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    Finding work?

    I'm trying very hard to get work as a web dev, but it seems like it's almost impossible because I don't already have work experience in this field. I've been doing a crazy number of applications, but I rarely get anyone's interest -- even though I have a decent tech stack and project: React...
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    CS Career and Medical Coverage

    I'm a CS and web dev student. I plan to go into remote web dev work, probably doing front end. However, I'm disabled. Right now I get medical insurance through SSI and SSDI. If I start working, I'll lose medicare and medicaid. Because of my disabilities, I frequently need healthcare visits...
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    Can you explain what's wrong with my PC?

    I already know how to solve my problem, but I'm posting because I don't understand why it solves anything. For quite a while, my PC has been turning itself on immediately after I put it to sleep -- even if I'm not touching it. After putting it to sleep multiple times, sometimes it would stay...
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    TVs as Monitors for Text Work?

    I can't find a monitor that I like. I have three LG 4k monitors right now, and they're decent, but their contrast ratio is only ~800-1,100:1. Plus there's no BFI, ULMB, etc. for when I want to play games. What's it like to use 4k TVs as monitors? I like sharp text, so I'd set them far enough...
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    Maltron vs Kinesis vs Generic TKL

    I'm planning to go into programming as a career, but I already have carpal tunnel and etc. I also plan to switch to a quasi-DVORAK layout. But I'm curious about the designs in my title. I'm drawn to Maltron because supposedly its ergonomics are slightly better than Kinesis, and because of all...
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    Can I route my network through a virtual NIC?

    I want to set up a virtual machine, and install untangle on it. Then, I want to remove the drivers for my integrated interface within windows, and route strictly through the virtual NIC that the VM installs. The VM would have drivers to the physical interface, but windows would not. Thus, my...
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    4k -> 2k scaling problems

    I have a 3840x2160 monitor, and when I set my games to full screen 1920x1080, it appears to lose a medium amount of contrast. Why? That should scale perfectly. There should be no degradation in the image quality, except for a loss of sharpness. (LG 27UK600-W)
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    3H vs "Semi-gloss"

    I had a 4k 27" LG monitor that claimed a "semi-gloss" coating, which I believe; the reflection was more annoying than my PDC monitor's reflection. Anyway, I found a different monitor whose specs I like more - except it uses a 3H coating. On a 4k monitor, will there be much difference in text...
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    Got a 4k - hate it; suggest another 4k!

    I bought the LG 27UK600-W, and I have 14 days to return it. I'm probably going to do that, because the vertical color temperature shift is very annoying. I had a TN monitor that exhibited the same problem; now I realize that I had incorrectly assumed this was a problem unique to TN! And I set my...
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    Semi-gloss 4k VA

    What are my options, at 27-28"?
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    Who removes AG coatings?

    I remember from years ago that someone on this forum removed AG coatings, for a fee. Where can I find more info about that?
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    Input Delay of 27QW?

    I have a Crossover 27QW, and I can't find proper reviews of it anywhere. Mine has displayport, if that matters. What's the input delay of my monitor?
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    Card for Optical 5-Channel?

    I had one of the Asus cards (DS or DSx, I think) that supports optical 5.1. However, although it output 5 channels - the rear channels were lower-volume duplicates of the fronts - and I found nothing in the settings to change this. What card will give me true 5.1 over optical audio? Thanks!
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    Motion Blur

    How will the motion blur of this compare to my 27QW? ....... Also, it says it's semi-gloss. Does anyone know if this has a matte coating, or if it's an anti-reflective (and thus pixels are sharp) coating?
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    When will the miner wars be over?

    The 1060 price (and other cards too, I'm sure) has gone up significantly! When it's even in stock... When are the miner wars going to stop destroying the market? (Note: I didn't verify this, it's just that someone told me the coin miners are at it again.)
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    Found a 27 1440 glossy!

