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    Moving back to Vista 64 from win7 64

    Well I have been running win7 64 for about a month now and it has been nothing but problems. Drivers that dont work, mouse problems. atl-tab that will not work, games that are jerky, files that will not delete and just crash the system. And a lot more that make the Win 7 64 journey a mess...
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    I luv my MX 518 BUT

    Now that I have found out that the MX518 mouse is not Windows 7 x64 compatible and that Logitech has not fixed the problem and is not interested in fixing the problem. What type of options do I have for a gaming mouse that is designed for Windows 7 x64 and has the features that the MX518 had or...
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    SSD's trim will not work

    I now have purchased 4 SSD’s for 2 computers. I have installed a new Vista on one computer and Win 7 on the other. The problem I have now is that I can not install AHCI on either computer. I tried in the bios before installs but would not work and without AHCI the trim feature will not work...
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    Intel ssd oops

    Well I got one for my old Opteron 185 to give it a little life and to get one before next week when th 6gb disks come out. I wanted to make shure I have one for sata II. Hope the new ssd's are priced about the same or I made a mistake. Hope it is worth it? Well ? ugh. Is this a...
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    Windows Activation Dead

    Well when I dial 1-866-740-1256 I get no answer for activation. WHats Up:eek:
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    X25-M G2 Heat problems? Help?

    I could use some insight from someone with X25-M G2 experience, with the heat problem I have. At what temps should I be concerned. I need to know how much air flow do the SSD’s need to have. Can they just exist without any fans blowing on them or with a strong air flow. Is this critical...
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    Help with 2 SSD's and raid

    I have a problem I ordered 2 ISSDSA2M080G2XXX 2.5" 80GB SATA II Hoping to raid 0 these SSD’S but I have heard that 2 of the SSDSA2M080G2XXX 2.5" 80GB SATA II will not work in a raid 0 with trim command because the ICH10R south bridge will not support the trim command in raid and the ssd...
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    Vista 7 er ah Windows 7

    :eek:Next week we should see what Win 7 can do or cant do.:p:o Beta comming out. Sorry I just figured you would know buy now.:D I just purchased Vista @$400.00 Just over a year ago and now they want me to buy another Windows next year?:mad:
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    Die Shrinks are commin!!

    Well now I have your attention, is there someone that knows if the Die reductions for Nvidea and Ati will be here in November? Maybe December!!:eek:
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    One computer ping problem? Need help!

    I have just put in a DGL-4500 router. All the computers talk to each other but one. This one will go on the internet OK but will not see all the other computers. I can ping from this computer to all the other computers. But all the other computers can not ping this computer. I need help...
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    Game internet speed

    That is all my Time Warner Turbo will do it sucks. Is this normal? I was realy wanting to play some on line games but with this speed a snail could beat me.:mad: If this is in the wrong place move it. Thanks:(
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    Vista todays update bad

    Beware of Todays Vista update there is something in there that just trashed one of my computers. The IE7 is now not working at all, and if it dose work it is very very slow.:(
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    Outed by slow ping.

    Ok so how can I speed up the ping responce times. I keep getting booted off for to slow of a ping responce. punkbuster kicked off for slow times or something like that.
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    Crossfire 3870's help

    Well I installed two different 3870 ati graphics cards and connected them together. The only problem I have now is how do I tell if they are working correctly. There is only one showing up in CC and how to you over clock them together or install software separately and then put the crossfire...
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    Crossfire with a ASUS top help

    ASUS EAH3870/G/HTDI/512M this is what I want to use with a Gigabyte 3870 stock speed graphics card on my A8R32-MVP Deluxe. Will this combo be worth trying in crossfire.
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    Advice on something new for me.

    Something new for me. I am running a A8R32-MVP Deluxe mobo with a Opty 185 with a Gigabyte 3870 graphics card. I just need a little help trying to figure out how to implement the crossfire setup and What other 3870 graphics card would be a good match in the crossfire setup. So how do I...
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    SP1 really sucks. Big time

    This has done in two of my computers now. I just got the latest update form MS and it took a long time. When it finally re booted it BSOD and kept BSOD and now it in a loop of restarting and BSOD. Vista 64 Ultimate was working pretty good until now. Now nothing but BSOD. This was an...
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    Why me? 8800GTS 92 oops

    I just got this new evga card and did a total system os install and the only thing new is this evga 8800 gts 92 graphics card and now I can not get BF2 to work at all. OS is XP x64 I get this d3dx9_25.dll was not found. Why would an evga graphics card stop BF2 from starting up now. Any...
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    Vista dual processor problems, 1 cpu only Help

    Vista 64 Home Premium will not recoginize my dual processors after install. Is home premium for a single processor only? I thought Vista would do dual processors? If this is the case what a cheep OS. If it is for dual processors why can I only be running on one processor? How do I get the...
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    New dual boot sys. Suggestions?

