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    optical drive dilemma

    Hey guys, I had an old HTPC that I parted out and I have an internal LG 5.25" Blu-Ray optical drive laying around. I'm looking into rebuilding a new HTPC, and was debating on whether I should bother keeping the drive around, since I've been out of the loop for a while Keep in mind that I...
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    XFX AMD 6850/6870 surfaces

    Looks like the Chinese let the details out first again: XFX 6870 Box XFX 6870 Card XFX 6870 Card Back XFX 6850 Box XFX 6850 Card Wow... looking at the performance, a 6870 with 320x4 = 1280 SP's nearly matches the 1600 SP...
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    Sapphire Vapor-X 4890 Pictured - @ 1GHz stock

    Now this is sick :eek: Source If this is indeed next week, that's one awesome card
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    ASUS TOP 4870 Bios Flash Available

    Just a heads up guys that over at XS, they've gotten the ASUS OC 4870 BIOS up that automatically clocks your 4870 to 815 MHz stock and allows CCC overclock to 900MHz. Also fixes your fan profile too. Instructions are inside and on...
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    The ATI 4800's (RV770) Reviews Thread

    Well, officially the NDA is off on the RV770's and so full reviews of the HD4850 and HD4870 are in. HardOCP's Is HERE Finally! Yeah! Sorry for the lateness. - Kyle Some brief specs: 800 SP's 40 TMU's 956M transistors on 55nm process (~260mm^2) 4850: 625MHz core / 993 MHz GDDR3...
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    First 4870 review on the web

    Looks like the Chinese website expreview has put up the first 4870 review up on the web. Translate link (google translate, might be slow until they get it mirrored on their english site I guess)...
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    ATI Removes NDA on Performance Previews for 4850 (#'s Inside)

    edit: guys remember most of these are just performance previews, full in depth reviews are sure to come out next week once NDA on technical stuff is dropped! edit 2: Please keep talks to reviews/previews and not needless fanboi arguing! Thanks! edit 3: Looking at some newer links, the...
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    French Preview of 4850 Up Lots of shiny graphs there for those who can't read french (I could use a translation too :p) But looking at the AA charts, it looks like the AA hit has been fixed on the 4800's finally and it seems to solidly beat the...
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    So RV770 has 800SP's after all?

    Just saw this post at Nordic Hardware here Read the rest at the link People @ folding should be quite happy... 1TFp for $199! Lets see how these work though.. wow 250% increase in ALU's (64->160) in that small die size... Obviously flops dont mean anything to actual performance in...
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    Heat Issue with my Raptor?

    Okay so it was another sweltering day in Los Angeles and this issue popped up again after it was gone for a while so maybe someone can confirm this is a heat-related issue as I suspect it is: I'm running Vista x64 on my WD Raptor X and I have it in a P182SE. While the P182SE is a great...
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    Zalman HD160XT-Black HTPC Case $199 @ Fry's B&M YMMV

    So I went to a local Fry's B&M store (the Woodland Hills, CA one) to pick up the Stacker 830 for $99.90 and found out that the Zalman HD160XT black was priced at $199 :eek: Even the clerks were shocked that the item was that cheap, since the tag on the box still said $599.99 (and this is like...
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    Corsair VX450 450W PSU reviewed by jonnyguru

    Just read the review by jonnyguru on the new Corsair 450W PSU. Corsair with another hit :D
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    2007WFP revision changes?

    Hey guys, So I have my dual 2007WFP monitors next to each other and this has been annoying me for a bit: My rev A04 2007wfp has clearly better looking whites. The rev A02 one has a slight red hue to the white color when all the settings are on defaults for both of them (including the...
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    Anyone run a 2407WFP with a 2007FP (non widescreen?)

    So I have 2 2007WFP S-IPS widescreens laying around as well as a 2007FP (S-IPS widescreen). Since I'm going to set up 2 new computers (there goes all my money...), I was wondering if anyone has every run a 2407WFP with the 2007FP (non widescreen)? I say that because I realized the 2007FP is...
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    GTX/Ultra overkill for dual 1680x1050?

    So right now I've got a dual Dell 2007WFP 20.1" LCD set up with no computer to go with it Go figure :p And I'm going to be building one with it. So I'm thinking, is the GTX/Ultra overkill for 1680 x 1050? I realize they show their biggest performance increases at 1920 x 1200 and higher res...
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    ATI Planning New GPU between 2900 and 2600 - Q4 2007

    From Excerpt: They directly compare it to the X1950PRO, one of the best bang/buck cards right now at that range. If true, we might finally get a decent midrange.