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    Best Intel Board For $80-110??

    looking for more of what? the new lga775 intel boards even allow a little overclocking. last time I checked the only board with more, reall, was the Asus P5AD2 premium and I went through about 10 of em -- each one had something on it that didn't work properly.
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    HyerX RAM

    first of all, HyperX is the bitch of high-performance memory. XMS is much better. OCZ is another good one. Secondly, HyperX almost never detects proper settings via SPD, so you should go into BIOS and check them over. If they're wrong, then set them manually.
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    RMA ram because it fails memtest?

    if it's advertised at 2-2-2-5 then that's what you should get. If it gets less, then RMA it. but if it's advertised at 2-3-2-5 and you're mad that it doesn't do 2-2-2-5, then you shouldn't RMA it.
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    Quick question about mixing and ram.

    HyperX is notorious for not detecting settings properly via SPD. So just do a side-by-side comparision of the specs, and manually setup the slower of the two in BIOS.
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    Dual Channel memory mode with different sticks.

    technically it can work.... but it's always best to stick with the same brand/type.
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    Connecting PC to TV

    i have used a device in the past that you plug into your computer, then run a Cat5 cable from one device to the other, and you can plug the other into your monitor/tv. You can run several hundred feet w/o signal loss.
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    MCE 2k4 and live tv question.

    shouldn't you be able to switch to radio and it will stop recording tv? you could then close the radio.
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    Which video card is right for me?

    passively-cooled ATi 9600 is ideal for what you want, imho.
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    LGA 3.6ghz temps is this normal?

    fwiw, I wasn't very impressed with the 7700. It's huge, but it does not secure very tightly on the mobo... I just think there's too much clearance
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    This fan controller, yay or nay?

    NAY to all fan controllers. Get a mobo that does fancontrol, and let it control fan speed based on thermal needs. If the system is too loud, it's because it needs the fans that fast to stay cool.
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    Please recommend me a motherboard

    Well, I'd recommend a genuine intel board over Asus, but the P4P800 SE Deluxe is a good asus board. Intel does have an entry-level server (glorified desktop board) that features the 875 chipset and onboard video.
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    Cheap Solid Mobo

    AVOID ECS and SiS like the plague. Via is okay. MSI P4MAM is a cheap board that is excellent. However, I think the MSI 865 Neo is worth the extra cash.
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    Best Intel Board For $80-110??

    you can't beat intel-brand boards, imho. for s478, you can get the D865PERLL, retail. If you can find it within your price, the D875PBZLK is awsome. Also look at the D915GAGL and G915PCYL in that range.
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    K8V SE Deluxe bios problem

    that mobo doesn't boot to the floppy by default, so thats why that isn't working. is it a ps2 or usb keyboard?
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    New CPU/Mobo combination

    Honestly, I think you're better off with a AMD Athlon 64 2800+ s754 and an MSI K8T Neo. But if you must go with s462, then I would not recommend abit. Abit makes some great boards, but they're more picky than msi and asus... So if you're not prepared to mess with it a lot, I'd just rather...
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    switching Motherboards

    always plan on formating and reinstalling windows. If you don't, it'll never run as fast as it could.
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    video card : help me choose

    okay, as stated in my first post, I'm using a P4 550 and D915PBLL because I got both for only $199 total.... This requires that I use PCIe16. Also, my budget is $200 -- or actually my budget is less, but I'm willing to stretch it to $200 to include the X700, if required. So which of those...
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    video card : help me choose

    okay, so I've narrowed it down: 256MB X700 DDR3 128MB 6600GT DDR3 which between the two?
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    video card : help me choose

    well, I can't wait for one to eventually be released... dual dvi isn't a requirement, but it'd be nice. I need something I can buy tomorrow or the day after.
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    video card : help me choose

    i was looking at this card, to drive 2 19" LCDs with DVI. thoughts?
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    video card : help me choose

    Okay, Intel ran a deal where you could get a P4 550 (3.4GHz HT), a D915PBLL, and WinXP Pro for $199. That's a helluva deal considering the chip retails for just under $300, alone. Soooooo, now I need a new video card. I was considering the 256MB 6600, 128MB 6600GT, and the 256MB X700...
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    AMD questions / FX-55

    why do you call the via 4-in-1 "bizzarro"? You do realize that it's just an Installshield pacakge for your chipset drivers, right? Intel calls it their "INF Update". nVidia calls it their "Unified" drivers.
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    $1600 game pc

    yeah, depends what you want, but $1600 USD will get you a pretty good system (not counting a monitor)
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    ClawHammer or Newcastle?

    personally, I think an extra 512K cache is more important that 200MHz.
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    Stock AMD Heatsink/Fan + Artic Silver5

    yes to the as5 and stock hsf... you should do it. no to the lapping...
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    s a FSB increase worth the dough?

    AMD has canceled the 400MHz Socket A chips, fwiw. Personally, I say stick with what you've got until you save enough $$$ to get a 939 amd64.
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    Trade PC Power & Cooling for Antec?

    you should smack yourself for even considering that swap. but if you insist, I'll be happy to trade you one of my antecs for your pcpc.
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    939 vs 775 Longevity question

    it has been my experience that the a64 excels in normal multitasking over the p4... I guess you disagree :o
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    Intel vs. AMD

    hyperthreading improves intels multithreading over prior non-ht chips, but I don't think you can compare it to amd chips....
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    Question on sleeving

    use a pin extractor and remove the molex pins from the connector. sleeve it, then re-attach the connector.
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    who is right? MSI or Intel?

    i've got 2 willie 478's on my desk right now. :p
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    What is the best motherboard?

    the asus p5ad2 premium is the worst mobo I've used in a while...
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    939 vs 775 Longevity question

    Hyperthreading cannot be considered as "missing" from the AMD platform. HT was created to compensate for the problems created by intels long pipe design.... the amd chips do not follow that concept in any way, and thus do not require HT. HT is a band aid. Socket 939 is the way to go.
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    Huge Problem Bordering On Emergency!

    the zalman usually works with the stock backplanes... I do it all the time on msi boards.
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    What's the scoop on the celery D?

    I assume you are refering to "risc"? risc is reduced-instruction-set and no, the x86 is not a risc archetecture.
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    What's the scoop on the celery D?

    re-read my statement.... I say that it will run hotter than a comprable chip. I also say a prescott (p4) runs much hotter than a northwood (p4) of the same clock... I didn't say the cooler wouldn't work, but that it may not work.
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    What's the scoop on the celery D?

    very true... the delery is a chopped down prescott -- and thus runs hotter than previous chips. A 3.0C cooler may or may not be sufficient.... Remember, a prescott will run much hotter than a comprably-equiped northwood...
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    What's the scoop on the celery D?

    you like ecs? Yeah, good luck with that, I guess.
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    What's the scoop on the celery D?

    it's not that they're slow.... ecs sucks because their QC is so horrible and failure rates are extremely high...
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    Video Editing Software

    I just got my first digital video camera. It's a Panasonic PV-GS120 mini-dv cam. The bundled software is really really bad, and Windows Movie Maker is more like a childs toy. What are some good editing packages to look at purchasing? As this is a hobby for personal use, I cannot put out...