    I am setting up a game computer, my main concern is the OS’s. I have one 147GB HD for Vista 64 Ultimate and one 147GB HD for XP x64. Since all the programs and the OS will be on one drive so that each OS has it own and not shared programs. I should partition the hard drives so to keep a clean...
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    ISO files what are they and

    Ok I have this iso file that is for my computer mobo. So what is it, and how do I use it. This is not anything I am used to so HeLp if you can. This thing is the size of my cd that I burned so now it is on a cd so now what do I do with it. I assume it has all the drivers on it for my mobo...
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    Two many OS's Help

    I need a little advice on new setup for hard disks. I have a large raid array and want to keep that just for critical disk storage of files, pictures, and data. What I would like to do also is this: 1. Have 2 hotswap disk trays with only one connected to the mobo and the other for physicsl...
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    Technical Info help

    BSD now. What I am getting is this technical information: ***STOP:0X0000007B (0XFFFFFADF906323C0, 0XFFFFFFFFC0000034, 0X0000000000000000, 0X0000000000000000) It keeps asking what new hardware have I changed, I haven't changed anything, but I think this is why that my Vista is so slow...
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    My Vista 64 is brain dead help

    I have had this Vista 64 working for over a year now, all of a sudden it wants passwords for the printer sharing and file shares when there are non. These things were working great for a year and now nothing. I can not even get my Vista to see the network at all. It is all of a sudden dumb...
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    Raid array slow in Vista 64

    Well I installed Vista 64 over a year ago. I was running XP x64 before Vista 64 and ran some disk tests on the speed of my array and it was pretty quick with 580 MBps. But since going to Vista 64 the speed tests are down to 180MBps. Has anyone any idea why there is such a large loss of...
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    passwords do not work

    win XP media center edition has forgotten all its passwords. is there a way in now? There were 3 user accounts and 1 Admin account all are now password dead.
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    8 hd array problems HELP

    Sorry large help but I need help. Ok over in the OS format I left an info post there and not much help right now so I am also posting here sorry for the almost double cross post. But Wendsday at 1:00 pm I started a defrag in Vista 64 today I manually stoped it. That is 18 hours of defraging...
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    Vista realy starting to slo bad

    Any sugestions welcome. I am now 5 hours into a defrag, edit now 6-1/2 hours so far. edit: 18 hours running so far and not done. I stoped it at 7:12 that is a brain dead Vista 64 MS doing things they should leave to others. it was also done monday at 2 am. This seems very slo for a...
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    help - There is not enough memory available to complete this operation.

    Ok this is the message I get when trying to use MS Word in Vista 64 with 4gig memory. There is not enough memory available to complete this operation.:mad: What do I need to run Word 8 gig? This is realy getting me to go back to XP Pro.:mad:
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    8800 GTS 319 AT NEWEGG

    It is on sale again for 319. at newegg omg Im more that just lazy im real lazy. $299
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    What to do, help.

    :)Well I have this choice to make and I am lost with what to do. I would like to get the 8800 GTS 512 G92 SERIES graphics card, but with the new 9800 series cards coming out in 2 months I would like one of those. The choice is dependent on which will use less power in watts for the same...
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    3870 sent back and now?

    :DWell I returned the 3870 Sapphire I was running in Vista 64 to newegg and now I get this message on how to fix all my problems. :eek:"Problem caused by ATI Graphics Driver This problem was caused by ATI Graphics Driver. This program was created by ATI Technologies, Inc.. ATI...
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    More bad 3870 cards seems normal now.

    Real tired of AMD/ATI this is the third bad 3870 card now. The first two the fans were running backwards and now this pile of junk that just crashes all the time. Will not run Dream scene without crashing. How it runs anything else I can not find out before it crashes. I have had it with...
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    Is AMD going out of business?

    Ok I am asking why when I go to NewEgg are the AMD/ATI video cards a no cash back where nvidea are a cash back deal. Do they know something we don't. I usually only see signs like this when a company is going under.:eek:
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    I'm a bog dummy but

    So I'm not too bright, but I need some input just like 5 alive. Input that is what my new 3870 is doing with the card from the back of the computer. I thought that the card would suck in fresh air from inside the computer and exit the hot air out the back exit where it normaly exits all the...
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    3870 way too hot

    :eek:I have had this card for a two weeks now all of a sudden the temps jumped up to 78deg at an idle. This is with fans at 90% at 60deg and 100% at 70deg. Stock speeds, this 3870 is inferior quality as far as I am concerned. This is the gigabyte card but they are all the same. They need...
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    GIGABYTE GV-RX387512H-B Radeon HD 3870 512MB

    New Egg has them. But they are just the same as everyone elses cards, no better cooling or an overclock. Just an inflated price of $269.00. By a Manufacture I realy don't care for, and no good reviews on for Graphics cards. So why would anyone execpt me buy one of these cards? Go...
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    Still no video in stock

    Im not going to pick on nvidia or ati because no one has stock right now. This Christmas? This is when you make most of your money? How can a company make money without items to sell?:) Maybe next Christmas!
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    gamming mouse Help

    We I have been using a wireless mouse and keyboard to play games. Has this been hurting me in first party shooter games? If so what should I get. I play bf2 bf2142. so far.
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    New HannsG 28

    Well I figured I had this Vista Ultimate laying around, so I took it back to BB and addded $200.00 to it and bought the HannsG 28. So now I have a 28" and a 24" crt for games. That should do it for a while. Wend. I will set it up and see if this thing is any good. It has to be better than...