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  1. sitheris

    Storage Spaces Problem Win 10 Enterprise

    So I have this storage pool that I created for storing my media files and photography backups. I have been using it successfully for a few years now with no issue. It was created in Windows 8 but worked fine after upgrading to Windows 10. Suddenly I started having this problem (See screenshot)...
  2. sitheris

    Looking for a hot swap solution for Work/Personal

    I'm interested in setting up my PC so I can use one SSD for my work OS (I work from home frequently), and another SSD for my personal OS. For both drives, the OS would be Windows 8.1, but I would like to keep my work software and settings separate from my personal stuff. I was looking at hot...
  3. sitheris

    Dust filters for Fractal Define XL R2

    So, I've installed a Corsair H100i in my Fractal case with the radiator mounted at the top and fans as intakes, and was wondering what are my options for adding a dust filter on that intake? Check the pic below: clicky
  4. sitheris

    ROG Motherboard Owners - Do you use the ROG software at all?

    I just completed a new build with my first ROG motherboard and installed all of the software included - AI Suite, ROG HD Audio, the network shaping tool, and everything else. I played around with it but wasn't too impressed by it, but whatever. Anyway, last night I started experiencing some...
  5. sitheris

    First build since 2008, switching back to PC after years on a Mac - advice?

    So I'm planning to build a brand new from scratch gaming PC after years of using a Mac Pro as my main computer. I'm tired of being hassled switching back and forth between Windows/OS X, and since I'm not tied to any specific software on the Mac side, it makes more sense to have a Windows gaming...
  6. sitheris

    770 SLI vs Single 780 for 2560x1600

    I understand that 2 770s in SLI will be considerably better performance than a single 780, but I am wondering which is a better way to go in my case when I build a new PC in the near future. I game on a single Dell 30" @ 2560x1600 resolution. I currently have a single 680 2GB with no issues...
  7. sitheris

    Google Chrome issue

    Ever since I've been using Chrome since it was originally launched, I have had an ongoing problem where pages fail to load as the cache gets filled up. The tab icon spins endlessly without loading the page. The only way to resolve it is to clear the cache, which I do weekly. I have seen...
  8. sitheris

    Need Guidance on Server

    I apologize in advance, this will probably be a pretty long post, but I hope someone can guide me in the right direction... I have had a file/media server running for about 2 years now, and I am looking into some options for updating/upgrading it. I'm basically looking for hardware/software...
  9. sitheris

    Using jQuery to insert data to db?

    Hi, Is it possible to insert data into a database table (Oracle) using strictly JQuery, without calling some external (or embedded) jsp/php/webservice code? Thanks
  10. sitheris

    Need help with Partitioning Strategy for simple Ubuntu File Server

    Hi, I plan on converting my WHS server to Ubuntu soon. It currently has 2x 1.5tb drives. I would like to mimic Folder Duplication using Rsync or something similar, as I don't have a RAID card. I am wondering on a few things: 1. Should I use LVM? 2. How should I partition and...
  11. sitheris

    ATI Mobility Radeon 3650

    Hi, I am looking at some Lenovo laptops which have this video card. I am currently using a MBP with 256mb 8600 mobile nvidia. How does it the ATI card compare? Thanks
  12. sitheris

    Onboard NIC doesn't always connect at GigE speeds

    Hi, I am having problems with my NIC sometimes not connecting at GigE speeds. Once in a while I will notice file transfers off of my WHS going slow, and I double check the connection speed and see it's only 100mbps. I am running the desktop system in sig with Vista 64 Ultimate. I'm...
  13. sitheris

    Need help finding a laptop

    I am looking to replace my MBP with a PC laptop whenever Windows 7 comes out. My requirements: 15.4" Screen, Matte if possible 16:10 resolution (don't like the new 16:9 trend that seems to be going on) 3 USB ports Wireless N Gaming capable video card (must be discrete graphics)...
  14. sitheris

    Java/SOA Tutorials

    Hi all, I am looking for some resources for learning Java with a focus on SOA/webservices. I took 3 courses in Java in college, so I know OOP concepts and basic Java syntax, but I haven't used Java in the past 5 years so I'm really looking for something easy to follow for refreshing my...
  15. sitheris

    I need a Firewire 800 port on my PC

    Hi, I am switching my photography setup over to my desktop PC, and I am in need of a FW800 port for my CF reader. My mobo only has FW400. Does anyone know of a good PCI/PCI-E card for adding FW800 ports to a computer? I just bought an IOGEAR eSata PCI-E card, and that works great, but they...
  16. sitheris

    Worth updating an 8800gts 512?

