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    XFX 6870 All Games Freezes

    Whenever I start a game, 9 times out of 10 it will freeze during the first few minutes of play. Picture locks, and sound often loops. Everything is locked up and I have to do a hard shut down. This just started happening out of the blue one day, after months of everything being fine...
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    GTX 460 fan speed control

    Ok, I'm coming from an ATI card, where I had easy access to fan speed in Catalyst, I can't see anything like that in the simple Nvidia Control Panel, is there really no such thing? I've been recommended Rivatuner and download and installed, but every picture and guide (didn't even think I'd...
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    Upgraded build not powering on

    I've got no reaction when I hit the power button on my case. A Coolermaster Cosmos S. Had no problems just a few hours ago with my old hardware in it. I put in a new motherboard (asus p755d), new ram (8gb mushkin), new cpu (i5 760), new gfx card (gtx 460). The green boot led on the MB is...
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    GSOD XFX 5870

    Been having some stability trouble lately, happens sometimes in games, sometimes just doing stuff in Windows 7 64bit. I'll suddenly get a white screen or grey. Have to power off and on again, completely unresponsive, but oh, I can sometimes hear sound keep going in the background. I read a bit...
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    Heatsink for Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H

    Can someone recommend a heatsink that will definitely fit on this board, I've heard it's a bit cramped around the socket. Also, I read about poor contact with Foxconn sockets, but will this be any problem with overclocking an i5 750 just to 3.8GHz or so?
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    Good gaming reviews/news websites?

    I'd like to find some new good ones to read. I obviously know about all the big ones like IGN, Gamespot, Bluesnews, Eurogamer, etc, also some smaller ones;,, escapistmagazine, Also know some more dev oriented like, Any...
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    Harddrive troubles

    Could use some help here. In the last year, I have had two Seagate disks "die" on me, both times I've just booted up Windows like always and suddenly the disk is gone. No partitions in explorer, nothing in disk manager. Now, both of these disks have been part of the series that had...
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    Gaming on LCD TV, Tearing

    Hey, I get some tearing gaming on my LCD TV, Sony KDL40BX400AEP (might be localized model name), it's a 40inch LCD, I'm connected DVI > HDMI, I'm at 1920x1080p 60hz in Windows and all games. Most games tear. I'm guessing the ones where I get more than 60fps? I've got a 5870, Vsync is...
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    XFX 5870 fan speed at 55% constant

    I just installed my new card and it the fan speed sits at a constant 55% no matter what I'm doing. I've been able to manually change fan speed in CCC, set it to 40% now, but then it will always be at that speed, and not increase with temperatures. What's there to do about this, and what's...
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    Mouse pointer/cursor suddenly changes

    At what seems like random times my cursor/pointer, changes from the regular arrow to this... line? or bar, not sure what it's called... And I can't take a screenshot of it, tried printscreen but the pointer doesn't show up. Any ideas? Going to control panel and mouse options trying to...
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    5870 and my PSU

    From a review of 5870: "The card requires you to have a 500 Watt power supply unit at minimum if you use it in a high-end system. That power supply needs to have (in total accumulated) at least 40 Amps available on the +12 volts rails." This is my PSU: +3.3V : 24 A +5V : 25 A...
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    Couple of problems

    I have a couple of problems. When I first boot up, messenger starts, winamp (agent) starts. After I've used the programs and exited them, then I can't start them again. Nothing happens. I check the task manager and they're listed as running but I can't see them, and I can't stop them from...
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    Weird temperatures

    I have some weird temperatures, circled in this image. They're pretty damn high, that's one thing, the other is I don't know what they are. But the main thing, the higher my overclock, the lower they get. So when I load bios defaults and run my Q66600 at 2.4 ghz and voltage of 2.88 they're...
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    Core Temp or Real Temp?

