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  1. p3sty

    Fios question

    So I have gigbit internet now have several smart Tv’s . My thought is to run home runs to each tv for internet. Upstairs I have 4 tv’s can I run cat 6 from each to a switch then the switch to the fios router? So as to only take up one port on my router. Right train of thought?
  2. p3sty

    Question about networking

    Cutting the cord the house has coaxial throughout . I have read about MoCA adapters is there anything else I can do besides trying to run cat 5?
  3. p3sty

    Microphone options

    First I was looking at a blue microphone and I see that they only have usb . I have an EVGA nu sound card I don’t like running multiple programs just for sound . Thoughts options?
  4. p3sty

    Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries

    There is a GOD!!!!
  5. p3sty

    I walked into microcenter today

    Ran into a 65 inch Oman Gsync. Tv?....... OMG. Wish I could have seen it game and not play movies any good reviews?
  6. p3sty

    Help me buy a tv

    10 yr old plasma is dying need new tv. 50 to 60 inch must be a smart tv watch alot of action movies in family room medium to low light. Price would like to keep it below 1500 and yes I’m lazy looking to narrow the options down a bit.
  7. p3sty

    New to apple

    work gave me an iPad from a guy they fired it is registered under his email so no updates for awhile and apparently my it people are no help. What or how can I reset this thing so I can can use it?
  8. p3sty

    Power supply question

    currently looking at building a 2700x and pairing it with the 470 Taichi .The board looks like it has. 6 pin and 4 pin 12 volt connectors my current power supply does not have a 4 pin connector what gives? Any work around ?
  9. p3sty

    win 10 help

    Okay let me say it I am a dumbass... Computer win 10 lost pw didn't make a recover disk trying not to reinstall any other ways to recover windows 10 login
  10. p3sty

    Question for the display gods

    Using a 1080ti with a lesser large format 34 or bigger freesync monitor for gaming what's the lowest fps would you get 1440p also and is it worth it?
  11. p3sty

    Question on running older operating systems

    Ok the company I work for have a lot of older front ends that only work on win xp and nothing newer. My current laptop is dying what would be a solution for a laptop that I need a newer os for current projects but need the ancient ones for some day to day tasks? Duel boot,vm ?????? solution has...
  12. p3sty

    win 10 issue after update

    I have searched for a while after the late February update My install of win 10 x64 pro has had some of its features disabled. Tiles don't work can't access edge or use the windows key. I can access the cmd prompt in sytem but not in admin mode. It wont let me open security tab to try to roll...
  13. p3sty

    compuer audio question

    I have a gigabyte z97 sli mobo and the onboard audio blows am I missing something? I have an external sound card from creative which suits me just fine but is there anything I could do to improve the onboard? I hear all theses people say that onboard audio is fine....on what earth do they...
  14. p3sty

    AAAAAGH suggestions

    Ok I've read so much over the last few weeks I think I may have caused a brain bleed and I feel no better about making a decision on what to use. I want one screen as large as possible with enough dpi to do and view cad and excel. I like the x34 and the x35 looks like shit next to it . I would...
  15. p3sty

    Best buy HD 558 89$

    Almost half off.
  16. p3sty

    If I were to buy a tv for gaming which one would it be?

    Tv would be hooked up to a pc only and plays mostly fps games and I would be sitting 2-3 feet from it. Trying not to spend 1200 on a g sync monitor.
  17. p3sty

    970 class action

    Just got a email from Nvidia anyone else get one?
  18. p3sty

    build help

    OK want to build a budget system the requirement is it must be able to run win xp im using this for a opto22 PLC interface and have a pci slot for an arcnet card.....
  19. p3sty

    WIN XP 32 bit complete

    Where can I find this iso I have to Frankenstein a pc for a PLC front end which only works with xp.
  20. p3sty


    Ok, You guys see my sig I run bf4 with absolutely no probs with original drivers for my 290 on my 30 inch. I would like to goto to mantle and try it out good idea/bad idea?
  21. p3sty

