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    KingFast & KingSpec 8-16GB SSD

    Does anyone have any experience with these? They're cheap chinese SSDs. Mostly worried about reliability. I'm interested in getting two for my home servers as they don't need any bigger boot drive, and the usual brands are at least twice as expensive, and only offer down to 32GB, which is...
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    home storage server - which HDDs?

    Sup. Slowly putting together (or rather, upgrading) my storage server for home use (streaming movies and tv shows through network) to a single PC, so high performance is not needed. Bought a Highpoint RocketRaid 2220 (8p) at a decent price, and now I need a couple 2TB HDDs to go with it (2 or...
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    transparent / reflective / see through acrylic glass?

    i remember a few years ago i saw a worklog with that somewhere. when you light it from the inside of the case, you could see through it, but when it was dark inside, it was almost like a mirror. does anyone know where i can find that stuff to buy? also interested in the worklog if anyone...
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    S775 crossfire mobo?

    picked up another 4850, so i'll need a new crossfire mobo to use it. i've done a bit snooping around the interweb, but im kinda lost in this sea of different versions and all that. im looking for a budget version (preferably) with decent OC ability. how much does the second slot speed...
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    2nd 4850 to die?

    so, bought a 4850 512mb a few months back, died after 2 months or so, got an RMA, got an 4850 TOP in return. now, same issues are appearing again, mainly COD4 freezes and sound repeats until i manually push restart button, plus my FPS in all games have dropped to about 1/3 of what is was when...
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    upgrade from p5b?

    so im thinking of getting a new mobo to get some better OC ability, but is it worth it ATM? any new stuff (sockets, yada yada...) coming out Soon™?
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    comp freezes while gaming

    hai thar like title says, my comp freezes while i play. i play stalker clear sky, eve online, cod 4 and cs: source. (i also played some spore) now, thing is it only freezes when i play stalker and spore, and i have to reboot. i get all kinds of colors messed up in lines/squares on the...
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    4800 fan fix fail

    so, i made a profile, saved it, went to where the xml file should be, but no frikkin xml file to be found. what now? edit: and yes i did enable overdrive
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    new mobo

    so my year old P5B isnt up to my needs and i need a new one with good OC options. budget is around 120 euro
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    gpu scaling test

    anyone got the link to the a test where they compare scalability with 1,2,3 and 4 GPU's? cod4, crysis and 2-3 other games was in there, cod4 scaled best. i cant find it anywhere, help apreciated :confused:
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    whats holding the juice back?

    aint stable over 3,05GHz, what u think is the cause? setup in sig. idle 40 (25-30 cores) load 55 ( 42-45 cores) fan @ 2100rpm (2800max)
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    just noticed that this site i use to buy from had ddr3 rams for pre-order. i guess these will need a new ram controller, and with that new mobos, right? :eek:
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    Type-R 580W + x2900 & p5b ?

    im planning on buying a x2900xt for my system (sig) and was wondering if the Hiper Type-R 580W will be able to power all this :) otherwise do u have any other good sub $100 PSUs? or will my current seasonic s12 430W be enough? (i doubt that)
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    program for 3d sketch?

    i've seen some pics around and would like to know what program(s) that is, as i dont find anything by searching :p
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    CCC 3d refresh rate+vsync = 60 fps??

    i set the 3d refresh to 100 (tried 85 and 90 with same result) and vsync ON in CCC and i always get 60fps in-game and a very laggy mouse response. why cant i get 100 fps? and shouldnt the fps be locked to the same refresh rate Hz? :confused: (1024x768 CRT)
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    SilentX 300W enough?

    to run: asus p5b E6300 and a GPU around the performance of a 1950pro 1 HDD dvd burner or do you recommend something else? i only got about $100 for a psu. has to be a small PSU cus im building a custom case and its a bit small and has to fit the psu under everything else. thx!
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    something makes online FPS unplayable

    the hitbox in every FPS i play online is WAY behind the model (BF2, CS:S, DOD:S) what possibly can cause this? it has always been like this since i bought it about 6 months ago, and its not software as i've installed all windows updates and latest drivers. comp in my signature and im running...
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    best for gaming?

    i hate you all delete this or something
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    manufacturing date?!

    w00t? week 255 year 255 ??? what does that mean? :confused:
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    Opteron 146 CABYE

    right... getting me one of these in just a matter och days now and was wondering a couple of things. Mobo: Which can set up to 3.3 - 3.5 volt (or close) on the RAM and get close to (or over) 3.0GHz on the Opteron? (muchy muchy usefull for the Winbond BH-5 rams i hopefully will get) PSU...
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    9800pro OC help!

    hi there... i need something GOOD (no water) to cool both memory and core. plz let me know which coolers fit my card :)
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    3+ ram volt mobo's?

    on which socket 939 motherboards can you set the memory volt over 3 volts? i'd rather not have dfi as i would like to skip the pickyness :cool: cheers
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    Zalman FATAL1TY CPU cooler

    anyone with this cpu cooler? would just like to know what motherboard you have. those with SLI mobos doesnt have to post cus im not getting a sli mobo. thx :) oh and BTW preferably a nForce 4 chipset mobo :D
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    9800 pro ati tool wierd stock clocks are: core 378MHz, mem 337MHz i tried find max mem with ati tool and when i came back i had black lines all over the screen and couldnt read any text, so i rebooted and then i got that message in the screen. this happened...
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    X1800GTO in Crossfire?

    righto, im seriusly thinking of getting a new comp with Cfire but only if i can get it without master card. and heres the problem, i've found these pages: while guru3d says it cant :confused...
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    ATI XP3200 aka RD580 question

    was thinking of upgrading a bit and have been googling a bit and reading on the forum and just want to know if its full 16x on both PCIe slots like i've read on a couple of places? thx
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    a7n8x-e deluxe + twinmos PC3200 400MHz = wrong speed

    hello, anyone know why i cant run my memory at the speeds both my mobo and memory clearly is compatible with? every time i tried changing mem mhz it doesnt boot anymore and i get a black screen and have to set back bios settings to default. plz help. xbitlabs website - a7n8x-e deluxe asus...
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    a7n8x-e deluxe + twinmos PC3200 400MHz :cool:
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    gonna fit?

    does anyone know if a Sapphire Pure Crossfire can fit a Thermalright XP-120 and the AMD Opteron 148? and while im at it, will "Corsair TWINX1024-4400C25 DDR-DIMM 1024M Kit w/two matched CMX512-4400 CL2.5 DIMM" work good with the rest? thanks :D
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    only need new GPU?

    hey hey! i got a A7N8X-E Deluxe, XP 3200+, 2x 512MB PC3200 200Mhz and a Club3D Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB 8x AGP that's over 1 year and 3 months old. and i was wondering if its enough just to buy a new graphics card and it would last a bit longer. and about how long? :D was thinking of a...
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    good mobo?

    im looking for new hardware for my computer and i would like to know which socket 939 motherboards are good. i dont want any uber overclocking abilities, just one thats good without overclocking the thing ;) thanks