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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 $99 @Best Buy

    I saw this on another site, bought them now offer it up here. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 $99 +Shipping or I went to the store and got it for $92 +Tax
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    GuilWars TS Server

    I just accepeted my invite to the HH guild, and in the game it advertises a TS server. Only prob is I am the only one on it for long streatches or time. So this is me asking who else uses it, or to suggest that those in the guild use it.
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    What is Starforce?

    I just bought the game KOTOR and there is a small red box in the System Requirments with a notice that it has technology in order to prevent copying. So before I open up the game to play I wanted to try and locate some more info on the subject. I believe that the copy protection is starforce...
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    Windows XP Registration Question

    My younger sister found a copy of Windows XP Home Upgrade edition in a retail box with CD, Product Key and Certificate of Authenticty in her new dorm room at college. Since I am a linux user and frankly haven't touched windows for close to five years, I need to be brought up to date on how...
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    Two gmail invites

    I got my gmail invite from HardForums, so I am returning the favor by offering the two I have left. The first two people to reply with a e-mail address get the invites.