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    Large Raid setup advice/recommendations pls

    Hi trying to build a backup device for my lab (did one earlier this year based on people's advice here - only 10 drives and it was a great success): What we are thinking right now is: Case: SUPERMICRO CSE-846TQ-R900B (can I get an ATX board in this case..newegg has a special with an asus...
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    Need rackmount case recommendations

    Hi all, so after a successful build for a server thanks to every1's help here to back up my lab data, there has been a request for another server. This time however I need to use a rackmount case. Now I know very little about rackmount cases, but basically all I need is a case that can take...
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    AMD vs Intel processor for gaming

    Alright please forgive my ignorance, obviously Intel has the better processors right now which also overclock better. What I am wondering is whether either is better for gaming or if the hypertransport or other tech on the AMDs make up for any of the weakness in OCing and what not. Personally...
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    AMD phenom 9600 BE and 2 gb ram for $100

    To alert people to this deal, the 9600 BE is $135 at Newegg, and adding the crucial ballistix tracer takes another $55 off the combo and has a $40 MIR, so all together it is: $135 + $60 - $55 combo - $40 MIR = $100...
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    Newbie looking to build a 10 TB server

    Hi all, I've been building PCs for about 10 yrs, but have never really touched the raid side of things/SATA controller cards etc. My lab is generating ridiculous amounts of data and I want to build a data server for it, but don't really know where to start. I'm hoping to keep it down around...
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    Ultimate Value PC Build

    I have this thread over at slick deals thought I would post it here: So I've thought about doing this thread for a long time, and the deals have now aligned and so it must be done: The goal is to build a PC for around $500 that will out compete anything at $1000 or more (Retail PCs), I...
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    Great prices on CNPS9500 and Thermaltake Big typhoon after GCO

    Todays last day, and I would've included it in the other thread however I wanted to highlight the cheapness of these high performance hsf's. This is at and they are both about $40 after coupon and including shipping CNPS9500 Big Typhoon
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    50% off Dell desktops tonight only!!

    Dead Now Only on E310 and E510 Follow this link and use coupon codes: 719Z99BR3$10C0 for 40% off X504V7MQ4MRQL8 for extra 16% off
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    Sempron 3100+ and ECS nforce 4 combo $79 "HARD"

    $79.99 at Frys I guess Fry's knows its customer base, this combo is available in the Renton Fry's at least. I believe the nforce4 board gives greater OC options (not sure), but the board definitely looks a fair bit nicer then the nforce3 combo and I would've just added this to the old...
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    Die Repost Die!!!!!!!!

    I pity the foooo!!!!!
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    Careful on the Opteron's

    New a third stepping has been found CABYE: see below for info The original Opterons coming out were CABNE chips, while the newer ones seem to be CABGE chips -- what does this mean??? CABNE is the same silicon/manufacturing line as the FX57's in other words they are FX57 cores. CABGE is...
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    Turion notebook w/ brightview as cheap as $375 + taxes/shipping

    Office Depot has a special going this weekend for the v2000z for $399 after MIR's with the very base features: 40 gig HD DVD Rom sempron processor 256 mb ddr no wireless lan etc. The great thing is that they have an additional $100 MIR when you purchase a notebook with an A64. There...
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    Amazing Dell Deal - Don't miss it

    As long as you can do EPP you can get: Dell 9100 w/ 17" LCD 16X DVD burner p4 630 (probably pin moddable to 4 ghz) geforce 6800 1 gig DDR2 533 mhz fsb for $1400-$700 - 2 or 4% EPP discont (not sure which) and I think - fatcash if your familiar with fatwallet. So about $650
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    Hot deal possible approaching on Dell's

    On July 21st Dell is going to have a pretty nice deal on there dimension desktops and inspiron notebooks for their EPP program, $700 off $1400 for desktops, and $750 off 1500 for notebooks. This kinda deal happens somewhat often for notebooks but quite rarely for desktops, and when they have...
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    Want to join the S754 club but don't have a socket 754 PC?

    You missed one of the greatest deals ever on a new PC at Compusa last Friday, a new sempron 3000+ hewlett packard PC for $60 after MIR's or with a athlon 64 3400+ for only $120 after MIRs. But don't frett the deal is to be continued, thats right for the lowly price of $60 you could own a...
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    4 ghz P4 EE (3 ghz modded) 19" LCD 256 gf6800/256 radeon x850 XE PT $930/$1300

    Still not the best deal ever but very tough to beat: Dell 8400 w/ p4 630 moddable to 4 ghz P4 EE 512 mb ddr2 533 fsb 80 gig SATA HD 16x dvd rom legal win xp home copy 19" E193FP monitor 256 mb geforce 6800 PCI-X $1300 - $200 MIR - $150 coupon 4HG?T3FFKS6JD4 - $35 coupon from ebay...
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    3 ghz 630 to 4 ghz P4 EE in a Dell !!!