    For anyone interested, look what I found! And the price! At least, it claims to be "glare" (gloss), but I'm not sure if they completely screwed up the ad...
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    Data Security

    Is there any software that I can point to a file, have it delete that file and then write new garbage data to the same sectors/blocks -- so that the file is unrecoverable? This would be much more convenient than writing new data to the entire drive, like I usually do (via dban etc.) Thanks.
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    K7500 Screen Finish

    Going by a review I saw, it looks like the pixel sharpness is near equal to full gloss. Is it?
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    SLI Causes screen errors

    I've ran a single 670 for the last few years. Recently, I got another 670 - used. They're now in SLI, and it definitely increased my FPS - it was a decent investment. However, now: my 3 monitors randomly (usually or perhaps only when I'm on my desktop; I don't recall it doing this during a...
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    Suggest Gloss/Near-gloss monitors

    My 27QW is acting weird, so I'm preparing for it to fail. I can't find a single PDC monitor. I abhor matte coatings, even "semi-gloss" is significantly less sharp than glossy. I like PDC. I like gloss, because I can put a dayvue filter on it. I'd also consider the moth-eye and similar...
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    Two questions: List of all PDC? ... Any 34" Glossy?

    Is there a list of all the PDC monitors anywhere, or does anyone know of upcoming PDC displays? Also, are there any glossy 34" 3440 monitors?
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    4k 32" - text big enough without scaling?

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    1440 *VA @ 27" or smaller?

    As the title. And not AHVA monitors (preempting wise guys) FG2421 is unobtainable. Thanks.
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    TKL Cherry Red with Macro Keys?

    I LOVE the K95's macro keys on the left side. However, even more than I love them - I hate the numpad. Any best of both worlds out there?
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    Highest static contrast monitors?

    21-27", 1080-1440, which have the highest static contrast? The FG2421 is now nearly unobtainable, it appears. Thanks.
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    MySQL database to play with?

    Is there a database I can download that's already filled with data and useful for learning to do more-complex queries?
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    Web dev with Least typing?

    Excluding regex, which useful form(s) of programming require the most thinking and least typing? Someone I know suggested MySQL Aggregates + Statistics. Are there any options that require even less?
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    Gaming rig

    Looking for advice for a friend's new rig, how are these parts/specs? Crucial BX100 500gB (SSD) 212 EVO (Heatsink) G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2800 (PC4 22400) Intel Z170 He already has a GTX...
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    4k semi-gloss vs 1440 gloss?

    If both are ~27", which will have sharper text? I had a 4k for a short time, but I didn't compare it well to my glossy. I think the 4k was slightly worse? Can anyone tell me? :)
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    $449 for Acer XG270HU (144Hz 1440)
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    Ergo Mechanical for programming?

    Red or brown only, preferably red - which I have now. Do any exist?
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    Mouse similar to microsoft optical?

    I want a mouse similar to this, but with side buttons and higher DPI. My deathadder is too darned big.
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    Glossy 1440 with 2k:1+?

    I'm especially interested in VA monitors, I love my cPVA. Are there any glossy or PDC monitors with 2k:1 or better contrast? I do not care about gaming performance.
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    Glossy IPS, 117 DPI (25" 1440)

    It's the first of its kind that I've seen, I bet text looks amazing on this. Acer G257HU smidpx
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    Korean @ 96Hz - IQ impact?

    How is the image quality affected (at all?) when running a korean IPS single-input monitor at 96+ Hz?
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    CRT Repair - Flyback?

    My brother mentioned giving my 22"(?) CRT back to me, a triniton. The monitor fades to black randomly, but typically the image comes back after power off-on. As far as I could tell in my searches, this would be caused by a faulty flyback transformer. Is that likely? And will I be able to...
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    Highest contrast monitors?

    The FG2421 gets around 5k:1. Are there any other monitors for under ~$700 (preferably closer to $150), that achieve a similar rating? Thanks.
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    Nvidia 3D Vision 2 - Is it fun?

    I'm thinking about getting a set, but I'm curious if it's very good. Does it add much depth to most things, is it pleasant? How about the blur effect; is it more like playing on 60Hz, or 120hz? Thanks!
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    dispcal - where is contrast shown?

    After creating a profile/calibration, where does it show me the contrast ratio...?