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    Aorus 3080 Xtreme Rev 2.0 - DWM.exe Crash

    I lucked into the NewEgg Shuffle for a combo overpriced gpu and cpu...Aorus Master Rev 1 Z590 and Zorus Xtreme 3080 Rev the tune of $1500. I need a upgrade obviously. Well I hadn't purchased a cpu/ram/cooler yet, and installed this GPU on my existing setup. I am currently plagued with the...
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    iPad Air - PDF organization

    I am a sales rep for a small business company that requires me to go visit engineers/end users and educate them on my product line for use. There is a lot of referencing back to pdf's that I would like to easily maintain and place on the ipad for myself as well as going over details. It needs to...
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    Budget Gaming Comp Build

    Looking for a gaming budget upgrade. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming, Web Browsing, Business (emails, word, excel, light programs) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included?1,200-1,500 less tax/freight. Prefer to stay with NEWEGG...
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    Tried to Play Rift and Got Banned Instantly

    I guess there is some huge banning going on that I was not aware of in the free to play game of RIFT. So I get the game installed...all 18gb, load it up, get my character created and almost the same time I hit the button to go play the game, I get a nice little message stating I was banned...
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    Large File FTP to Server Network Spasm

    I am trying to backup some stuff to a FreeNAS server and noticed my home PC is having issues with transferring. I know the server side works as I can FTP large files from my Laptop, but this desktop. Once it gets caught in the up/down frequency, its lags like crazy, then disconnects and...
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    Debian and XP Dual Boot / Sep. HD's

    Okay I searched the forums looking, although being an American, I did not dig around too hard :p Question: I have XP on my "C:" HD and Debian on my "I:" drive. I want to duel boot and installed GRUB after the Debian installation. GRUB saw XP and I finished the installation. It reboots and XP...
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    Grouping Pdf's, Doc's, and Images.

    At my work I use hundreds of PDF's varying from vendor to vendor on specs and installation manuals, brochures, etc. I have them all downloaded locally to our server. I would like to come up with a program that I could build a menu and link all the files to it, for easier perusing. I have seen...
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    Compaq C500 for $400 good? 3mo. old.

    About 3 months old. Compaq Presario C500. Windows Vista Home Intel Celeron M @ 1.86 ghz 1.5 Gig ram (had 512, I added 1 gig at purchase) 80 gig hdd CDRW/DVD for $400 dollars, is that a decent price? Is this an alright lappy for cheap? all i want it for is surfing the web and office. I...
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    All you fUnc owners....lend me your rears!!!

    I am serisouly thinking about getting the Archetype mousepad for my G5, and all those that own the G5 know that it is picky on what surfaces it plays least it is for me. Or maybe it was fixed through the last firmware upgrade...but nevertheless. I want to possibly make a custom...
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    Help me get the best out of my current computer...

    Like the title suggests. I want to upgrade my computer(sig) a tad. not too much because I know that the stuff I currently have is already out of date, and I want to wait to get a whole new system later. I bought/built this computer last year around the same time, and am extremely...
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    Using a 120gb Drive as a pagefile/scratch disk, possible?

    I noticed that Photoshop has used over 80g on scratch so it gave me and idea. I have a 120gb drive that came out of my Xbox that I don't trust too much to use as a data storage (permanent or even semi-permanent) because of the heat conditions it was in (cramped it that little box), and seeing...
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    Any Decent Airplane Racing Game?

    Back when I played my PS1 heavely I had a really fun fast paced two player airplane racing, it wasn't cartoony like or childish it was decent graphics with life-like racing, I really dont remember the name of it,anyone know the name of it? i can remember the main plane being red and white...
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    Adjusting brightness on LCD

    when turning down the contrast or brightness on an LCD monitor, does it turn down the backlighting? or does it make the pixels shade darker? I am curious as to if turning down the brightness/contrast if this is going to put a longer life on the backlight... I have an 940b incase different...
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    Samsung 940b, decent LCD for my budget?

    Well I am seriously considering getting an LCD monitor for my Gaming Rig, because I am getting tired of my 21" CRT heating up my room. I am wanting to keep the price at/below $350, I also want it to have DVI inputs and still be a 19". I will be using this LCD for 60% Games, 30% Movies, and 10%...
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    ADOBE Premiere 1.5 Pro / High Res. Pics

    Okay I have alittle problem, I am doing some wedding videos and wanted to put in a few pictures at the end like a slide show, and when I put the pictures in the timeline (3200X2700 or something rediculous) I end up having to reduce themm to about 21% and when I view them it looks all jagged...
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    ATI X700 512MB GDDR2 Equivalency...?