    I have an 8800gts 512 in the system in my sig. I run dual displays (2xDell 2209wa), each at 1680x1050 resolution. I mostly play WoW but would also like to run other games smoothly. Just wondering if upgrading to say a 4890 or 4870x2 would be worth it or not. Budget is open but I'd rather...
  17. sitheris

    Need Printer Help - Canon MX850

    I just bought this Canon MX850 so I can scan things for expense reports for work. Only problem is that it generates HUGE pdf files. I'm scanning a 3 page document of mostly text and it results in a 2-3mb pdf. I scan at 300dpi...should I try reducing that?
  18. sitheris

    Where can I buy a s939 motherboard?

    I'm posting for a friend - his s939 motherboard died and he needs a replacement. I can't seem to find them anywhere except on ebay. Also, I don't know what a good motherboard would be...they have so many on ebay. I think he may be willing to upgrade his motherboard/cpu/memory if it isn't...
  19. sitheris

    Vista Default Beep is happening at odd times

    Seems like in certain apps, the default beep sound in vista goes off when I click on an item. Specifically this happens in Truecrypt when I click on a drive letter, and in WoW UI Updater when I click on an addon. Does anyone know how to fix this? I know you can disable the default beep...
  20. sitheris

    OC Noob, Are my Temps okay?

    I am trying to do my first OC on my Q9450. Cooling it with a Xigmatek S1283. I have it running stable for 30 min in Prime95 at 3.2ghz (400x8), with a 1:1 memory divider. My vcore is set to auto in my bios and I see it at around 1.36v in CPU-Z (1.25 is stock I believe?) My temps after...
  21. sitheris

    Best all around 24" Display

    Hi, I am posting this for a friend who wants to buy a new monitor. I linked him to the sticky explaining the different panel types. I think he would probably want a *VA or TN panel - he's more of a gamer than anything I guess. I would recommend the LG L246WP-BN to him (which is what I...
  22. sitheris

    Help me choose a HSF for Q9450

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a good cooler for my Q9450 so I can do some moderate overclocking. I haven't kept up with what is best to bring down temps lately, but I've been searching through this forum a bit and have seen the following popular choices: OCZ Vendetta 2 Xigmaek HDT-S1283...
  23. sitheris

    Will my PSU be enough for 4870x2?

    Hi, I have a Antec Truepower Trio 650w right now, will it be powerful enough and have the proper connectors to fuel a 4870x2? If not, what PSU would be recommended? I was thinking of getting a Corsair 750TX if I need to replace the PSU - thoughts? Thanks
  24. sitheris

    Small Gripe with Vista's Photo Viewer

    Why does the Photo Viewer in Vista no longer smooth (or antialias) a picture when zooming in? In XP, the Picture and Fax viewer did this very well. In Vista, there's not even an option for it. Is there another image viewer that has this functionality built in? Or am I basically SOL?
  25. sitheris

    So...PSU Recommendations for GX2?

    I'm pretty sure a lot of people will need to buy new PSU's for the GX2...I'm sure my Antec TP3 650w will need replaced, because it doesn't have the additional 8-pin PCI-E cable. Can people start posting recommendations for GX2-friendly PSU's to this thread? Thanks
  26. sitheris

    Memory Errors G. Skill

    I built a new rig in January and have been having some BSOD's quite frequently. System specs are in sig. I am running Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I originally thought it was video driver related so I tried some different versions with no luck. I tried running Memtest and here are my results...
  27. sitheris

