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    Microsoft Virtual PC2004 is now FREE

    I've had it installed on the entire 2000 Family, both XP Home & Pro and 2003 Server. I've had several linux distros as Virtual Machines. Just because they don't support it doens't mean it can't be done.
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    Microsoft Virtual PC2004 is now FREE I guess they're trying to one up Vmware. I still like VMware workstation better, but you really can't beat free. <EDIT> Oops, I was too excited. This probably should have went in the free forum. My bad.
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    Need help buying a laptop - Which deal is hotter?

    its a toss up, but i'd probably go with the one from costco
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    Server 2003 - machines time out after inactivity?

    Could be a time issue with the KDC. If time is more than 5min off, computer authenication will not be acheived.
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    how to re-enable 640x480 resolution

    Once I load any video driver, the 640x480 disappears and my lowest becomes 800x600. Is there a way to re-enable the 640x480 without removing my video driver?
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    Hot: Verizon FiOS internet service 5mb/2mb - $34.99/mo, free install

    No you don't have to have Verizon phone service, but if you don't I think they add $5 more per month. Also, I don't know about everyone else, but I've got an IIS server running on port80 and I can view my website from work,college, friends houses. I did switch their crappy Dlink router for...
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    *HOT* 200GB Hard Drive $3.99 AR + PM

    ** I haven't tried this, just wondering ** What if you buy it without the price match. Make a copy of the receipt Return it & price match it Send the copy of the old receipt in for the rebate Would that work?
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    ? 4proc system w/ 1failed

    Ok, I got handed a retired server. Its a quad 550Mhz so its isn't insanely grand, but I can now play with SMP. The problem is one of them is failed. The POST screen asks me if I want to continue. It will boot my install CD, but I powered it off cause I wanted to ask a couple questions. 1...
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    Mass image downloading

    if there is a common naming convention used and all the full sized imaged are in the same directory, then you can use wget to download them. You could also use wget in a batch file with a for/next loop if they are numbered sequentially. *** For the flamers...
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    After XMas deals?

    Isnt' there a rule about "In before the lock" posts?, even though I don't see whats wrong with this post. He's just asking if anyone has seen an Ad before its release. Its likely people working at Staples/Bestbuy have seen them. I know I always looked at the ads a few days before their...
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    Can ASP execute a WshScript

    Eventually I will run it on a schedule, with a button to initiate on-demand. That is If I can get the asp page to run the script. I have yet to find the fuction that allows this. Server.Execute doesn't seem to help, but maybe i'm doing it wrong. If someone could point out which function...
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    Can ASP execute a WshScript

    I have a script coded for WSH (Windows Scripting Host) which is essentially VB. I can not seem to run it from inside of a webpage. I know php has the ability to run system commands, but I need that type of feature for ASP. All attempts and code snip-its online have failed miserably. If...
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    free land

    I'll be laughing my butt off when all these minors get property tax statements for their 1sq inch.
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    A * beside my 2nd CPU

    FYI: It denotes the CPU that the computer boots from
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    A * beside my 2nd CPU

    Both were the same stepping, however one was green and the other was brown. I'm not sure if that makes any difference. I'll check the logs when I get home today. Since I haven't started configuring it because I wanted to know what was going on, I can load windows 2000 server and load those...
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    A * beside my 2nd CPU

    I loaded gentoo linux on the machine. Using the program TOP, it shows that there are processes using both CPUs. I was wondering if it was sort of a warning message.
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    A * beside my 2nd CPU

    I just bought my first dual processor system and it boots fine. My question is this: Why does CPU1 have an asterisk beside it? Is this normal? My board is an asus A7v266-d with two Athlon XPs modded to MP processors. I can't find anything on Asus's website or in the motherboard manual...
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    how do I set chapters into a DVD I burn

    This is an MPEG file from my TV capture card. Not .vob files. sorry for not mentioning that.
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    how do I set chapters into a DVD I burn

    Added info to original post. It may be that I need a newer version of DVD Builder to do this. Also, is there a program to delete frames, because I just did a test burn and the size is just over a 4.7G dvd. I can probably delete a good 5-7 minutes from the end, but I wouldn't know how to do...
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    how do I set chapters into a DVD I burn

