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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    My issue seems similar to Legendary Gamer, I started getting some artificating in games, then it started lagging a lot with reduced performance, sometimes locking up my whole system. Eventually got to the point where no game would run without crashing or locking up the system. I didn't...
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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    Well my ASUS card started having issues after 3 weeks. Artificating and crashing in games. ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-O11G-GAMING Ended up RMAing back to Newegg and they are just going to give me a refund since they have none in stock. I'm just going to wait a few months until this mess gets sorted out.
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    Website: Can I block access to all countries but the US?

    You could also use cloudflare which you can set up filter rules to block countries
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    The Complete Guide To Building Or Buying A Standing Desk

    The standing desks we have at work do that, there 4 buttons that store your custom heights, press a button and it moves.
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    Sennheiser HD650 vs HD700 vs Beyerdynamic T1

    I've had mine on half the day, they are actually pretty comfortable for me. Sure they are heavier than a 650 but that hasn't bothered me so far.
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    Sennheiser HD650 vs HD700 vs Beyerdynamic T1

    I just upgraded from a HD595 to a HE-500, huge improvement. It's definitely worth taking a look at the HE-500 over an HD650/700
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    Went from an S3 to a Nexus 5, what an amazing improvement. I was scared about the battery life but the battery in the Nexus 5 lasts way way longer than an S3, even with a custom rom.
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    Number of HDDs on a single power line?

    just stagger the drive spin up and you don't have to worry
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    Pizza Hut Sold $1 Million Through Xbox 360 App in 4 Months

    these chain pizza stores all suck. you guys need to find some local pizza place that actually cares about their pizza.
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    mySQL - databases and VM - some advice please

    just run a query targeting their IDs.. or if you wanted to, just have a single mysql server and have a separate database for each client, then in the database config for each website just have it connect to the different database name
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    mySQL - databases and VM - some advice please

    a database that is a few gigs is a small database. have you considered just having one large database for everything? why exactly do you need a vm for each customer? or is privacy a big concern to the point that they must be separated?
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    Moore's law and CPUs

    Without one damaged? there are many thousands that are dead on every processor... Since we have so much space on processors now we can add redundancy. If you know that there is an important circuit on the chip and that it would effect many other things if it was dead, then just build two of...
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    Beer Glass That Uses iPhone As A Kickstand

    so they show a bartender completely overflowing a glass and then you expect me to put that glass on my phone... and who ever sits at a bar??
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    Free cloud storage--> Copy(app, the name of it is Copy)
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    How to sort things with Javascript or jQuery?

    depending on the array and how you want to sort, you may need to write a custom sort function and if you want all of this in some sort of table...
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    Laptop SSD

    don't bother with the mSATA, get a normal 2.5" I have the samsung 840 256GB in my T520 and it is working great. I also have the a 160gb intel ssd in my dvd bay. thinkpads are awesome :)
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    EVGA 670 Bios Post

    how does the change what happens during POST though? once I get to the windows login screen I am fine, the issue is during the whole POST/boot process.
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    EVGA 670 Bios Post

    I am bumping this thread because I am having the same problem. Just got a 670 after using ATI cards for a while. Hopefully there is a solution.
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    Decent online school for programming?

    You would be far better off getting an internship somewhere (I am assuming you are college age) Colleges won't teach you much practical coding, especially online college
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    Are any of you Computer Engineers?

    ya exactly... especially for computer engineering, we had 3 girls in our graduating class
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    Are any of you Computer Engineers?

    I have a degree in Computer Engineering but I am not understanding the question here... Network technology is definitely something that computer engineers can work on, to be more specific, designing and building the hardware and protocols of network devices. Windows admin has nothing to do...
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    What desktop resolution does everyone use?

    2560x1440 and 1920x1200 for any of you debating 2560x1440, GET IT, it makes coding so much nicer
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    Paid IDEs, how many use em?

    it really depends on what you are coding... I normally use sublime or notepad++ but sometimes I use eclipse for certain projects
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    Zuckerberg Addresses Aspiring Entrepreneurs at Stanford

    Step 5: Patent something that someone else created but has not patented yet and then force them to pay you
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    Who do you think codes APIs? Think about it from the other perspective, say that I have some website that people want to pull data from, then I have to write an API.
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    128GB MicroSDXC - When?

    2TB is on the roadmap :D
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    How should I connect desktop to receiver?

    just open up the sound panel in windows, right click your audio device, click configure speakers, then click on a speaker and it will play a sound in that speaker
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    How should I connect desktop to receiver?

    do you have a video card with HDMI out?
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    Something that is pipelined can still have 1 CPI?

    the pipeline consists of many stages each stage takes 1 clock cycle I am not sure what you mean by a filled pipeline or having to fill it? But no matter what, each stage will take 1 clock cycle, despite the pipeline being "full" or not Maybe you can rephrase your question?
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    what happened to Jelly Bean update for the S3?

    have you even tried looking? it's not very specific info but it's something
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    Top 5 Computer Manufacturers In 2Q

    agreed. I'm on my T520 right now which has the 1080p display, it was a very expensive upgrade but I need the resolution. I would be willing to pay even more for IPS
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    Top 5 Computer Manufacturers In 2Q

    the switchover was around the time I bought my R61, one side of the LCD says IBM and the other says Lenovo, that was sometime in late 2007 or early 2008
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    Top 5 Computer Manufacturers In 2Q

    I have 4 thinkpads in my room right now, they are the only laptop I buy. The issue with Lenovo is that they aren't "shiny" enough for Americans. We all know that our family members would rather buy something that is pretty and shiny than something that is actually a good product.
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    Issues with my Verizon GS3

    if this isn't a known issue then why did Samsung just release an update to improve the signal quality...
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    Issues with my Verizon GS3

    install the latest I535VRALHD ROM
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    New Verizon GS3 Update?

    is this a new OTA? there was one a couple of weeks ago that didnt fix the NO SIM issue... did they release a new one today?
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    Ubuntu alternative?

    you don't have to use Unity, you can still use Ubuntu
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    Unlimited LTE version iPhone 5 question

    from everything I have read that is correct but I can't for the life of me understand why you would want to make that switch
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    Galaxy S3 question

    It may simply be your TV When I hook up my laptop via HDMI to our TV the edges are slightly cut off