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    390X coming soon few weeks

    Yeah so go 2nd hand after that =) Nah Fury still coming so better wait for that anyway.
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    [H] review out now. 390x slower than 980 by a bit. More importantly, buy a 290x over either card at current prices. Clock vs clock it performs the same as a 390x (to be expected, but now confirmed.) Small amount of extra O/C headroom probably on the 390x but not worth ~30% extra coin.
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    MSI R9 390X GAMING 8G Video Card Review @ [H]

    To Brent and Kyle: Genius inclusion of the clock vs clock apples v apples. Much appreciated. This is exactly what I was looking for in a review from this rebranding exercise and tbh I didn't think I would get it anywhere. I will now look for good deals on 290 series cards and snap them up. Best...
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    Yeah but forgetting old reviews of a different card (290x.) Have a look at the benchmarks in the current reviews of the 390x, you might be a little bit surprised. I was. Not saying the 390x is outright faster over all (it's not.) But it is genuinely a close contest and not a case of "equal in...
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    390X Reviews/Benchmarks Thread

    To put it another way, the performance of the 980 is equally inconsistent. In some games it is slower than a 390x which in turn is slower than a 970 in other games. But really this has always been the case. Some games will run better on nvidia than AMD and vice versa.
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    Fury X, R9 390X or Gtx 980 ti for 4k gaming?

    I agree. I would love to see a 290x put through its paces with the most recent drivers that these 390x reviews have. I mean I am shocked at how well it (390x) performs vs 980. If the 290xs perform the same now... Well there will be some great value to be had at sales or 2nd hand. I really want...
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    390x review guru3d - haven't read it yet but there it is
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    Fury X, R9 390X or Gtx 980 ti for 4k gaming?

    390x review guru3d - haven't read it yet but there it is
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    What are you talking about? The live stream from AMD told us there are 4 models: Dual GPU Fuji Fury X - 4096 sp, Watercooled Fury - ?? sp Aircooled (they didn't actually say whether it was the full 4096sp or not) many are assuming it is, but they didn't explicitly say. Fury Nano - ?? sp...
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    GTX980Ti or GTX980 SLI ?

    He forgot a step: 1) sell g sync monitor 2) buy fury 3) buy free sync Nah really though... OP, it depends what games you want to play, what fps you want to play them at and what settings you want to play at. If the 980ti can get you close to what you want, then I'd go the single card for...
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    Excellent in games that it works. Not sure on how many titles haven't received crossfire support in a timely manner recently, though.
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    No, not bingo. If the card runs out of RAM then the speed of said RAM doesn't matter as that's not where the data is being retrieved from. However, it is true that we can't judge this until cards are in independent hands and have gone through proper testing. Who know's. AMD might have some...
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    All it shows is that 4gb is fine for firestrike at 4k. It does not and can not show that 4gb is fine for any game out now, or to come in the future at 4k. Maybe it will be, maybe it won't. It doesn't concern me too much as like most people I am well below 4k. Don't extrapolate from canned...
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    Subtle stuff!
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    They're way behind the times, my fury nano is only 3 inches and it was released years ago. Take that AMD.
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    Haha you're right, I never thought about what might happen if HBM fell into the wrong hands. Hope they don't sell HBM enabled gpus in Syria...
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    I added 4gb HBM to my Toyota Camry's ECU. 0-60 dropped by 4 seconds, max speed now tops out at 220. Don't underestimate HBM.
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    I'm with the squirrel. No more Fury discussion in here, read the thread title and f%*$ off. p.s just joking like I assume he was.
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    VRAM: Hynix vs. Elpida

    At least it was necro'd to share a vital bit of info with the forum. Some dude has a 770 with hynix AND a 770 with elpida. I'm not sure what this means for mankind yet but I am going to lock myself in a room for a few weeks and ponder the ramifications of this development. Thank you Sean you...
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    Weird clock speeds on 290

    Clearly temps are not the issue seeing as though the game that runs the card at the highest temps is the one that does not throttle. NFI why people are suggesting temps are your issue. If the games are running perfect then I would suggest that the cards are functioning normally. So one reason...
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    2x 7950 plus 1x 280x, what to do?

