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    Win10 I changed my mobo, what happens?

    I upgraded to Win 10 from 8.1 by taking advantage of the free offer from Microsoft. So that means they already have my mobo ID saved onto their servers. What happens when I change my mobo to Skylake? Will it be a simple automated phone call like past versions?
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    Fallout 4 and G-SYNC, does it work?

    I currently have an Acer XB270HU 144hz G-Sync monitor. I'm interested in picking up Fallout 4 during the GMG winter sale. However I'm worried that Fallout 4 won't play nicely with high refresh rates and G-Sync technology. For those who have a G-Sync monitor and Fallout 4, can you guys chime...
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    Transfer text messages from android to android, can I simply drag and drop?

    Hey [H] Forum. Is there a way to transfer text messages from one android device to another, without using 3rd party apps? I know if I wanted to backup pictures, I could plug my smartphone into my PC and back them up, and transfer it to another phone by simply dragging and dropping the photos...
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    Nvidia Quadro 6000 (Fermi) how much is it worth?

    How much is an Nvidia Quadro 6000 Fermi based GPU worth right now?
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    Planning to upgrade to Skylake, am I screwed transferring my Win 10?

    So for those who have $15 Win 8 keys from 3 years ago....and already used them up on the Win 10 free offer....Are we all screwed if we plan to get new hardware later down the line? Does that mean my Skylake mobo next month won't be compatible with this Win 10 free promo, since supposedly MS...
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    Windows 8.1, where to get latest updates already patched in ISO?

    Hey HOCP forum. I'm looking for a Windows 8.1 ISO with all the latest updates already patched into the ISO. Does such a thing exist? I currently have an 8.1 ISO on a USB stick, but it's the release version back from 2013. I'm wondering if theres an actual place that hosts legit 8.1 ISOs but...
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    Dell U3014 REV 03, should I consider it?

    Hey guys, I know Dell normally has some sick deals during Black Friday & I'm wondering if it's worth my troubles to pick up a Dell U3014 REV 03 for possibly $900? I'm coming from the U3011, and it's a great monitor and all....but I'm looking for an upgrade. Yes I do understand...
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    Dell 4k Monitor, do you think it will happen soon?

    And what I mean by "soon", within the next year or so....I know the Sharp 32 inch 4k display is already out at around $5k....but I'm wondering if Dell will come out with a 4k monitor during 2014 or 2015 at around $3k or less? The reason why I ask this....hear me out on this one....right now...
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    Is there any reason to go super high end motherboard, WITHOUT going 3/4 way SLI?

    Hello everybody, I have a generalized question Is there any reason to go Maximus 5 Extreme, Gigabyte G1 Sniper or Assassin, or ASRock Extreme motherboards....WITHOUT actually utilizing 3/4 way SLI setups? Do these boards actually offer any huge bump in CPU OCing potential, than say a more...
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    Corsair AX760i/AX860i versus AX760/AX860 non "i" model?

    Corsair AX760i/AX860i versus AX760/AX860 non "i" model? Is it just the Corsair link feature and digital controller? I know I don't plan to even touch the corsair link the digital controller that much better in the i version? I just wanna make sure I know what I'm paying for...
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    Install Windows 8 through USB 3.0 stick?

    Hello, I've always installed past versions of Windows through a CD/DVD. I'm thinking of picking up a cheap USB stick for purposes of installing Windows 8 only. Does it install super fast using a USB 3.0 vs 2.0? I'm thinking of buying a USB 3.0 stick with 100mb read speeds....but if it doesn't...
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    Already have Crucial M4, should I look into Samsung 840 Pro/Corsair Neutron GTX?

    So I already have a 256gb Crucial's served me well for 5 months now, and I am very happy with it! I came from a WD Black 500gb and its stupid fast compared to that! Anyway, I know there are faster SSDs out there, such as the Samsung 840 PRO or the Corsair Neutron GTX....from what...
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    Help me pick laptop memory!

    Hey H Forum, I currently have this laptop It comes stock with one 4gb stick of DDR3 1600mhz RAM. I'm looking to upgrade to a 2x4gb kit with 8gb total effective. I already know I should stick to the 1600mhz speed and 1.5V....but what...
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    Overkill? Asus Xonar STX + Beyerdynamic DT 990 600ohm edition

    Hello, what do you guys think of this setup? Asus Xonar STX for sound card, and Beyerdyanmic DT 990 premium 600ohm edition for the headphones? Gaming = This is my primary usage. No I don't play competitively nor do I need crazy epic positional sound stage....but I do enjoy a nice bang and...
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    [Warm]? Asus GTX 670 DC2 NON TOP $399.99 shipped
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    Are EBAY laptop batteries legit?

