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    Renewing 2-year w/ verizon... get phone now or hold off?

    Hey all... I'll keep this post fairly simple (and probably a tad bit trite) but, next weekend I'll have the option to upgrade my phone with Verizon's "new every two". I like the Droid and my wife likes the Eris, but with the talk of an iPhone coming around at some point to Verizon and with who...
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    DirecTV or Dish Network or Comcast...?

    Hey ladies and gents... looking to get some opinions here. My 2 years with DirecTV is up tomorrow and I'm looking to possibly make a switch. I would consider moving to Dish Network or even do some sort of double-play with Comcast. Here are couple things I'm considering. 1) I haven't had any...
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    odd question

    Hey everyone... I'm looking to get a receiver for my current audio setup at home. I currently have a Philips "all-in-one" setup where all the speakers plug into the subwoofer and then the sub connects to the receiver. This question may be kind of silly and I apoligize for my lack of home theatre...
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    Best way to sell a cell

    Ladies / Gents - I'm going to sell a couple of phones on craigslist... I have a Razr and have cleared the memory sucessfully and have the phone number off of it as well... but I have an AX275 by LG and can't figure out how to clear the number or (NAM) I think its called off of it. Any thoughts...
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    Saving old windows folder after Vista upgrade?

    Are you guys/gals saving your 'old' windows folder after you upgrade to Vista from Windows XP? (Assuming you are not doing a format and clean install... I can't as I got an upgrade DVD) Just looking for some thoughts, are there any benefits for me to keep this folder? I have old programs that...
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    Monitor says "Input Not Supported" in Vista

    Guys / Gals - Tried to search for this but didn't see an answer. I have a Rosewill R912E and just installed Windows Vista 32bit Home Premium Edition. GeForce 6600GT on an nForce3 (I know...) motherboard. Everything is running smoothly as silk except my monitor has a dancing across the screen...
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    Need thoughts on Satellite / Cable in Apartment

    Hello All - I need some input / suggestions for this. I live in an apartment and cannot get Satellite as my apartment faces the wrong direction and does not have a clear view of the sky... so the DirecTV dude tells me. The cable in the apartment that I am offered is atrocious, meaning bad /...
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    Network Server Setup. Need your thoughts.

    Hi all - I am looking for opinons on a new network server setup for my small office. The office I work at is small and we are going to have a server put in. I want to know what you think the cost range should be for the work to be done from an outside source. I would do it myself but am too...
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    Satellite T.V. Your Opinions

    Hi All - I am looking to get some form of Satellite T.V. in my apartment. I don't have any cable options. What do you guys/gals use and why? Any thoughts on good services / good deals right now? Thanks for your time. ~Pal
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    Satellite T.V. Your Opinions

    DirecTV Dish Network Other Hi All - I am looking to get some form of Satellite T.V. in my apartment. I don't have any cable options. What do you guys/gals use and why? Any thoughts on good services / good deals right now? Thanks for your time. ~Pal
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    New AMD Sys. 2k or less.. your thoughts.

    Building a new AMD system.... don't want to spend more than 2k with monitor. Any changes? Suggestions? Thanks for your input.
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    Video Card Upgrade? Is it time? What should I get?

    Hello all - Well it has been a while since I got a new video card, and it is definately time. Here is what I have: AMD 64 3000+ at 2.10 1 Gig of PC3200 DDR Nforce 3-Ultra Motherboard Here is what I need to upgrade from: GeForce 4 Ti 64mb 8x I have only about $130 to spend on...
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    Vonage: VoIP - Who has it? What do you think? Unlimited minutes + tons of features, $24.99 a month. One of the coolest features: Free in-network calling. Allows you and your friends or family anywhere internationally with Vonage you talk to them free. Works for me because I have a lot of family overseas. What do you...
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    Random Reboots... need expert advice

    Hello all - So my computer decided (shortly after sp2 update and wireless card install) that it wants to reboot randomly. This has been happening for about a month. Guess I finally got sick of it when it started messing up my online gaming. I had my barton 2500 oc'ed to a very nice and...
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    Firewall: Network configuration help needed

    Hello all, I ran a search on this and didn't find anything, so I hope I am not reposting. I am trying to get my LAN up and running while running ZoneAlarm. I am trying to add the ip address and the subnet that my network at home is under. When I have zone alarm off, I can connect to...
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    Dell Laptop doesn't power up

    Hey all, Had a quick question. This kid that lives in my apt. comlex dropped his Dell (3 inches from the floor according to him) and now the thing doesn't power up. I've tried to boot it with no battery with cord plugged in to power supply, battery with cord plugged in to power supply, and...
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    Random Reboot after SP2 Install

    Hey guys/gals, Just installed SP2, have never had any issues with my computer since I built it and now after about 3 - 5 minutes I am getting random reboots. No, this wasn't happening before so it isn't my PSW or anything... at least I should hope not. Here is what I have: Aopen...
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    Upgrade from Ti4200 to GT 6800?

    Hey all, I don't have a ton of money, but I am looking forward to playing Doom 3 (who isn't) do you think my 4200 will hang with the game or should I start saving for an upgrade? What would you do? Yes, upgrade is always better, but will I really see a huge difference? Remember I don't...
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    Alienware Notebooks

    What do you think about them? Right now they have the Sentia series starting at $1675. Anyone heard anything good about them, has one, or will never buy one? I'm looking to buy one within the next month. Any opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch!! The one I'm looking at is...