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    Free CCTV server software - what do you roll?

    Curious whether others are running custom CCTV servers for home or small business, if so what software are you using? Not interested in paying a license if I can help it so... I'm trying ZoneMinder but it's a bit rough around the edges and seems very resource intensive (chews up a whole CPU...
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    Why not handle SLI/Crossfire in the driver or hardware and make it transparent to the application?

    My understanding of SLI and Crossfire is that the individual application (e.g. a game) is presented with separate GPUs and has to be coded to split its rendering tasks between them. This means compatibility and performance is flaky, unpredictable, etc - some devs do it well, others don't, some...
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    27"+ 1440p 120Hz+ HDR G-Sync/FreeSync

    27"+ 1440p 120Hz+ HDR G-Sync/FreeSync Does a good monitor with all of the above exist? I am looking at the LG 27GL850, which claims to be HDR10, but Linus said in his review that the HDR is lacking/non-existent. Anyone in the same position and decided what to go for?
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    How do you store and share your internal system documentation/passwords?

    I figure this is the most appropriate section of the forum for this type of question. For those of you who work in a corporate IT environment, where you have many staff working in network/server/storage/system admin roles, how do you go about securely managing and protecting your documentation...
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    Which other sites do you browse/use for sysadmin-type news/discussion/help?

    As the title says, apart from [H], which sites do you recommend? Looking for somewhere with proper technical articles and/or discussion, actively updated. Not just headline articles like "Wow look at this new Cloud shit that will transform your life" that doesn't tell IT professionals...
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    Quieter Supermicro PSU?

    I'm considering a Supermicro chassis fitted with redundant 1400W PSUs, but my system won't require 1400W. I realise that this chassis will not be silent. I'm not expecting to be able to make it silent, but I would like to keep the noise to a minimum. I seem to remember reading somewhere...
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    Tool(s) for testing suspected faulty SSD?

    The various tools on the Hirens boot disk are usually what I would use to test a hard drive. Are these same tools suitable for testing an SSD? If not, what tool(s) should I be using? Are any available in live-CD form?
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    How do you write network documentation?

    I'm writing network documentation and I'm wondering about the best way to lay out the information. I could just write it all in one long document, but it becomes difficult to format in a consistent way and keep track of everything. I would like it to be organised and presentable so that...
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    Any experience with Intel C224 chipset RAID?

    Has anyone had any experience using the RAID onboard the Intel C224 chipset (e.g. on a Supermicro X10-SLM+-F), particularly RAID 10? I'd like to know whether performance is acceptable, because otherwise I'll need to shell out for a hardware RAID card. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    How do you choose to spread your server roles across VMs?

    So, I'm interested in how others would choose to set up their Windows Servers in a virtual environment. Which server roles would you run together on the same VM, and which do you choose to put on a separate VM of their own? As an example, let's say I have a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise...
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    Why use virtualisation in a scenario where everything could run on one server anyway?

    Imagine that you have a relatively small enterprise with one physical server and a Windows domain where you need services like DC, DNS, file and printer serving, WSUS, etc. Just your standard domain basics - not even Exchange or databases or anything. I have seen such a setup, and they were...
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    Should I put an SSD in a 2007 iMac?

    Hey peeps, I might get my hands on a 2007 iMac (Core 2 Duo era) so I'm considering popping in an SSD to bring it alive - something like an Intel 330 60GB (SSDSC2CT060A3K5). I know that technically it would be compatible - I simply remove the SATA hard drive and plug in the SSD. But is there...
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    Migrating my ZFS pool - come give me some pointers

    Yo, I'm a bit of a Unix n00b but I've been enjoying getting to know a bit about ZFS using OpenIndiana on a home server that I've been gradually upgrading - it's the Opteron one in my sig. It's working great at the moment with a little 3x 1TB RAID-Z pool using consumer-grade Samsung SATA...
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    Would a GT610/620/630 support triple monitors?

    As-per the title. Not talking about surround gaming here, just running all 3 outputs simultaneously for triple monitor desktop work. I feel like I should know the answer to this but my knowledge is a bit rusty :(
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    Help me with choosing my mounts; Why would I want to change the defaults?

    I'm setting up a fileserver using OI/ZFS and I'm trying to decide what properties to specify when I create the filesystem hierarchy. I already have something like this for a base filesystem, inside which I would create a home directory filesystem, a mediashare filesystem, etc: zfs create -o...
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    OpenIndiana tells me I might need a "microcode patch" to avoid instability..?

    Hey folks, I'm not very good when it comes to the really low level stuff like the BIOS, but I've previously updated the BIOS on this Gigabyte GA-7A8DW motherboard (running Opteron 240 CPU(s)) to what I believe is the latest "F5" version. When I boot the OpenIndiana LiveCD one of the things...
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    Hate Thunderbird 3 interface changes

    Does anyone else dislike the changes Mozilla made to the Thunderbird interface in v3? I don't want or need tabs on an email client, and why move the buttons like Delete, Reply etc from the top toolbar? And where has the search box gone? I wouldn't mind if they gave an option under View to...
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    Quick question - Can I reinstall Win7 Home Premium using a Professional DVD?