    A similar mod can be done to get a Dell inspiron 530 with Q6600 to run at 3 ghz. Like hearing about people OCing the dells so keep the results coming I purchased a 9300 about a week ago and learned about a mod that allowed a 400 mhz fsb to be forced to 533 and gave it a try with the...
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    Default voltage on P4 6XX series and likelyhood of hitting 4 ghz?

    Considering getting a new system from DELL (yuck I know) but for $600 for 19" LCD p4 630 Legal OS, HD 512 mb ddr2 and a 925X mobo you can not even come close in price. Anyway I'm wondering what the chance is that switching the multiplier jumper (if it exists) from 800 fsb to 1066 fsb will...
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    3000+ DTR = FX-55 for S754

    Was trying to decide what chip to go with for a S754 system, and was convinced over at XS to go with a 3000+ DTR. Ordered one up from newegg for the lowly price of $135 and received a 0502 DPEW CAA2C chip. Threw that puppy in my S754 mobo and I"m at 2.5 ghz prime stable at 1.55V however all...
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    OCing sempron 2600+ S754

    Picked up a sempron 2600+ and a MSI neo plat just to see what the new 90 nM semprons could do. So far just booting up I can get to about 320 fsb, I have no clue whether it will be stable at that speed or not and 325 would lock during boot up. The other possibility is that the HTT is getting...
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    Pls help Low latency or high fsb for a64's?

    There was some guy who did a comparison between an athlon 64 with changes in fsb, and changes in the different latencies to see what kind of effect they had on performance does any1 know where this info is (I need to stop the spread of an evil lie. Thx, also any1 who knows which is better can...
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    Possibly hot hot deal for all you socket 754ers

    was browsing loooking for a processor to buy, specifically the athlon 64 3000+ 939, when i came across this , can you say 90 nm for socket 754 :), and I don't know if it will be the same for the A64's but for the prescott core, the cut down celeron D's OC like crazy. Can't wait to get my hands...
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    The next celly 300A A64 3000+ 939

    Finally took the plunge and bought a 3000+ winny, and boy am I glad. Received a week 47 upcw and paired this with an epox 9nda3j and I'm priming at 2.7 ghz with stock cooling :eek: :eek: anyway just thought I'd share this....and the epox board seems great so far (stable at 300 HT) Guess...
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    nforce3 150 what fsbs have been achieved.

    I realize that the nforce3 150 chipset doesnt have the agp/pci lock, and therefore can't reach high fsb, but after doing a moderate amount of searching I can't find anything that tells me what fsb speeds are possible, so I'm just curious as to what fsb speeds people are getting (it seems like up...
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    OCing A64 notebooks

    I just picked up one of the compaq A64 notebooks (actually it has a sempron in it) and know some people have been able to OC there notebooks, I'm just wondering what program you use to do this?
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    P4 2.4A (Prescott) the next celeron 3.0A??

    Long time AMD fan boy who wanted to give intel a try. I picked up an ECS 848P-A and P4 2.4A from frys for $119 and was hoping for 3.2 to 3.4 ghz stable. Anyway played around with it for a while and with default voltage (1.32 V) and cooling I can prime stable at 3.7 ghz, and get into windows...
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    P4 2.4A OCing what temps are OK? oh and 3.5 ghz on stock cooling/voltage

    Been a long time amd fan boy and wanted to give intel a try so I picked up a 2.4A prescott ECS 848P-A combo at frys figured cheap and the board actually has a agp/pci lock. Anyway upped the fsb in steps and I'm now at 195 fsb * 18 = 3.5 ghz +, anyway I'm testing the processor prime stable at...
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    An ultimate system for 3Ds max

    One of my friends needs an amazing system for 3ds max, money is not a big issue I'm wondering what the best components are (have been out of the loop for too long) the plan so far is fx51 athlon 64 asus board with raid 2 gb ram ati fire gl x2 and dual 80 gb hd i need to know what...
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    Help build ultimate 3D system

    One of my brothers friends has a guy with lots of resources who wants the fastest workstation possible for 3D stuff this is what he has in mind: AMD 64 fx 51 Ati Fire GL X2 sata RAID 0/1 (dual 80gb?) ASUS motherboard 2gb ram Also, An...
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    Locked and unlocked processors AMD new info perhaps

    I just bought a couple duron combos from fry's and low and behold they were week 44 processors and the L1's were intact making me believe they were unlocked. I throw one in my KD7A tried different multipliers but no matter what I try the speed stays the same. I proceeded to OC it via fsb and...