    Depends how much time and effort you want to put in, budget, personal preferences. As always the best option for you can only really be worked out by yourself. Does your motherboard even support 3 way crossfire? Anyway, the options I'd be weighing up are: -Sell the 280x and fix the 7950...
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    Can this card run two different HDMI screens with different sound?

    Can't say I've had a card with 2 hdmi ports before but you would think the hardware would be capable. Do your applications support playing sound from a source that is not the windows default sound device? I know vlc and some of the media players do.
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    The Official GTX980/970 OC & Benchmark Perf. Thread

    DASHIT - Can you check the boxes of your cards and see are both your cards revision 1 or is one revision 1.1. Gigabyte has already listed a card revision 1.1 on their site. You know there is a separate "graphics score" in 3dmark. That's the one to check to see how much difference there is...
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    [Tweaktown] R9 290/x price cuts begin

    Shit I would have been happy to if my 2gb 6950s unlocked to 7970s.. You the extra gb of ram too? :D
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    What sort of card is useful for dedicated PhysX?

    Exactly what I thought after reading the OP haha
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    tri SLI still doesn't scale that well in some games.. swing one this way?
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    Anyone buy a 970 with blower-style fan (evga or pny)?

    What makes you say that? Got any details on what is superior about this card? I haven't read anything about it but hopefully it is decent.
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    preordered my asus strix 970 gtx

    Sweet man, so glad to hear it. I've subscribed to this thread with instant notifications via text message. Don't want to miss a minute. Can you start a thread letting us know what your favorite color is too?
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    Who bought GTX980? Post your impression.

    Is AC4 frame limited or do you have vsync on in that game. I've never played it but I have heard people commenting on it and it being stuck on vsync or something? I mean in relation to the low usage on the gpu not the stuttering
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    The gigabyte doesn't have a blower but I think that was just a typo? Not sure what you mean by the "safer" option. Get either one as they both appear to be good cards. If for whatever reason you want three DP port then go the gigabyte. If you prefer a shorter card go with the MSI. On the other...
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    That's cool mate, like I said you have a good rep in Australia for your cards and warranty. -Dual bios also on the gigabyte apparently. Might be a confidence booster for those who are going to be flashing an "improved" custom bios when available. I am trying to find out from users on other...
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    Yeah fair enough, although I have emailed gigabyte before asking them if I can remove a cooler (was when the r9 290s came out) and they said outright "no." But yeah if there's no sticker there its all good I guess. Now, I want to see some ocing results from the gigabyte, c'mon people!!
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    I'd get one of these 2 personally. I can't decide between the 2. I like the shorter length of the MSI and most of it's construction. I like the fact that most components have direct cooling on the Gigabyte. I don't know though, the STRIX might end up being a good card, but it just doesn't come...
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    What would the possible performance be on a 980 Ti

    Nice pic, very appropriate, hehe =) On the real though, the GTX-980-TI-Google-Edition is going to blow the 980ti out of the water so save you money. I heard its going to have a Nexus 5 strapped to it so you can just call the card and ask it to run faster when your fps drop. Game. Over...
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    What would the possible performance be on a 980 Ti

    Love all the early responses, high octane drivers, and the "9000" one, etc. hahah. Pitty people started trying to answer the silly question with serious answers.
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    Help choose between 7950 xfire vs 780 vs 290

    I've had CF 7950s and a single r9 290 in the last 6 months. I missed the 7950s when I sold them and got a 290. The 7950s gave a better experience in the limited number of games I play. There may still be some games that don't go as well on crossfire, but if I had the choice I would take 2 7950s...
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    Powercolor RMA - replace 7950 with a R9 280

    Shit mate definitely take that deal. The Duoturbo style cooler seems to be decent, and the one on your old card is the worst piece of shit ever made =) The 7950 and r9 280 are essentially identical, which performs better will depend on which you can overclock better. I'd be happy if I was you...
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    Facebook to Acquire Oculus

    Well I can see facebook chat turning into the worlds first 3d sex cam site.. Just make sure you aren't accidentally posting the video feed to your wall :o
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    MSI RMA experience so far - not impressed

    Do not let them give you $150. They have plenty of stock of equivalent cards. Why on earth they would put a claim like "a fair market value refund of $150" in writing is beyond me. Makes the company look pathetic. I am sure that they are just fishing for consumers who are out of touch with the...