    My friend has a new laptop with Win 7 Home Premium and the usual array of bloatware. Can I use my Win 7 Pro DVD to install Win 7 a-fresh and then put in his Home Premium license key? I seem to remember hearing that all install DVDs are the same, with the key determining which features are...
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    Opera Win7 taskbar behaviour changed (for the worse!)

    The way Opera behaves on the task bar changed for me yesterday (seemed to coincide with an update to 10.51) - before when you hovered over Opera on the Win7 taskbar you'd get the usual Win7 row of live thumbnails showing each Opera window (I think it's called Live Taskbar Previews), the same as...
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    Anyone tried a WD15EARS

    It's the WD Caviar Green 1.5TB with 64MB cache. Most importantly, anyone had any problems? The WD15EADS is out of stock so thought i'd go for this one instead.
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    Can't even get stock with OCZ Blade Low-Volt 9200 kit on LP JR P45 T2RS

    Hey people, I know there are already a number of threads about OCing on this board but none really ask the same questions and I don't want to hijack. I've been running a new system (sig) for a little while with no issues but was using Corsair Value Select 667 stuff, so got the OCZ Blade LV...
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    Burn a DVD in XP - Simple, no?

    Right, I'm having problems doing something as simple (or so I thought...) as burning the Win7 RC to a DVD under XP Pro SP3. I have a Samsung SH-S183 DVD RWer and have been trying NeroExpress, DoISO, DeepBurner, InfraRecorder with some DVD-RW and DVD+R media, but none have got past the initial...
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    New system freezing during install - is it unstable?

    Hey guys, I just put together a new system: E8500 w/ TRUE Black DFI JR P45 T2RS 4x 1GB DDR2 667 (Corsair ValueSelect, free from a friend) XFX GTX260 XT (216core) Corsair 550VX WD5000AAKS DVD-RWer I went straight to booting from my XP SP2 CD (I made it a while ago using WinLite...
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    Replacing my Athlon 3700+, 6800GT...

    Hey people, Easter seems like a good time to replace my desktop that's now more than 3 years old. I'd particularly like to play Empire: Total War at 1680x1050 with the bells and whistles, and other moderately demanding games in the future. I'm also likely to use it for watching movies/TV...
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    What would you suggest I do?

    Hey people, I can't decide what to do. I want to up my storage capacity and more importantly introduce some kind of backup scheme for my main machine which holds all my music, videos and work. I'd also like to offer space for my housemates and family to backup their files. All my stuff is...
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    Possible to use UTM as filestore?

    I'm going to be building a UTM (probably Untangle) and was wondering whether it was also possible to use the machine as a LAN filestore for backups? Would i be able to "share" some of the system's drives (for want of a better phrase) or can't that be done since it's a distro they've...
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    Help me find a UTM

    Next year i'm going to be living in a shared house with 5-6 other students and want to start thinking about the networking infrastructure that i'll no-doubt be in charge of. I'd like to go with a UTM so that i can also try using thinks like virus filtering and QoS on top of the firewall...
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    ekrn.exe (NOD32 process) processor hogging?

    Hey all, In the last few days i've noticed a real slow-down in simple desktop performance and looked at Task Manager to find ekrn.exe, which is a NOD32 process if the process information site i visited is correct, is using >95% of my processor time. I recently moved to the new Version 3 if...
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    Songs without vocals (karaoke style) (This is a form of "digital artwerk", right?

    There isn't a better place for this imo, but if it's considered more "Computer Audio" then feel free to move. What i'd like to know is whether there's anywhere i can download music that doesn't have the vocals, so it's just the instrumentals, like you would have for karaoke. I'm asking because...
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    Empire: Total War

    Who else is looking forward to this? Rome TW already rocks in my book but this is going to be even better. Here's some info;
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    NOD32 - Why can't i delete this infection?

    I suspect i have an infection or two so i ran a NOD32 scan and it came up with this. It says "This file can be deleted" but the Delete and Clean buttons are greyed out? It did this on more than one infection; in fact i can't remember a time when it has let me take an action other than...
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    BackTrack compatible ExpressCard

    I have an HP 1665ea notebook which has one of the new ExpressCard slots rather than PC Card (PCMCIA). I want to use it with Linuxy stuff, in particular BackTrack and similar tools, but the onboard Intel wireless card isn't supported. Are there any decent WiFi ExpressCards available yet, and...
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    M0n0wall interface problem after firmware update

    Hey people - new here but already i have a question or two. I'm fairly new to m0n0wall and am trying to set it up mainly for NAT and as a hardware firewall in a dorm room. Before moving I'd had m0n0 installed on the 8MB CF card for 6months+ as i was also messing with it, so i think it was a...