    My Dell Vostro 1320 laptop battery is completely only lasts for a few minutes unplugged, before it goes into I'm looking for a new battery I see a couple of reputable dealers on ebay selling 9 cell Dell vostro batteries...and they are very competitive at $30 shipped...
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    CPU & Motherboard degradation, how can you tell?

    Hey guys, I keep hearing people saying the CPU can degrade over time if you overclock. How exactly can one determine this? And also, how badly can a CPU or Mobo degrade? Are we talking about 1% performance loss or 50%? I always had the assumption these parts (cpu/mobo) were like on/off...
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    MSI GTX 670 Power Edition Twin Frozr 4! oh yeah!! This one is for SonDa5 :p
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    Is there any specific reason to buy Z77 over Z68 Gen 3?

    I really want Ivy Bridge....I'm settling with the 3570k because its the successor to the 2500k...and I will primarily be gaming, so hyper threading is not of concern to me But what I am really confused about is....what exactly is the purpose of Z77? I see plenty of Z68 GEN 3 (PCI-E 3.0)...
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    MSI, are they generally good with warranty & support?

    I've been pretty attracted to MSI's warranty plan...I like how the 3 years is carried by the serial number and not original owner or registered owner....that definitely makes RMAing a painless process However, I'm wondering how their support really is? Are they quick and responsive on...
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    So what causes screen tearing, really?

    I've always been curious why some people say they use VSYNC because they don't like screen tearing...out of my 5 years of PC gaming, I have NEVER played with VSYNC on, and thats because I felt like the game was "slowing me down", instead of actually "smoothing out the tearing"....all the games I...
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    Anybody miss PHYSX? Recently switched over from Nvidia that is

    To all AMD owners, do you miss PHYSX? Assuming you recently switched over from the nvidia crowd
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    What do you guys use to clean your LCD Monitors?

    I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong...but I'm getting some streaks on my LCD monitor...I only use a clean microfiber cloth that I lightly damp with water....then slowly go back and forth on the panel. I also make sure my monitor isn't warm/hot The thing is, the streaks aren't visible...
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    Can someone educate me on the difference between monitor & TV for computer tasks?

    Is there a difference between these two setups for computer tasks & gaming? 1. 32 inch HDTV with 1080p resolution 2. 27 inch MONITOR with 1080p resolution I know obviously the 32 inch HDTV has 5 inches more real estate...but same I'm wondering what exactly is the...
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    How do you guys deal with "fully register and original owner ONLY" warranties?

    Lets face it, we all know how the computer hardware world is. Parts change all the time and rarely does anybody keep their parts for more than 2 least for the most part With that said, I know eVGA has an "original owner only" might be good for some...but for others...
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    extending the 24pin and 8pin EPS won't hurt performance, will it?

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting the NZXT 24 pin and 8 pin black sleeved extenders for my power supply. They look nice and will allow me to achieve my goal of routing the wires and still able to reach my mobo. But i'm just curious, will extending the wires by 12 inches hurt anything? Or more...
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    Power supply experts, please step in *pics included*

    Alright heres the story. The system I built back in April has been rock solid. I recently got my GTX 580 SLI system, so I decided to go on a Crysis marathon. Played 1, Warhead, 2, all back to back. When I finally got done with 2, I step outside to get a drink, when I come back my computer is...
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    2 way SLI, but would like to save electricity?

    So I'm running two a SLI GTX 580 in my rig. I am wondering, lets say Steam had a sale on a bunch of older games...I decide to buy it..and of course, a single 580 would absolutely obliterate all of these games. Is there a possibility that I can go into NV control panel and disable SLI? (disable...
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    Sandy Bridge, is it true that Asus boards genereally require more voltage?

    Just like the title implies, Vcore that is
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    Serial number based warranties, which companies provide them?

    I heard MSI does these serial number based warranties, where they basically provide warranty no matter which owner you long as its within the warranty original receipt registering....etc Is this true? If so, is there other companies that do this? Is it...
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    How is Sapphire's warranty/service? Or any AMD card for that matter?

    I'm thinking of picking up a 6970 later on down the road. Xfire it as well....Just looking through newegg and a few other sites, Sapphire seems to be the leader when it comes to AMD cards.....similar to how eVGA leads the pack for nvidia cards I've always owned eVGA cards and have nothing...