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    Laptop doesn't work most of the time, even after recovery

    Hi, well my girlfriends laptop was infested with viruses which made it awfully slow so i decided to use the recovery partition and just wipe the whole slate clean. After the recovery, the machine was still really slow, windows setup (choosing areas, languages) even crashed a couple of times...
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    Visual Basic - Read Last Line of .txt then Split Problems!

    Hiya, Please forgive me if I'm making a fool of myself, I've never really touched VB before until now! I'm making a program which will display a wind turbine's power output. I'm taking that data from a control box's log file which is, i think a Tab delimited text file. The output of the...
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    6600 problem in games

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    FF1.5 not loading flash and javascript

    Hiya guys, I got FF1.5 and now, when i go to websites like gamespot/cnet/ign where you can select what you want to see with the numbers, the whole interface does not load. It's the same with google video. No video loads. Everything works with IE though Any ideas?
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    Violent games have the same social status as p0rn?

    It seems recently that Violent pc games are being attacked by the government, media and angry parents. They are trying to ban the sale of these games to minors and restrict them to adults. Surely this sounds like as if they are trying to turn violent games into a sort of taboo like p0rn these...
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    6600 problem in games

    Hiya guys, I was playing some nfs when suddenly the textures messed up. lighting, colour and everything else were completely mad. I originally thought 'hmm must be a problem with nfs' so i tried playing a bit of quake 4, and the same thing happened. Here's an image of what it looked like...
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    Can't install itunes 6 - quicktime 7.0.3 needed

    Hi guys, i was trying to install itunes 6 on my computer and everything went well until when i tried to start up the program. It gave me an error message telling me that quicktime 7.0.2 is installed, but you need 7.0.3. I tried to search around the internet for 7.0.3 but i can't seem to find it...
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    Need help understanding In-Order/Out-of-Order CPU Architechtures

    heya guys, I've been reading some articles about multi core processors and the words In order and Out-of-Order cpu architechtures have been popping out. While i can kinda understand the idea behind an in order architechture, i am completely stumped by the out of order architechture. can someone...
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    Playing HDTV quality xbox on the PC with a HDTV TV card

    Hiya guys, do you think that with a HDTV card (possibly a ATI HD Wonder), I can play games at HDTV resolutions through my monitor? I've seen the ATI HD Wonder, but it doesn't seem to have all the connectors needed. Thanks
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    New PSU raises CPU temp dramatically

    Hi all, I've got a friend who has just bought a OCZ powerstream 470 PSU and his CPU temps have gone from 33 to 40 at idle using a XP90 heatsink. Under load, it has caused his rig to reboot at a temp of around 53. His voltage rails are dead stable under the bios and asusprobe so i don't think...
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    Socket A motherboards with PCI-E?

    Are there any out there? I want to upgrade my ti4200 to a 6600GT. The AGP version of it is around 20 pounds more expensive than the PCI-E version. Are there any new socket A motherboards which have a faster chipset than my nforce 2 and PCI-E slots?
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    Audio Fades in and out when Watching DVDs

    Hi all, when watching dvds, no matter which media player i use, the audio fades in and out. This doesn't happen when i listen to music or play games. For christmas i received an Audigy 2 Value, which is great but when tested it with a DVD, the fading in and out problem happened again. The...
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    Beeps and Clicks from my A7N8X deluxe

    Hi guys I haven't posted here for a while but I'm back My A7N8X has been behaving badly. In Random situations, the motherboard would suddenly beep then click over and over again. After about 5 seconds, the computer hard freezes. I've been looking at bios beep codes, but nothing matches the...
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    Who else wants an Acer Ferrari 3200 looks so sexy, so perfect. That red shine on the cover is irrisistable. Couple that with the mobility 9700 athlon 64 2800+ and 512 DDR2700 ram!!! I must get it!!!
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    What type of file system does a Email server use?

    I've been thinking about this lately and it doesn't seem logical for a email server to run on FAT32 or even NTFS. Text based emails are noramllly aroud 1 to 2kb so if they were using NTFS and each email was stored as a separate file, then each email would waste around 2kb of the server's HD...
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    Is hardware (specifically graphics cards) cheaper in Asia?

    Since quite a lot of the companies are based in asia, would hardware be significantly (5 - 10%) cheaper than the US?
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    How much will the prices drop for the 9800XT in the next month

    Hi all, I've saved up for a HIS 9800pro with the sweet IceQ technology. But now, the X800 has been released and will be in stock soon. So I was wondering how much will the 9800pro drop in price. The extra money could then be used to buy me an extra stick of RAM. But if the price drop isn't too...
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    Is it worth getting a projector for me PC

    Projectors aren't too expensive now and having a 40 inch or even larger screen coupled with a wicked sound system seems really cool. Should i rather buy an 19' LCD monitor? I am aware that the projector bulb needs replacing but it doesn't really bother me. Are there any other things that i need...
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    3 long beeps and 3 short beeps from the motherboard

    Hi, my friend has recently installed windows XP, but being the newbie that he is to computers, he didn't install any patches and updates and in about 30 mins, he got the RPC virus (the 60 seconds to shut down thingy). When he got it, he manually shut down his computer and pulled out the plug...