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    MLAA and Star Trek Online

    I tried out Star Trek Online and MLAA last night, and it was....strange...I dont know exactly how to describe it, but it looked really weird. The colors were right, and the lines were straight, but it was like the perspective was off. Anyone else have the same thing happen?
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    Quadro 4000 and physx

    Could this card do physx well?
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    6780 vs 4870 Crossifire: Which is better?

    6780 vs 4870 Crossifire: Which is better? Cost wise, I can get another 4870 and run crossfire far cheaper than I can get a 6870. I can, however sell the 4870 and make up some of the difference. Right now in HotDeals there is an asus 4870 on sale with promo code for like $90. Is that my...
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    Three Fallout New Vegas questions

    1. Is it me, or are you not getting perks every level like Fallout 3? Its every other level now. 2. I read on a forum somewhere there is a 2GB limit built into the exe. Thats means its only using 2GB of ram for the game, and not even using the other 6GB on the system I have. (I have 8GB...
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    Nero LiquidTV Retail $69.99 TIVO for your PC. Regular $199, Now $69.99 Retail Box Available in the United States and Canada Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC Installation Disc 12 Month Subscription to TiVo service TV Tuner Card with A/V Cable and Antenna TiVo PC Remote...
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    DLC now on Steam

    The front page has a link to Steampowered with an announcement on DLC now on Steam. I am at work and cant get to it, can anyone post this info here? Thanks...
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    I have a Abit IP35-E motherboard. would this processor work? The Abit Website I wasnt sure was clear..
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    The wife gave me a new video card for Christmas

    Stick with me, it is gaming related. The wife asked me if I wanted a laptop for Christmas. I said yes, and she went to Fry's for a particular one on sale. They were, of course, sold out, so she asked me what else I wanted. I sent her to the video card section for a 4870 1gb model. So she...
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    X-Files Season 1-9 Slimset

    Walmart, $19.96 each. $39.99 at
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    Vista Install problem

    I am trying to install windows vista (upgrade, but a clean install) on a IP35-E motherboard. Everytime I try to install, i get a BSOD and a stop message. Its error 0x0000007B. That leads me to believe its a error with my SATA controller, but I cant find any driver to load to make this work...
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    Gigabyte 3879 and ATI Tray Tools

    Is anyone having a problem with these two? Most notably GPU and Memory speed (always says 13.50) and I am unable to adjust the fan speed at all in the fan tab? Is this common? Edit, sorry, I meant 3870
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    2900 GT not compatiable with Vista?

    I ran the Vista upgrade advisor and it says my ATI 2900 GT is not compatible with Vista at all.....Its a DX10 card. Sapphire says its compatiable. And when i tried to install it on a seperate drive to dual boot, I got a BSOD as it was trying to install. No useful info was on the BSOD, just...
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    CD-Rom Cache: Is it useful?

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    CD-Rom Cache: Is it useful?

    Appearently new CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive (including burners) now have 2mb of cache built in. Question, are they worth migrating to over older plain jane drives I have had for a few years? Or is the 2mb cache just hype? Anyone seen any tests on them? Thanks,
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    The real cost of updating to PCIe from AGP

    Whenever anyone asks about a new AGP video card, certain individuals on here jump on them to update their systems to PCIe and extoll on how cheap it is. Usually advising some crap motherboard to get to PCIe....Well, I just updated, so here is the true cost of updating to PCIe.. I had a PIV...
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    How accurate is GPUz?

    How accurate is GPUz? Is it reading what the card actually has, or is it finding out the kind of card and pulling the info from a database that comes with the program? The reason I am asking....I just updated to PCI-e, and bought a 2900GT because I needed a PCI-e video card and it was cheap...
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    Abit IP35-E won't work in Dual Channel

    I just upgraded to PCI-e. I got a Abit IP35-E motherboard, with Crucial Ballistic memory. Its all listed in my signature. If I put the memory in singly, they work fine. If I put them on different channels, they work fine. If I put them both on one channel (dual channel mode) I get a...
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    Abit USA website

    Is the Abit USA website down? I can't get to it today....
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    Decided to play Painkiller again

    In honor of Halloween, I decided to play Painkiller again. I dont think I have played this since I had a Nvidia 6800..... Oh, my gosh, this game looks awesome on a ATI X1950Pro....Not only do I have a frame rate of about 90 constantly, the colors and detail are amazing, and the heat waves...
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    Got my toy (I-Ram) working...

