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  1. Hisshadow

    Crytek Demos Real-Time Ray Traced Reflections Running on an AMD Vega 56

    meanwhile crytek sues its developers who use the crytek engine lol good luck getting someone to use ya raytracing after that lol
  2. Hisshadow

    Tesla Unveils Model Y Electric SUV with 300-Mile Range and Seven Seats

    Thats not an suv.. that IS a C A R .. call me the ford expedition sized tesla comes out with 300 miles and $39,000 real americans need full sized vehicles
  3. Hisshadow

    Remastering "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" with Machine Learning

    Id rather cbs spend 21 million per episode to restore ds9 to hd.. than to film another episode of std. the sad part is... i cant 'see' any difference in the demo footage
  4. Hisshadow

    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    good kahless... when will this parody end...
  5. Hisshadow

    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    this isnt star trek, its cbs discovery.. some random scifi show they made up and slapped the star trek name on it. so far its only pissed off the fans, destroyed the entire star trek timeline and has garned a deep hate of alex kurtzman hopefully this will be the last season of this garbage...
  6. Hisshadow

    Dead or Alive 6 Hasn't Toned Down the Sexualization, It's Just Tucked It Away

    why they arent nude already i dont know.. its 2019 we can have nude fighting chicks if we want
  7. Hisshadow

    Zipline Utilizes Autonomous Drones to Deliver Medical Supplies in Rwanda

    Im sure the black panther is happy with this new technology his country has developed
  8. Hisshadow

    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    They can shove that std right up their ass !! That shit isnt star trek, oh hell no !! if the entire usa would see that shit there would be riots at the cbs office, people with torches ready to burn down the std set. God bless Seth Macfarland, savior of star trek !! The ongoing...
  9. Hisshadow

    AMD Could Do DLSS Alternative with Radeon VII through DirectML API

    How about amd first make a video card, that outruns a geforce then, we can talk about adding anying you want.
  10. Hisshadow

    Star Wars Theory Prevails after Disney Claims Copyright on Vader Fan Film

    holy crap why isnt that a series ???? on tv !!
  11. Hisshadow

    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie

    Move over ladies, let the real ghostbusters take it from here.
  12. Hisshadow

    Will the new Radeons on 7nm compete with Nvidia?

    wish they would make a tremendous leap forward as amd did. For one, in their entire history just be #1 outrun a geforce and keep going... its possible, 3dfx had it happen to them, by nvidia.. intel just got a taste of it lol I dont know.. can amd make a video card that fast? maybe...
  13. Hisshadow

    What AMD gpu to look at?

    Honestly? none, your 980 is already faster than even the amd cards that will come out in 2020 if you want faster, grab a 1080 ti... amd can't touch it.. which is ashame
  14. Hisshadow

    AMD Unveils World's First 7nm Datacenter GPUs with PCIe 4.02 Interconnect

    Right off the bat, if this read as a co-cpu giving you all that it talked about... without video at all.. i'd buy one and put in my pc. but if this is a video card, then it either runs on part with a rtx 2080 ti or.. i'm sticking with nvidia. so if anyone out there at amd is listening...
  15. Hisshadow

    Smartphone Manufacturers Are Ready to Embrace the Fold-able Phone

    that phone sucks !!! who the hell wants it to flip up ??? the think is supposed to open like a book or a tri fold wallet to make a tablet good god... what kindof of idiot designed that thing to open like that?? geeez... wont be buying any crap like that
  16. Hisshadow

    AMD Radeon Vega Mobile Is Coming to High Performance Premium Notebooks

    how can the word radeon ever be used next to high performance lol at this point.. with amd cpu's doing so well.. they must be so ashamed of ati amd should get some engineers over there to ati.. get their gpu up to par with ryzen.. and stop competeing with intel graphics chipsets lol
  17. Hisshadow

    Promising Star Wars: KOTOR Fan-Made Reboot Gets Shuttered by Lucasfilm

    How about instead of shutting down the game... How about they notice we have an extremely talented fan here that has done something that franky looks great... and instead of cancelling this we are gonna back you and complete this game, even if you need help from an outside studio... we...
  18. Hisshadow

    Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Rig

    wow... I have the same exact setup just with a recliner, a side table and a 34" monitor on a swing arm. i cant imagine paying whatever that thing costs for it... when you can build your own out of a standard recliner
  19. Hisshadow

    Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth “Star Trek 4” Future in Doubt as Talks Fall Through

    The ceiling is cause this isnt real star trek... the kelvin timeline and the discovery timeline are neither real star trek. if you want the fans that poured money into kirk, picard, sisko, janeway and archer.. you the company better get its ass back to the real prime timeline and go forward...
  20. Hisshadow

    Patrick Stewart to Star in New “Star Trek” Series as Jean-Luc Picard on CBS All Access

    You guys are more than welcome to join us over on facebook, the ALL TREK group... the only group that lets you tell cbs and alex kurtzman what you think of his trash series around people that care !
  21. Hisshadow

    Patrick Stewart to Star in New “Star Trek” Series as Jean-Luc Picard on CBS All Access

    Did you see Alex Kurtzman introduced him? Kurtzman is the trash that makes Discovery, the bastard that destroyed the klingon empire and replaced them with orcs !! Now, its time to trash TNG too it would appear... We must pray to Viacom to save us from the satan that is Kurtzman !!!
  22. Hisshadow

    GTX 1180 Leaked On Vietnamese Store

    anything more than $599 for an evga ftw model and i will be keeping my 1080 till nvidia goes bankrupt
  23. Hisshadow

    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    What i'm hoping for... is when the 890 Jump gets revealed, it'll come with a sale for modules
  24. Hisshadow

    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Id like to remind everyone that complains about ship sales that these ships are funding the game. you should cheer each sale like this as if it was the nfl. When I discovered the beta for world of warcraft, It had been developed for 8yrs.. before anyone even knew they where working on...
  25. Hisshadow

    Titanfall 2 Should Have Sold Better, Dev Says

    Titanfall games suck.. instead of a great mmo with all those mechs.. they limit it to a handfull of people... i refuse to play till its an mmo
  26. Hisshadow

    AMD to Include AIO Liquid Coolers with Ryzen Threadripper Processors

    hope they have a model without this... i dont use liquid cooling, i want a monster megatron transforming heatsink with quad fans
  27. Hisshadow

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Drops Denuvo

    unless this makes the game into an mmo like star citizen.. i really dont care...
  28. Hisshadow

    Attn: Sweaty VR Pigs - Hot Chick in Tanktop

    errr... like... dont people have air conditioned rooms? like ... any room a pc is in should be at least 60f ... so i dont see a problem using a vive in 60f temps
  29. Hisshadow

    Extreme Internet Use Linked To Mental Illness In Teens

    No internet uses in teens linked to stupidity, football, and redneckism... news at 6...
  30. Hisshadow

    Survey: Nearly a Quarter of Windows PC Owners Plan to Switch to Apple

    to those swapping to mac, dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out lol think i will keep my windows, and all the programs it lets me run that you wont be able too
  31. Hisshadow

    Dell and Alienware Bet on AMD with Area-51 Threadripper Edition

    a dell gaming rig lol... sigh...
  32. Hisshadow

    Study Finds Gamers Have Lower Sex Drive, but Last Longer in Bed

    Its not the games that lower sex drive, its the fat girls.
  33. Hisshadow

    Most Powerful iMac Pro Evar - $5000

    I bet it wont run Star Citizen 8-)
  34. Hisshadow

    Why are Android phones so unreliable?

    I'm going 2+ years on my motorola droid, not problems. I keep getting msgs to come in get my free phone upgrade LOL for me to upgrade, it'll have to come with a 12 core cpu, and at least 6gig of main ram. Also dont buy the cheap model lol mine the back is made of kevlar lol
  35. Hisshadow

    Terminator 2: Grand Theft Auto V Edition

    wow that was great !@!!
  36. Hisshadow

    Switching to Opera: It's Time to Break up with Chrome and All the RAM It Eats Up

    LOL you do that... ill keep using my chrome... you shouldnt have a pc with less than 16gig ram to start with lol
  37. Hisshadow

    AMD Shows of Epyc Datacenter CPU

    Now see, THIS is the desktop cpu that I would be excited about coming from amd. Leave it to them, to totally miss out on my purchasing power... by not making it a desktop cpu....
  38. Hisshadow

    Dell Expects Booming Growth in Gaming PC Sales over Next Five Years

    wow... if i could play star citizen for $299 why did i pay for a geforce 1080 lol
  39. Hisshadow

    Dell Expects Booming Growth in Gaming PC Sales over Next Five Years

    Its always exploding, but not for Dell lol