    Need help with converting DVDs to Xbox format

    I am trying to rip some of my favorite DVDs (that I own) to my computer so I can stream them to my 360 and watch on my HDTV using Windows Media Center. What's a good program for doing all of this? I have access to both a Mac and PC so my software options are pretty unlimited. I have been...
  28. sitheris

    Saitek Eclipse II Media Keys aren't functioning properly

    It seems I can only get the media keys on my Eclipse II to work when itunes has focus. If I'm in another app they don't work at all. I'm running Vista 64-bit. Anyone know how to get it working? Thanks
  29. sitheris

    Vista Partitioning Help

    I have created partitions on my Seagate 7200.11 - all three I created as Primary partitions using PartedMagic. I noticed today that copying files goes very slowly, and I asked my friend about it and he said I should be using Logical partitions. Is this correct? Also, is there an easy...
  30. sitheris

    Where to buy eSata cables?

    I need just a short 2ft-3ft eSata (type 1 to type 1) cable. I checked monoprice but they're out of stock on the 3ft cable. Any other places I can find one?
  31. sitheris

    eVGA 8800GTS (G92) horrible!

    I just put together my new system today, and I am having horrible performance with my video card. My system is in my sig... E6750 8800gts g92 Gigabyte P35-DS3P Corsair HX620W In Vista 64 bit I'm getting an experience rating of 3.7, it's choking on Aero and the other graphics score...
  32. sitheris

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P SATA question

    I'm looking at the manual for my new DS3P and notice that there are two SATA controllers listed - the ICH9R which includes 6 SATAII ports, and the Gigabyte SATAII chip which includes 2 SATAII ports. Is there any reason I would use one over the other when I hook up my hard drive? I only have...
  33. sitheris

    Mid-range Gaming Rig...need advice

    I have decided that I need to build a Gaming PC...running bootcamp on my MacBook Pro just isn't cutting it. I haven't really built a PC for about 2 years so I'm a little out of the loop. I've put together a wish list on Newegg but need help selecting a Motherboard...I have no idea what's good...
  34. sitheris

    24" - LG or Dell?

    I can't decide between these two - the LG L246WP-BN or the Dell 2407wfp-hc. I've read about people having inverse ghosting issues on the Dell, and other people who have no issues at all. I think the Dell looks nicer overall, and has a little bit better panel but the LG seems to be the de...
  35. sitheris

    Best Language to Learn

    Hi, I am looking to pursue a career in web development (currently a generic IT consultant). I am wondering what the best languages to learn would be for landing a decent job with a good company. Looking at and I see a lot of postings for .NET, and J2EE/JSF/EJB, and very...
  36. sitheris

    Where to buy Photoshop CS3?

    My 14 year old cousin wants to ask for CS3 for Christmas but she doesn't know where the cheapest place to buy it would be. I think she only needs the Photoshop part. Can she get some kind of student discount for it?
  37. sitheris

    Help building a basic Linux Server

    I am looking to build a cheap Ubuntu server for the following purposes: Fileserver (Samba) Webserver Webdav FTP/SCP/SSH Virtual Machines Here's the hardware I've chosen so far: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ Brisbane 2.1GHz Socket AM2 Processor Model ADO4000DDBOX - Retail $66.99 GIGABYTE...
  38. sitheris

    Apache/Tomcat/JSP Question

    I have a situation that I'm not quite sure how to handle... We have a JSP page here at work (runs on Tomcat/Apache) that I created that lists reports stored on a linux server. You click on the link to a report, and it takes you to that report. My boss wants me to create a page in between the...
  39. sitheris

    SLR Camera Questions

    First of all, I've never been into photography, I just have a 6 year old Sony point and shoot, and I'm about to get my mom's Kodak Easy share since she just got a Canon Digital Rebel. I've taken a few pics with it and it does a great job. My question is - Why do SLR cameras always blur the...
  40. sitheris

    Does anyone here game on Studio Monitors?

    Hey all, I'm getting some Yamaha HS50M's soon and was wondering something about gaming on them - Since studio monitors are meant to have a flat sound, is there anything you can do to add EQ to games? I know in itunes I can simply turn on the EQ when listening to music, but what about games...