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    What keeps waking up my PC?

    I finally got hibernate to work on my computer (e6300, AsRock 775Dual, WinXP MCE 2005, 8600GT, 2GB Geil DDR800). It was perfect for quick starts in the morning and would even go into hibernate whenever the comp is left alone for an hour and a half, as I set it. Except, something is waking up my...
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    DDR400 runnign at

    I upgraded my system from an 805 to a 945 and discovered that my fantastic ddr400 memory is now running at 266. When the memory was running with the 805 it stayed 1:1, so it would run ddr266 stock and then climb with whatever overclock i placed. But with the 945 it runs a 4:3 ratio, so ddr266...