    Which numbers should I trust? Core Temp: 43, 45, 43, 44 Real Temp: 39, 41, 39, 40 Speedfan shows same as Core Temp, guess that's the one then.
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    North Bridge Temperature on ASUS P5E

    How do I check the north bridge temperature on this board?
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    P5E3 and Vdroop

    I'm trying to find the highest stable FSB I can run with the vcore set to default or close to it, my vcore is at 1.296 but when running Prime goes to 1.264, is there any way to improve this, make it drop less, on the P5E3?
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    USB over current status detected

    Hello, I'm just setting up my new rig, I've got an Asus P5E3, Q6600, Thermalright U120extreme, Cosmos S case, Mist PSU 600w (you've probably not heard of Mist but it's a brand based on CWT/Fortron, it's got good reviews here, it's norwegian from a store specializing in overclocking parts...
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    First time overclocking

    I could use some help here as I'm very new at this. My system is: Asus P5K, Q6600 (GO stepping), 4GB RAM (OCZ XTC Platinum, 4-4-4-15, PC-6400, 800mhz). My settings currently is: CPU Vcore: 1,300 (set in bios, but CPU-Z says, 1,264v, what's up with that?) FSB: 333, running at 3ghz...
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    XFX 8800Ultra noises

    Alright, Just built myself a new computer. When I enter games, or any fullscreen 3D applications I guess, but I've only tested games so far, the GPU makes a sound, sort of like a high pitched electrical sound, it's not the fan, I've checked. I can be in a game menu, and move my cursor...
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    Q6600 - temperatures off?

    I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my censors, or temperature measuring. Bios says my CPU is idle at 25c. Speedfan says CPU 19c (gotta add 15, that makes 34c for CPU) Core 1: 12c Core 2: 9c Core 3: 5c Core 4: 10c Adding 15c to each that makes 27, 24, 20, 25...
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    ASUS P5k & Logitech 5500 surround problem

    All cables are connected correctly. Running the sound test on the Logitech z-5500 control I get the sound in all speakers, correct once, i.e. there's noise from front left when it says that's what it's testing and so on. In Realtek HD Audio Manager you can click on each speaker or run a...
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    Good PSU for OC

    Is this PSU a good one? I want to do some overclocking, and don't want to be held back by the PSU. Is it enough for Q6600, 4GB RAM, 8800Ultra + IDE (DVDROM) + 3 sata HDD? One review said a negative point to the PSU was that it was not...
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    Choosing memory

    Could you guys take a look at the memory selection on this page: I don't know too much about memory, I've ordered ASUS P5K and Q6600, and I want 4GB - because I'm going to be running Vista 64. I...
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    ASUS P5K and Q6600

    I recently ordered these two components, waiting for the mail... But I've heard some rumours lately that the MB doesn't recognize the Q6600 out of the box and needs a bios update... Is this true? Sounds a little weird with a MB that recent. And if it is true, do you need a compatible CPU...
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    Asus P5K and OCZ NvidiaSLI XTC PC6400?

    Will the OCZ NvidiaSLI XTC 2GB KIT PC6400 work fine with Asus P5k? Thinking of compatibility. Going to use 2x of those kits, total of 4gb. The motherboard specifies on-ECC, un-buffered memory, I know that OCZ ram I've picked is un-buffered, but can't find anywhere if it's non-ecc.
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    Noise on screen

    Just got a 22" BenQ ws and when I have a dark gray background on my desktop I can see some noise in the picture. Is this normal or... ?
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    Having big trouble locating a good MB

    I already have my CPU, E6600. So my requirements for the MB, is Socket 775, decent overclocking possibilities, good performance, and great stability, SLI. Here's what's making it difficult though, I have two regular ATA HDs and a DVD burner (IDE), and I'm finding that most boards with my...
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    Is my harddrive crashing?

    Lately my harddrive seems to have been loading a lot more than usual, and it makes more sound as well, not much, but a little. My computer is also much slower, especially when I hear the harddrive work. So is it crashing? I've checked for virus, adware/spyware, I've even defragged the drive...
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    Time for an upgrade

    So like the topic says, it's time to renew this dump I got. This is what I'm thinking so far: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Asus P5B Deluxe WIFI P965 S775 Kingston HyperX 2048MB DDR2 PC6400 Kit 1024MB x 2, 800MHz Thermaltake Armor JR. Midi Tower Thermaltake 680W PSU 20+24pin, ATX, PCIe, SATA...
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    Res problems on a HDTV

    I use a x800 XT on a 40" LCD HDTV. Supported resolutions are 720p and 1080i. When I chose 1280x720 in Windows, the display is bigger than the TV so I lose of the display in all directions. If I chose 1152x684 or something, the display doesn't fill up the whole TV, it's smaller. So I get...