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    HP W2371d 23" Monitor - Ends 10/22 @ 9:16 PM PDT

    The Ebay link is here: Brand new monitor, never opened.
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    i7 Gaming Build

    Hey everybody. This is my first new build in about 5 years, so it's my first i7 build. I'll answer the generic FAQ questions first.. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, web browsing, some CAD work 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Under $1500. Cheaper is...
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    7950GX2 vs 8800GTS?

    How do these two cards compare? I recently purchased a 7950GX2 two months ago from eVGA, so I still have about 25 days left to step-up. I've initiated the process just in case, but I can still cancel when I want to. I don't plan on spending another $130 to upgrade to a 8800GTX, so I'm...
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    Duty Cycle vs Q-Fan?

    Hi, I currently have an ASUS Crossfire motherboard, and in the fan speed control settings in the BIOS, there is an option to set my fans to either Duty Cycle or Q-Fan. From what I understand, I believe Q-Fan may be just on the ASUS mobos. What is the difference between the two settings...
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    20.1" Widescreen for gaming?

    I've read threads, sifted through reviews, and looked around at different types of monitors, but I really can't decide what monitor I'd like to get. I'm not an expert in the panel types, but I know the basics. It does get confusing, though, as to exactly how much improved the monitor response...