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    Which 2TB drives for NAS?

    I currently have a Synology DS209+ with two 1 TB WD10EADS drives as a backup for one of my VMware clusters. It's worked great but it's time to upgrade. I'm going to upgrade to an RS409+ and fill it with four 2 TB drives. I've gone through the list of approved drives from Synology but I'm...
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    Looking for very small speaker wall mounts

    I just picked up a HT in a box and want to mount the speakers to the wall on a mount that I can swivel. I just received a set I ordered from Newegg, and will be sending them back because they look incredibly cheap and they are horrible to try and move around. So, I'm looking for...
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    TV: How large is too large?

    I'm going to purchase my dream TV early next year for my b-day and I'm trying to figure out how big of one to get without getting one that's too big. My primary seating distance will be 12' away with others about 12' to the side and floor seating about 6-8' away. Now from guides I see on the...
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    Best music download service?

    It's finally time for me to join the 21st century and find a music download service. I haven't payed attention to it much so I don't know all the services out there or which ones are the best. I'm looking for recommendations. My stipulations are: I will not use itunes, napster or wal-mart...
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    Looking for fast 2 disk NAS.

    I'm looking for a fast 2 disk NAS to use for daily backups off a SAN. Requirements: I will be putting this at an off-site location so I need something reliable that won't lockup. I want a two disk setup to cut down on MTBF. It would be long drive to replace a HDD. I want to run a RAID 1...
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    Can't decide. AAKS AALS or 7200.12?

    My 37GB Raptor is finally dying. While it's still under warranty, I'm not going to put it back in my main rig as my primary drive. I'm torn on what to buy but think I have it limited to 3 options. WD6401AALS, WD6400AAKS, or a new Seagate 7200.12 drive. The Seagates are new and I can't...
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    Timesync: the peer's stratum is less than the host's stratum

    Gaaah!!! Need some help here. I need to force a time sync on XP and 2003 clients. I administer a network with many remote sites. I changed our time sync hierarchy and now cannot get some clients to sync. I get the following error: An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with...
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    Hosted anti-spyware. Anyone using it?

    I started a 2-week trial of MessageLabs anti-spyware this week. I played with it for an hour or so yesterday and wasn't able to infect my test PC. It's pretty slick. For the test I just setup a proxy in IE to send all my internet traffic to them. They scan it and redirect me if I get to a...
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    Trying to hit 1Gbps on home LAN, having troubles

    I'm upgrading my home network and I'm trying to hit as close to 1Gbps as possible. I'm familiar with networking, but this is a little new to me and before I start throwing cash at it I'd like some opinions. Setup: Three PC's with onboard gigabit network adapters. - One supports "jumbo...
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    WD6401AALS the best sub-$100 HDD?

    It's finally time for me to upgrade from my 34.6GB Raptor! Obviously I've been out of the storage scene for a while. I want to spend under $100 on a new drive. I'm looking for best performance and so far I've seen that the Caviar Black drives are pretty impressive. I see people saying that...
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    $50 ATX mid tower case with great airflow?

    Ideally I'd like the Nzxt knockoff of the 900, but $100 is out of my price range, so I'm looking for a $50 mid tower case with a lot of airflow. I also would like a side window. I've scouted newegg but haven't found much. I'm wondering if anyone can point one out to me. The plainer the better.
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    Need to capture I.E. history

    I'm looking for a good freeware program to capture IE history. Can anyone recommend one they've used before?
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    Help find a new family camera

    I'm looking to upgrade from my Kodak Easyshare 3.1MP camera. Pretty easy since it's a pile of crap :p but I need some general guidance. The main use is just family pictures. The most important feature to me is image stabilization as I've lost countless pictures to this Kodak because it's so...
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    S3 Sleep state changes multiplier setting

    I'm not sure which forum this would be best in so I'll start here. My PC: Athlon X2 5600 Gigabyte M57SLI-S4 2 GB RAM Vista Home Premium 32 bit Recently I configured my PC to use the S3 sleep state instead of S1. I compared the energy usage between the two and the savings is awesome...
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    Configuring NTP on Cisco equpment?

    I'm having trouble getting our switches to synchronize their time with the routers. The routers will sync OK with our central time server but the switches won't sync with the routers. I want to setup a hierarchical system, so syncing the switches directly with the time server isn't an option...
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    32-bit application on 64-bit OS using more than 3GB RAM?

    If I get a 64-bit OS and put, say, 8GB of RAM in it, and run a 32-Bit application on it, can that 32-bit application utilize more than the 3GB it could in a 32-bit environment (with PAE enabled)?
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    Performance monitoring on Server 2000 - Best practices

    I'm looking to monitor general performance on a Server 2000 box we have. Users complain that some services are "slow". Well, that's a broad statement! I want to see where the potential bottleneck is. I'm familiar with how to monitor RAM usage through task manager (Physical memory should...
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    Free drafting program to draw a workbench?

    Hello, I'm looking for a free program to draft a workbench for my garage. I'm not making a $10,000 desk or anything :p, but I'd like to be able to tinker a bit with my design. I've found a bunch of programs by searching on the web, but I'd like some recommendations from someone who's had...