    660 sli

    picked up two open box evga 660 sc for 147 ea with games and 10 rebates figured what the hell. 1. when in sli and after haveing read alot of forums I get a shimmering on all my texures. when i designate one card to do phsx and the other to render it looks good but frames are shit. any idea my...
  22. p3sty

    32gb micro sd not fully 32gb

    it shows 29.6 capacity wtf trying to n2a 32gb my nook and its not big enough solutions?
  23. p3sty

    Some video editing program help

    My daughter bought herself a sony hand held video camera but the software that came with it sucks donkey butt. She's 12 yrs old can anyone offer up some free editing software suggestions thats up a 12 yr olds ally?
  24. p3sty

    evga z77 m-itx anybody other than the guy leaving a review come accross this.
  25. p3sty

    help dell 30 broke

    ok have a 30 inch dell 3007fwpt broken screen where is the best place to buy replacement panel?
  26. p3sty

    Dont beat me but I need to ask

    Ok I recently moved to an itx system which I game on often ...Well the integrated sucks and I have always had a sound card but this system doesnt have enough expansion or room in it to allow one. Other than a usb soundcard would I be better off using optical out through a dac /reciever to my...
  27. p3sty

    ssd frustration

    well i can install the os on another computer and run it put it on the computer I want it on and nunia wont boot . Read countless forums right firmware etc etc crucial m4 64 gb. what give s any ideas/ mb asrock h67m-itx/ht
  28. p3sty

    windows 7 x64 pro

    Ok Im testing and have a question I put on a spare hd formatted it an old 74 gig raptor drive . Loaded steam and BFBC2 but it syas I have 10 gigs left of hd space am I missing something?
  29. p3sty

    The fuzzy donut owns

    MY 6950 cant run furmark on stability test at stock think I have a reason to RMA?
  30. p3sty

    have you ever had

    A cpu die but give no error or post code but just keep rebooting in a endless cycle? Friend took it to geeksquad they said he had a bad cpu . I was thinking mem or psu
  31. p3sty

    Help !

    I was thinking about getting a 32 Sony Bravia lcd x500 120 htz model. After reading miles of ratings I still really dont get a definative awnser as to whether this tv is worth a hoot for gaming with a pc? Can anyone here offer some advice because a 30 in monitor is to expensive for me to...
  32. p3sty

    Printer suggestions?

    Basically printing alot of color documents. Is a laser printer best for this? Dont want to be buying 100's of ink cartridges.
  33. p3sty

    How to backup?

    I have inherited a few pc /plc based computers .I would like to backup the computer harddrives on to external drives as a bootable backup incase one of the drives goes so I dont lose acces to the system.I read about netbackup for xp is this the best option to do it with?
  34. p3sty

    explorer 8 prob and question

    Installed win exp 8 on wife laptop but everytime she opens it up it goes to the win exp home page? She has set her homepage to msn but it still goes back to the win exp 8 page. What gives?
  35. p3sty

    Storage GURUS please help!

    Ok I have a wd400ks sata 2 hd it reads as a ultra dma5 . Why is it not 6 or 7 do I need to install the f6 drives to get my sata hd to work properly?
  36. p3sty

    ga-p35ds4 wont boot

    Unit just descided one day to not start. I checked psu with a tester it checks out ok, jumped pins on motherboard and it still wont start. When I had a cpu go bad it would boot and give me an error or beep this board gives me nothing. Any ideas as to what might be bad? I tried some of the...
  37. p3sty

    -5v missing on my psu

    What does the -5v rail power on the motherboard? my power supply tester shows all voltages but the -5v so my rig wont power up damn BFG psu
  38. p3sty

    cat 8,9

    Okay alt tabbing goes to black screen for 3 sec when going from cod4 to desktop and my vent loops for about 3 sec as well. Is this new or something i gotta live with?
  39. p3sty


    Okay kids computer started acting retarded for the last few so I looked into it.When standing barefoot and touching the case I get a low voltage tingle when I check with a volt meter I get 20-26 volts dc from case to ground. With everything out and on cardboard the computer acts fine still I...
  40. p3sty


    Rig in the sig best bang for the buck upgrade options? I was thinking mb since I cant really get it to oc well "options suk" but still is a good stable stock board.