    Okay today my friend told me about his friend getting a new card and that it was going to be better than the 7800GTX card he is going to get? Here's the link to the card ATI X700 512mb Gddr2 also I have seen nothing other than this website and another one that is selling it, I have found...
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    Another silly Dual Channel Question

    I have the ram listed in my sig and later I want to upgrade, and intead of wasting the last two slots, is it at all possible to run my 2x512mb Ram and say get a pair of 2x1gb sticks and still run dual channel? I just hate to waste the ram I just recently bought within the last few months. And it...
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    Piggybacked Routers

    Here is the setup Cable Modem---->Linksys Router--->Gigabyte Wireless Router--->My Computer(Wirelessly) Will I see any speed improvement if I just use one router? Whats the advantages or disadvantages of using two routers rather than one?
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    Audigy ZS Platinum Headphone update messed it up.

    I have the Audigy 2 zs Platinum with the front bay drive. Anyways, when I installed the new drivers my headphones could be plugged into the bay and my speakers (plugged into the back of the card) would work also, simultaneously. Now that the new drivers are installed, Whenever I leave my...
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    Need help setting memory timings

    I have the ram that is in my sig, and im am afraid to do any overclocking for fear that I would ruin my hardware, but my question is, my ram timings are suppose to be 2-2-2-5, instead when the bios and cpuz only shows cas# latency 2.0, Ras to Cas# 3, Ras precharge 2, Tras 5, Trc 7, what should I...
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    Any way to change the order of programs that startup when windows does?

    I have a wireless setup, and whenever I start windows, all my programs that require the internet, actually startup before the wireless utility does. This in turn, gives me a bunch of "do you want to start in offline?", "Can not login, no internet connection", and so on. Is there anyway to set...
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    Dim Video Picture when watching movies with dual monitors

    I have to CRT monitors hooked up to my 7800GTX, and whenever I have both monitors enabled, whenever I try to watch movies or even video clips, they are very dark in soon as I disable one monitor, the picture is perfect. I tried to adjust video card settings, and still nothing. Both...
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    Seagate 160GB $9.99 after MIR, Bestbuy $79.99 upfront! Expires 10-8-05

    Seagate Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM 8MB Cache 3.5'' 160GB Retail, from Best Buy, $9.99 after the $70 mail in rebate. Up front cost, $79.99 price.
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    Consoles Multiplaying with PC's

    I couldn't find anything on this when I searched, I'll admit I didn't look to long though! Is there ever going to be a universal type of multiplaying, where console players can play with the PC gamers? That would be sweet to play multiplayer games with more people.
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    Changing Regions Limited?

    how come you can only change them so many times? are there programs that override that? What happens when you end up on a different region that your standard and you are out of remaining switches? or can you select up to 4 different ones that will work all the time?
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    Ultra-D HDD Led Power rating?

    Does anyone know what the voltage is on the HDD Power led line is? I have aMultimeter, but I thought I could find out faster by coming here. The HDD light on my case burnt out i guess, I only had the case about 3 weeks now. I have a Replacement leds but I needed to know what the voltage is on...
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    Where to buy San Andreas in US?

    Am I missing something? Why can I not find a copy of San Andreas anywhere? I looked on the website and it said it was Soldout. Is noone selling it because of the rating it had or has? If anyone could fill me in on this I would appreciate it.
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    Big Problem...keep burning up DVD Drives!!

    Okay here's my problem, I didn't catch this until I messed up my second drive. I bought two nec 3540A's for me and my dad. I recently built the system in my signature and when I was building it I burnt up the first drive and didn't think about what had happened, not knowing I blew something up I...
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    Dropped Wireless Signal when Using 2.4Ghz Phone

    Is there Anyway to fix this....we have three phones in the house, two are 5.x ghz and one is 2.4Ghz and unfortunately the 2.4Ghz is everyone's personal choice. Whenever someone in the house uses the 2.4ghz phone, my internet drops, but I still have the signal strength bar at the same level.I...
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    After Running Premiere 1.5...BSOD!!!!

    Anytime I try to capture my Mini DV Camcorder to the computer, after about thirty minutes of capturing I get the BSOD saying the machine crashed and then it says that it is page file dumping. Is there any explanation to this? is something set up wrong? I could normally surf the...
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    Windows XP Pro Boot to change

    I was playing around with one of those Windows Theme Managers and I changed some things on it, and I ended up not liking the program and deleted it....and now I have some stupid splash screen at the boot-up of windows. is there anyway to change it?
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    New Computer on order...hoping the right choices were made

    Back from war and wanted to order a compuer, how does all this sound..... Chenming Aluminum Server Case OCZ 450Watt Modstream DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D Socket 939 Mobo 3700+ Sandy 939 Socket CPU Geforce 7800GTX eVGA Video Card Corsair XMS TWINX1024-3200XLPRO Seagate Barracuda 7200.8...