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    LG 38WN95C Monitor launched

    LG has launched the Gsync compatible variant of the 38GL950, known as 38WN95C 144Hz Gsync compatible (no Gsync module and thus no fan) HDR 600 Nano IPS Thunderbolt 3 $1599
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    2080ti air or hybrid

    Very much on the fence on 2080ti air or hybrid. The things are already pricey enough as it is, and OC is unnecessary in this case. It's more of how much noise reduction to seek and the longevity where fans pretty much last forever. But would appreciate anyone who wants to weigh in.
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    Any word on widescreen versions of 32" 4K screens

    I have a 3818dw now (joined the family) and the entire house likes it very much (110 dpi or so). However we also have 32" 4K and while we scale it up a bit (125%) it provides a much nicer text readability and everyone who looked at both saw it immediately. So I got to wondering. 29"...
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    A very insightful article on Nano IPS

    This engineer is making some guesses but they are pretty reasonably based and may help people better understand what is being delivered with "nano IPS". I will also note that most wide gamut displays have a far better green and red wavelength response than ordinary White LED or White CCFL...
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    Future 38" IPS panel 98% DCI P3 144Hz HDR 600

    I figure this panel will generate a fair amount of interest in this forum. Since I found no one else having started the thread I'll begin one. Expected around Mar of 2019 (remember panels are not always on time) HDR 600 Nano IPS, KSF doped LED BL 3840x1600 144Hz 37.5" (commonly referred to as...
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    6700k vs 5930k

    So for reasons beyond my control I need to replace my I7-950. My uses vary, but almost always I have many things going on at any given time. I will not overcook, so for me the 5930 is in the mix as the best clocked core of the 6's I'm quite enamored of the 3.1 USB slots on the 170 boards...
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    Larger 21:9 - 3840x1600 38"

    Wonder if people would find a slightly larger 21:9 interesting, something in between 34" and the 40" 16:9's that many go for. Around a 38" 3840x1600 giving you about 11% more area without pushing things to the full 4k pixels but giving you a bit bigger field of view and area to work with...
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    Could they make a U2713H in a touchscreen version

    I'm curious if people could point to technical reasons Dell couldn't make a touchscreen variant of the higher end model.
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    Samsung must be hurting 30" still MIA

    Notice that the 30" displayport capable 305T+ is still MIA after announcement in July 2007. If Samsung can't put out a panel like the 3008WFP you have to assume that they must not be doing well as a company. Lots of low end stuff they've graced the shelves with, but that makes them appear to...
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    Poll on Oc'ers that is worth doing
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    6800GT copper cooler core or NV5 silencer?

    HI there Own a nice pci-express 6800GT and the core cooler is, per standard design alum. I'm debating the EVGA copper core for $15 or so or jumping for the NV5. I've read about contact issues with the NV5 so I'm slightly cautious but its not really a show stopper. Wondering if anyone has...