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    Custom Resolution Utility(CRU) and 15.7/15.7.1 drivers

    Anyone have issues with custom refresh rates no longer working? When I installed 15.7 on Windows 8.1 is when I first noticed it... then when I upgraded to Windows 10 and 15.7.1 they still aren't working.
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    Are Ubiquiti Networks UniFi AP still the goto?

    After a year of trying different firewalls I've finally decided on sticking with Untangle after six months of zero issues. Currently I have it running on my ESXI hypervisor as a perimeter firewall(one port on my dual intel nic is WAN and the other port goes back to my LAN) with a WNDR3700v3...
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    Gigabit LAN speeds with pfSense

    So in my previous thread( I asked about setting up pfSense and now have everything setup and functioning... except I am no longer seeing the local LAN speeds I was getting before integrating pfSense. Before I was pulling 600-700Mbit between my...
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    Questions on setting up pfSense with my network

    Ok... so I am a programmer(well DevOps... I maintain most of our Linux servers also) and not a network dude... so please don't bite my head off. :) As it sits right now I have a single Netgear wndr3700v3 running one of the latest versions of DD-WRT. One of the reasons I threw DD-WRT on it...
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    Has anyone successfully claimed BF4 with their XFX R9 290?

    As the title states... has anyone been successful in claiming the free BF4 with their XFX R9 290? Mine just came... and of course their support site says my card is ineligible even though it's listed here: Thanks!
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    New build... new graphics card help

    I've been out of the custom pc scene for about 10years. I'm a php developer so I haven't really needed a super computer(my i3 laptop gets the job done). I used to be a huge pc gamer in high school(02-03) and played the shit out of BF1942, Counter Strike, and Rogue Spear/Rainbow 6. Kinda...
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    Troubles :(

    Ok so the computer techs at school couldn't figure out this, so they thought maybe I could but I'm completely stumped. One of the teacher aide ladies has a wireless network at her house. Four port router with 802.11b... she has two comupters plugged into the router and one upstairs trying...
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    Cell Phone question

    Howard Forums is not a pay site, I'm a member there I download ringtones and backgrounds off it for my samsung s307 all the time from there. You are going to find more information on those forums than anywhere.... is good too(not sure about the rules on posting that).