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    windows services and performance

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    nec nl2432hc22-22b LCD display (better sub-forum)

    Ok, going to try this again now that I took my head out of my arse and found the right forum to post this: I have 10 nec nl2432hc22-22b LCD displays, touch screen, brand new. I haven't a clue about what controllers will handle this thing, but it has a ribbon connector p/n 35fpc06-d from NEC...
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    nec nl2432hc22-22b LCD display

    I have some of these nec nl2432hc22-22b LCD displays. They are touch screen and have a ribbon connector, but no additional hardware. If you have any ideas on what you might do with them if you had one, or have a good source for a controller for something like this, drop me a line or post...
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    Puzzler: find files dialog

    So, I hate the windows xp category function in explorer, and whenever I install Windows one of the first things that I do is switch the file search style to the old windows 2000 look. At some time in the past something strange happened... the "search" selection in the start menu stopped...
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    NV PORT IO Control Driver wtf????

    OK, I have event viewer logs of this: Event Type: Error Event Source: Service Control Manager Event Category: None Event ID: 7026 Date: 7/13/2006 Time: 8:58:03 PM User: N/A Computer: THE-DUDE Description: The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: nvport...
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    seriously annoying problems

    so, my folding clients seem to have bad behaviour: 1) install F@H service fine 2) download WU fine 3) complete WU fine 4) after completing the first WU, getting eternal error Preparing to commence simulation - Looking at optimizations... - Created dyn - Files status OK Error...
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    WTB 2 478 motherboards

    I have memory and processors power supplies drives and cases. What I lack are motherboards. I need 2 P4 boards, both socket 478, one needs to support 800MHz FSB and the other only needs to support 533. I would prefer intel chipsets, but if the price is right anything will do. PM me or...
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    Possible IPcop FAH addon bug

    So, anyone checking out my previous ipcop thread might be aware, I had an issue with my IPcop box not setting me up with the correct user name and team. Well, after pulling my hair out trying a bunch of different things for 3 hours, I finally narrowed the problem down to a problem with the...
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    ipcop bummer

    anyone using the ipcop addon for FAH ever experience a situation where the FAH client abruptly stops on 2 ipcop boxes simultaneously that are vpn'ed together? mine and my dad's did just that saturday afternoon.
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    Operating system performance

    Anyone out there running mutiple OS platforms and noticing a significant difference between performance when considering similar hardware? My experience thus far is that my ubuntu linux running gnome and server services completes more work units than my windows machines. I have a windows...
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    WMP 9,10 only dvd playback issues

    so, i usually don't play dvd's on my pc but i was messing around with a few things and found an interesting problem: windows media player will not play back smooth dvd video or audio. and this is ONLY with windows media player and ONLY with DVD's. other formats play fine in media player...
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    PSU requirements

    ok, let me make this short and sweet. system specs: A64 3700 @ 3GHz vcore 1.49 asus A8N SLI premium 2 x geforce 7800GT @ 450MHz core, 1.1 GHz mem 2 x 1GB DDR DIMMS @ 410MHz 6 x WD JB PATA HDD's from 180GB - 250GB 2 x WD raptor 36GB 2 x optical drives 1 x PCI ATA controller 1 x...
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    Front Page Down?

    i looked around before posting this, don't see anyone else mentioning anything, but is the [H] site's front page down? am i blind or did i miss some announcement? i keep getting the "connection reset" error.
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    windows services and performance

    how many people out there tweak their windows services for gamming or overall system performance? i've been messing around with some benchmarking and found some interesting results from a few different tests. anyone else play around with this?
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    HL2 Unofficial "i'm stuck.... litterally!" thread

    yeah, so has anyone noticed the tendency for gordon to get stuck in terrain that would seemingly be a small step-over/step-up, and you can't jump out of these situations, but instead you are forced to slither as slow as molasses to get free? i aplologize in advance is this has been covered in...
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    Hotmail and outlook... they finally did it

    well, not sure if this is the right place to post this, or how many people care, but it pissed me off pretty good. so, my outlook was having major issues all night connecting to hotmail, though it worked fine earlier in the day. i tried messing with the outlook pst file, maybe that was...