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    Perhaps a silly question but combining 2.1 with 5.1?

    i should fancy the audigy 2 should suffice? does that mean independent control between the two setups still however? cheers for the last tip btw
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    Perhaps a silly question but combining 2.1 with 5.1?

    so it's do-able but requires the right sort of software? i'm not looking for the height of audio-fidelity, rather combining these two products to get something a bit better. i'll have to research this more methinks
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    Perhaps a silly question but combining 2.1 with 5.1?

    I have a set of logitech z5500s and also z2300s and was wondering if i could somehow mix them together for some sort of hybrid 7.1/7.2(highly unlikely right?) any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Why didn't Nvidia implement DX10.1?

    DirectX 9.0a/b/c
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    this may seem a strange request but: a win98 compatible pci network card?

    i need to find one for an old computer, can anyone point me in the direction of a good one? thanks in advance EDIT: like would something such as this be ok (it says compatible)? sorry for the 'noobish'...
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    Is there an expected Macbook update soon?

    I don't need it until September so I suppose I could hold out for penryn to be incorporated into all laptops more or less
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    Is there an expected Macbook update soon?

    when will that be? i mean it's inevitable it'll happen i'm just wondering for a time period
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    Is there an expected Macbook update soon?

    ye it all seems to macbook air hype and macbook pro updates tho :(
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    Is there an expected Macbook update soon?

    Thinking along the lines of penryn etc.? Sorry if old :(
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    Radeon HD 3870 and HD 3850

    It's great news for consumers I think and that's what counts :D
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    RV670 renamed to 3800 series

    i suppose in one respect it supports a new directx/shadermodel which is the only justification i see for the new series name bar marketing advantage
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    An interesting itunes/quicktime problem that crashes my PC

    I'm using the most up-to-date software versions for both but I've noticed sometimes when I'm listening to itunes and I go to watch a quicktime thing but don't pause itunes I get a high-pitched noise come from the speakers (this continues after closing quicktime) and then if I pause/close itunes...
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    Ouch: PS3 loses an Wii

    I'm not too bothered by the franchise but it seems like a really big deal in Japan
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    RV670 > R600, and C H E A P! Plus... low low power consumption!?

    fuad too! :D
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    PS3's : Home Delayed

    Well of course Sony are going to say that's why it's being delayed :confused:
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    Catalyst 7.9: Your Thoughts

    works fine with qw:et but CS:S getting a crappy tearing with v-sync enabled (game options), didn't get it with 7.7, *sigh*
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    AMD... Tri-Core?!?

    This could be a great marketing move in one respect, it would make dual-cores take the place of single-cores, tri-cores as dual cores and then that leaves quad cores and up (octa?) for the high-end enthusiast
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    Incredible Far Cry 2 video

    What I don't understand is the game's only pre-alpha but aiming for a close release date unless it was a pretty old build
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    2900XT 2Gig GDDR4

    I hear the r600 series workstation cards are pretty awesome compared to nvidia's :/
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    cat 7.9 leaked (xp and vista 32 bit)

    Well..beta anyway I haven't even bothered to install 7.8 yet >_< (courtesy of the inq) EDIT: Disclaimer It would appear the drivers are intended for 2400 series, 2600 Pro and 2600 XT AGP cards
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    8.40 leaked? (cat 7.8)

    I keep updating but there's never much added for the x850 series these days :( I see frames jump up a bit now and again though, I'll wait until these are official just thought i'd provide the link to all those hd2000 series owners out there
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    8.40 leaked? (cat 7.8)

    Je ne sais pas :D
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    8.40 leaked? (cat 7.8) (nicked from beyond3d so props to 'fellix' :D)
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    AMD shows off 3.0 GHz Barcelona with 3x2900 XT?

    Exactly it's like the dailytech link i provided before, this is consumer chips not server stuff, which is indeed BETTER tbh, because I don't care if Barcelona can do 4GHz if it's only server orientated. However until benchmarks and further proof there is always going to be a lot of doubt
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    AMD shows off 3.0 GHz Barcelona with 3x2900 XT?

    Thank you for your inside knowledge and truly valid opinion :rolleyes:
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    AMD shows off 3.0 GHz Barcelona with 3x2900 XT?

    Dailytech have a few bits of extra info. apparently it's not a Barcelona (server chip right?) but Agena (consumer/desktop woo:)) And also an engineer puts the speed bumps down to several aggressive respins, glad to see AMD are starting to put there head on straight...
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    AMD shows off 3.0 GHz Barcelona with 3x2900 XT?

    I think the 6 fans in the case may help ;)
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    AMD shows off 3.0 GHz Barcelona with 3x2900 XT?

    Hmm only a few minutes old :p
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    My trip to AMD's HQ in Austin, Texas.

    Well they did something not too different with nvidia :o
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    How much longer can AMD hold on????

    The way I see it is Barcelona will do pretty well in the server market for AMD but whether it will be enough to keep it going in other markets I haven't a clue
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    utorrent 1.7.1 worth updating?

    can i ask what bug this is?
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    utorrent 1.7.1 worth updating?

    Generally I would update without question but I heard some problems about 'too much information' being sent out etc.? I dunno what improvements there are over 1.6.1 really
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    utorrent 1.7.1 worth updating?

    For the record it's for legal activities but anyway I've been using 1.6.1 is it worth updating? I'm hearing mixed opinions
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    New GT5 Video

    There's plenty of games out there that claim to be 'realistic shooting simulators' (not so much rpg ones :D)
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    New GT5 Video

    Better use my gun controller for my fps and wand controller for rpg's then eh :rolleyes:
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    New GT5 Video loving the dodgy interior shadow in the lead car :D
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    No Online Co-op in Halo 3

    Part of the reason why Gow may look better than Halo 3 is down 2 things already stated. Art direction (colourful world vs grey/dark world) and also the open-ended nature of halo vs the closed/set-routes of Gow. I'm not saying one is superior to the other but it's food for thought.
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    MGS4 Gameplay demo (No video just description)

    Video better be on the internet later today :mad:
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    Peter Moore resigned from Microsoft.

    I imagine EA made him an offer he couldn't refuse (money most likely)