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    VDI with horizon 7.5.1

    I have a vmware horizon 7.5.1 environment with 4 host in a cluster. I’m provisioning windows 10 guest in my desktop pool, I also have nvidia grid gpu’s assigned to be used by the guest machines that also are configured with 6gig of ram and 2 cpu’s each. I have about 300 vdi guest and in the...
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    VMware resource pools

    Do you guys still setup and use VMware resource pools? It seems like most have stopped using them.
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    Avoid Running Exchange Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016 for Now

    A recent cumulative update for Exchange 2016 was intended to add support for Windows Server 2016. But, after numerous reported issues, Microsoft has acknowledged a problem exists. According to the release notes… If you attempt to run Microsoft Exchange 2016 CU3 on Windows Server 2016, you will...
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    Windows Server 2016

    Have any of you test drove it yet? I spun it up in my virtual lab but I haven't dug deep yet.
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    Too much experience to be hired?

    Is it possible to have too much experience in this field? Over the years I've moved up the pay scales, however, I'm still not in the 100k range yet but very close. I have an issue which is no one wants to pay for my level of experience, I've even made a move to another state which is more suited...
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    Import ova error

    I have exported several vm's from xenserver 6.5, when i attempt to deploy them to vsphere I get Could not parse the document: 'encoding specified in XML declaration is incorrect". Any of you guys come across this error before?
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    Clean up this nightmare

    When i bought my house i found this recessed leviton structured enclosure via toner and probe, it turned out my FIOS connection is terminated here :eek::eek::eek: [/URL][/IMG] It had be re-punched but it works and i get well over my bandwidth, anyway i'm looking to fix it all next...
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    BOINC move

    I currently have the BOINC manager installed on a windows machine, i would like to dump the windows machine and run the BOINC software on a ubuntu server. So far i have installed ubuntu server, downloaded the BOINC software and installed it. I started looking at the wiki...
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    LACP Config

    I have a synology DS1513+ and a HP Procurve 1810G-24 Switch. They both are up to date with the respective software/firmwares, i setup the LACP so i can have the highest throughput i can on the synology DS1513+. HP Procurve 1810G-24 Switch Config On the HP Procurve 1810G-24 Switch i have...
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    No Trunks in Trunk Membership

    I have a procurve 1810G-24 Switch and i have created 4 trunks on the trunk configuration page, when i go to the trunk membership page i don't see any Trunk ID's in the drop down menu. It just says none, why is that and how can i fix it?
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    wire duct for apc netshelter

    I have a regular 42u apc netshelter. I have about 7 cisco switches and 7 patch panels in it. I'm looking for some wire duct to put in the rack so the cables can be routed properly, i was looking at some cable manager stuff like this...
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    Mental Recovery

    The past several months have been tough at work. I was sitting in a meeting about a project (1 of 30 for a 7 person diversified IT team) that's coming up and found out none of the configures can migrated which means everything would have to be done from that moment my shoulders...