I'll be running day to day, but I'm going to try and milk the voltages downward as much as I can. And also try to bump the ram timings a bit too. We will see where this goes. Pretty happy with this on a $200 motherboard.
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    Intel Core i7 920 Overclocking and Heat @ [H]

    Okay, played with my D0 some more: This is where I max out. If I bump the bclk even one more, 1.6vcore wont even boot. However temps under load here are 75C under stress, and <50C idle. Water, on a cheap board - UD3R :)
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    i7 920 - Hitting a brick wall at 4.2ghz.

    Aright, 4.6 just wont do it. I threw 1.6vcore at it and 1.5vtt and it wouldnt stay stable. Those are my limits. Currently working on getting 4.5ghz as low temp as I can and whatnot. May toss another 1-2bclk on it and see if I cant get the superpi in the 8's.