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    gigabyte gtx 980 g1 displayport/monitor ???

    I want to add a 4th monitor, but my 4th monitor does not have a display port, can i use a displayport to dvi connection? does it have to be a passive or active displayport cable?
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    Newegg mobile with google checkout, and promo code MBLWALLET for a 10$ off 40$.

    eg: $89-$10=$79 Western Digital WD Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Bare Drive Hotter deal would be the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z $64.99-$10=54.99 for those who aren't taxed...
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    Amd r9 290/x and Nvida's 780, How many monitors at once

    How many monitors do they support out of box? Does either need a adapter like active display port adapter is needed on Amd's older cards?
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    How many monitors can I use on my 7970?

    Link to card: If I'm correct Im limited to 3 monitors cause of the lack of additional displayport. Or is there a displayport hub thing?
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    Sapphire 7970ghz vapor-x (2 different model #'s???)

    Newegg has this one: Superbiiz has this one: Spec wise they look the same, but for some reason Superbiiz has it for quite a bit cheaper. Is one known to be a better...
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    Best 7970 for an overclocker?

    I've been out of the loop as far as the 7970's and I have read very little such as some being voltage locked etc. So I'm wondering which 7970 I should choose when considering overclocking. I'm eyeing the 7970 by sapphire and the 7970 ghz vapor x by sapphire. Im also open to other brands.
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    Need a new motherboard, that will fit my gfx, soundcard, cap card

    I currently have a biostar tp67xe and dilemma is that I only have enough room for my gfx card and either soundcard or avermedia live gamer capture card. I figure since Im going to grab a new board It should be a z68 chipset. Unless someone knows something I dont. Thanks for any help.
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    Upgrading My Gtx 480...670 or 680?

    I was wondering the best long term choice. Im also wondering when considering overclocking which is the better of the 2. I remember reading the 670 overclocking near 680 performance. So I wonder how well does the 680 overclock, specifically the FTW models. Im looking at the Evga 670/680 FTW...
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    CrystalDiskMark results Sandisk extreme 120gb

    I upgraded to most current firmware using the Sandisk SSD toolkit via USB method today. I had noticed my system doesnt boot as fast, aside from that things seem ok. How about these scores? Good, average, bad? (these are after the firmware update. Booting is still slow compared to how it...
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    Dell XPS 17: i7-2630QM 2GHz, 17.3" 1gb GT550m $915+FS Not sure how hot, but good specs. Dell XPS 17: Intel Core i7-2630QM 2GHz (Sandy Bridge), 17.3" HD+ 900p LED, 6GB DDR3, 640GB HDD, 1GB GT550M, Bluray, WiFi-N, 9-Cell, Win 7 Prem, $915 + FS $400 off stackable coupon for Dell XPS 17 OR...
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    Dell XPS 15,1080P, i7-2630QM,6GB RAM,640GB HDD,2 years wrrty... $881+taxes @Dell EPP Aplly coupon code 6B5L8RX93SG1FT for $100 off at checkout. Total $881+ taxes. Add an unlocked Dell Streak 5 for $99 at checkout! (look on the right) Good upgrade to consider: Backlit keyboard. Specs: -Genuine Windows® 7 Home...
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    Micro Center Coupons $25 off Intel Mobo+more

    They have some 1155 mobo's depending on your store.$$ Source:
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    Quadriplegic Gamer Asks The Internet For Support

    with Button Remapping Petition -- PAX East
  14. D Microsoft 250GB HD Xbox 360 $55 shipped

    For the older systems. Sorry if repost.
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    USB Flash drives for 360???

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    4890 w/Riva tuner and Ati drivers question

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    BB - Samsung 32" LCDTV 720p LN32B360C5D - $245 + tax (after BCB) YMMV

    BB - Samsung 32" LCDTV 720p LN32B360C5D - $245 + tax (after BCB) YMMV Source: Got 1...
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    PS3 and x360s GPU how do they compare to current GPU's?

    Im curious as far as specs such as eg: Core Clock 576MHz Stream Processors 216 Processor Cores Memory Effective Memory Clock 1998MHz Memory Size 896MB Memory Interface 448-bit Memory Type GDDR3 Theres a discussion on another forum about the visual quality of the BFBC2 PS3 demo...
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    Panasonic 32" and 37" question about gaming mode

    Im going to go with a 1080p 32" or for $25 more 37" Panasonic.(dilemma!) Good price and reviews from what Ive read such as gaming mode helping with input lag etc...main uses will be Pc gaming, web browsing and PS3. The so called gaming mode, is that for consoles only(ps3,x360) or Pc gaming...
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    8800gtx pushes 32" 1920x1080 fine what about 37" with same rez?