    I have Roxio DVD builder and I can't find the function to allow me to set chapter markers. If someone knows how to, or knows what software I need to use to do this, please let me know. I'm hoping that I'm not missing something obvious when I'm using Roxio, but it has happened before. <edit>...
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    ? Safely remove heatspreader

    I have a 512MB stick of Crucial DDR that no longer passes memtest. I tried to remove the heat spreader, but the two-sided thermal tape is pretty powerful. Does anyone have an idea of how to get it apart so I can RMA the memory back to Crucial?? Thanks
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    Free 512 MB PC2700 stick 200pin DDR SODIMM from BestBuy(NO REBATE)

    It worked for me. I didn't even have to pay tax. The memory is backward compatible to PC2100 as well.
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    is my router powerful enough?

    Verizon will be activating their (FIOS) fiber service for home users next week. I currently have a pentium 75Mhz, 128MB ram machine setup as a firewall/router with DSL. My question is since my service is going to jump from a 3Mb downstream to 15Mb downstream, is my current router going to...
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    Virtual Server 2003. Will RDP be accessable?

    I have a linux file and print server at home. I was wondering if I install VMware and create a Windows 2003 Server virtual machine if I would be able to use the Remote Desktop Connection/Protocol to access it. I don't know if being Virtual, it would goof up that ability. The 2003 server would...
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    n00b question

    It usually installs to /usr or /usr/local, but you generally can make the location if you compile from source.
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    How to tell SATA and ATA speeds

    I don't suppose your on a linux system. hdparm -i /dev/hda would tell you. When the computer boots, it should tell you what UDMA mode the drives are operating at.
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    Powering server board

    # 1 = Never seen it, but the motherboard manual might give a little insight # 2 = I have an old P 70Mhz that had that & the AT connectors. I didn't use that plug # 3 = This is your standard ATX connector that every PC uses now-a-days. If you have a link to the motherboard manual, I might...
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    Does an ATX -> AT adapter exist?

    I suppose I'm a little late, but thank you for helping me find that cable Format_C:
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    MCSE Questions

    BTW, Study a lot more on terminal services. I don't know why, but I get a crazy amount of TS questions and I've never seen anything about TS in any MS press book.
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    khypermedia DVD+R 25 pack for 3 dollars at OFFICEMAX! HOT!

    He is stating that you could get 200 DVDs for $24
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    MCSE Questions

    My advice. Get two or three old computer (233MHz or something) to load 2000 and 2003 on and setup each senario that the MS press books talk about. You should be able to download the 120 day trials from MS
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    Does an ATX -> AT adapter exist?

    I am having trouble finding an adapter to make my ATX power supply connect to an AT motherboard. Does anyone know if this type of adapter exists?
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    MCSA on Windows Server 2003

    The MS Press books. Amazon typically has used sets that fine and may have highlighting from someone with good study habits.
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    Quick XP usage legality question

    That multiple installs sounds a lot like the Office XP academic that use to contain a few licenses.
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    im a noob and i want to build my own computer can someone help me?

    Before you can put it together, find out what best fits your gaming needs and budget. Buy the stuff and then we can talk you through it. Now-a-days almost everything is color coded and all PCI, AGP card only fit in one slot, so it its too short or too long, it doesn't go there. Those slots...
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    Free Opera License

    April 19 @ 2:39pm EST. I got all my license codes. NOT DEAD for me
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    Hauppauge PVR 150

    Just as an FYI: The 150 and 150MCE do not work with any linux based PVR software. The lists these cards as semi-functional under the development branch of drivers.
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    3com 24port Switch $12.99

    For wiring a house, this is fine. The average user doesn't REQUIRE 100mbs. The actual wire should be Cat5e or even cat 6 for upgrade-ablilty, but I'll get these for installing into the basement of new homes. I didn't figure the overclocking crowd would swarm on this
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    3com 24port Switch $12.99

    $12.99 = 3Com 24 Port SuperStack II Switch 1000 (3C16900A)