    I got my I-ram working. I set it up with 4 GB of ram (which it is only seeing 3.0gb, but thats probably because I used high density memory which Gigabyte told me might cause problems) and set up my swap file on it. I know what the reviews said, but while XP isnt faster per say, I see fewer...
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    Got a I-Ram as a toy

    I got a I-RAM as a toy, and I have a couple of questions.... 1) Does high or low density memory matter? 2) Has anyone tried it with 2 GB sticks just to see if it would work or not? Thanks in advance....
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    ATI Driver Multi-threading support?

    I noticed under "Advanced Tweaks" in ATI Tray Tools there is an option for "Multi-thread Support-Experimental". What is that supposed to do,and will my P4 3.4 EE be able to take advantage of it? Thanks in advance.
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    Holes surrounding CPU Socket

    Are the four holes surrounding the 478 cpu socket in the same position as the four holes surrounding the 775 socket? I.E. same size square?
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    Addonics has a new CF Adapter

    I saw in Maximum PC that Addonics has a CF (compact flash) adapter for several applications, one of which would put a CF card on an IDE connector on the motherboard and be recognized as a HDD. I wonder if getting on of them, adding a 4gb card, and then using that for the swap file would be...
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    Does using just letters instead of words make posters look like a moron?

    Does using just letters instead of correct spellings make posters look like teenaged morons? What are your thoughts?
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    SATA, SATA II, PCI Bus questions.

    I have a Maxtor 6V200E0 HDD. Specs are Main Features • Hard drive • 200 GB • internal • 3.5" • SATA-300 • 7200 rpm • buffer: 8 MB Serial ATA/300 (SATA II), Serial ATA/150 and Ultra ATA/133 interfaces Native command queuing...
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    X-Ram: Hype or Hip?

    Is the 64mb of X-Ram on the Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series worth the $125 at Newegg or is X-Ram all hype?
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    Just got the X1950 Pro AGP tuesday

    Just got the Visiontek X1950 Pro AGP from Best Buy. Its nice. I was wondering if these scores were about right. 3DMark03 - 13699 3DMark05 - 7199
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    Broke the P IV heatsink holder

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    Did I see that right?

    Is that Kevin Federline in one of the Intel Core 2 Duo commercials? And if it is, I wonder how much sales he cost them.... And, did you hear Britney told him about the divorce in a text message? Thats great.....
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    ATI 6.10 are out

    Go get'em guys..... Issues Resolved in Catalyst® Software Suite 6.10 The following section provides a summary of the issues that are resolved in the latest release of Catalyst®. These include...
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    Laptop Processor question

    I have a new Dell E1705 Laptop. It has a Intel Core Duo T2250, 1.73Ghz processor. However, when I look in Everest or CPU-Z, it says its running at 798.2 MHz with multiplier 6.0. Shouldnt that be multiplier 13.0? Or is there something I dont know about these Core Duo processors?
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    Prescott 3.0E still have heat problems?

    I got in on Newegg's Intel Prescott 3.0E 800 FSB for 107.99 weekend special this weekend, to up my computer from the Intel 3.06 533 FSB. Is the Prescott processors still experiencing the high heat as the begining, or have they matured to the point that they dont have that bad a problem anymore...
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    Worth going from 3.06 533mhz to 3.2 800mhz?

    I have an aging Abit AI7 based system. I like my system as it is now, but want a little more oomph. If I redo my computer, it will pretty much be everything except case and power supply. Is it worth maxing out my motherboards CPU support with a 3.2ghz and 800mhz fsb from a 3.06ghz and...
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    Sound editing.

    I have a musical score i want to remove a part of but leave the rest of the tracks (? right term?) complete. Anyone know of any software to do that?
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    X850XT vs BFG 6800 OC

    RADEON X850 XT 256MB GDDR3 8x AGP Video Card BFG 6800 OC Which one is better? I have the BFG, would the ATI be better or not? Is it worth upgrading? Thanks, Ed
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    Dual Channel Memory Question

    I just updated my Motherboard to a Abit AI7, which I got cheap. I am still using my PIV 3.06 533mhz as the processor, and my PC2700 Crucial 512mb memory. The question is, If I read the faq right, Those memory wont work as Dual Channel, and Dual Channel wont work until I 1)Buy dual channel...
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    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005/6 problem with 81.82

    I have a problem with the 81.82 drivers and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005/2006. The first whole is fine, but after two or three it is like the game runs incredibly slowly. Its not just a slide show, that would be an improvement. Its almost locked up slow. I revert to the 78.01, and everything is...
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    Asked Gigabyte about the I-Ram release date

    Here is what I got. "Dear Customer, Thank you for your interest in the I-RAM product. I can not comment further on detailed specification since this product has not been officially announced. It will be released in early August. Please check our website for the latest news and updates...
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    Gigabyte I-Ram ramdisk

    Anything new on this item, like reviews or availability?