    I assume its not the size that matters its the resolution right? Am I right in this assumption? and Ya I know I need to get with it and get a newer card already.
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    Anyone using a Plasma for Pc monitor and Consoles?

    I read that recently burn in isnt a issue and that the new LCD's 120hz and 240hz are mild compared to Plasmas 400+hz, any truth? Pro's? Cons? Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    32" HDTV as monitor also, questions for the knowledgeable

    For reference Im going to go with either a Samsung or Sony as it stands. Im open to suggestions as well. (I plan on purchasing sometime in the coming weeks) My questions are this: Is it ok to leave it on 24/7?(I read there is fans n moving parts compared to none on an LCD, thus they are...
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    Steam account stolen.../facepalm

    WOW, so yesterday I bought AOC (age of conan) for $10bucks and played a lil bit, and today I go to login and someone has changed my steam account password and contact email, I dont have the original cd key to take a picture of etc...anyone been through this before? I have my orginal account...
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    120 mm Case fan Cooler Master 6.99+tax Micro Center source:
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    50% off eveything on with Sims 3 Cash Cards from Bestbuy BestBuy B&M are selling $10 Sims 3 Cash Cards this week for $5. The cards make it appear that the cash can only be used for Sims related purchases, but thats not the case. If you go to the page, you can redeem the codes...
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    Americas Army 3 beta players

    who else playing? Just got from Fileplanet today.
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    What OS do you game with?

    Just curious as I have made the jump to 64bit Xp pro because I wanted to use 4gb ram, versus the 3gb limit on 32bit Xp pro.(Tried Vista, didnt like all that much)
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    Free beta key for Battlefield Heroes Beta on PC

    Limited amount Monday, 4/27 10,000 keys Tuesday, 4/28 10,000 keys Wednesday, 4/29 10,000 keys Thursday, 4/30 10,000 keys Friday, 5/1 60,000 keys source:
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    RTS suggestions

    Looked at Empire total war lately and liked the look, but not 100% sure if its my bag, gonna try demo. I figured Id run the question by some fellow [H] gamers...whats some other good RTS that are available, or will be soon? side note, whats the latest Command and Conquer title?
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    XFX Geforce GTX260 Core 216 896MB Video Card + Far Cry 2 + COD WAW $159 AR +FS with Coupon Code VGA4105P taken from slickdeals
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    Papa John's BOGO FREE! 3 days only til 3/29 Buy One, Get One FREE. Offer Available for 3 Days Only! Get ANY Large pizza FREE when you purchase a Large Pizza at regular menu price online. Use the promo code BOGO327 Of course, YMMV.
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    aware me, Ppl buying new GPU's for what games?

    Its just that I see newer cards out now and just curious what games are out/coming out that justify buying a new GPU?
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    Burning Dvds without having to Transcode each time

    I use Nero 7 Nero Vision currently. Everytime I make a Dvd I have to transcode the crap all over again... 30mins wasted, anyone use other software that makes a saved image or something so I can just burn without having to transcode each time? software suggestions please. also if suggested...
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    Some advice pertaining to burning movies via quadcore/2 dvd burners

    Im trying to burn/backukp movies the fastest way possible and currently use Nero, I was wondering since I have a quad core, is it possible to run 2 instances of Nero and install another Dvd burner and be able to have 2 cores set for each instance of Nero and thus burning 2 movies at once? *If...
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    Resident Evil 5 DEMO!!! Xbox360

    Info here on how to obtain Japanese account on your 360 and get the demo guy is streaming right now on
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    Steam problem*This game is currently unavailable.

    Please try again at a later time...WTF!!! Ive deleted the clientregistry.blob like suggested and done the check integrity of game cache and even uninstalled steam then reinstalled and it fixed problem, but then it popped up again later...any suggestions/ideas?
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    Top 5 games your currently Playing

    Reason I'm asking is I am getting bored and looking for other games to play, so my list should give a good idea of what I like.(But Im open to all suggestions) 1. BF2 2. CSS 3. Wow(rarely play because need better guild with progression, but still bored atm either way) 4.BF1942 for my...
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    Need suggestions for aftermarket Cooling 4 a 8800gtx

    This card at 60% fan speed idles at 67-70C.(Evga brand) Not sure how normal that is, but would def like to replace the stock cooler.
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    Suggestions? New hard drive not reading

    not sure what would cause this. any ideas? made sure the data and power cables are hooked up, really confused.