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    Show in GAL but Hide in Sharepoint?

    Our corporate sharepoint site is linked to AD and the GAL in terms of how it creates it's employee directory. If you hide an employee in Exchange 2012 in the global address list, they will be hidden from our Sharepoint intranet site and vice-versa. Anybody know of a way to show users in...
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    Demon's/Dark Souls is a strategy combat game. There are no QTEs. Only your skill and pain.
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Silver thing is the heatsink. You can tell by the big fins to dissipate heat. You must have touched something else or pushed something else carrying power into the heatsink causing it to shock you. Plugging in a power supply and then opening it up and poking and prodding in it is kind of...
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    Bioware founders leaving the company?

    I have family in the company. Dragon Age: Origins was not expected to be a success. They thought that the days of PC gaming were over and they invested 7 years into DAO and never thought it would be a hit as it turned out to be. When that happened, and it coincided with EA's takeover (near...
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    Oculus Rift (VR Headset) - Kickstarter is now available.

    This is one of the rare kickstarters where the video is full of some of the top who's who's in the industry announcing their enthusiasm and support.
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    World of Tanks MMO

    Newegg deal is sold out and wasn't available on Newegg Canada. Damnit.
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    The New PS3

    I'll buy the 16GB model if it's cheap like $99 cheap. I'll use it to play Rocksmith (I use it as my amp/effects box), watch Netflix, and buy Sega Classics and TurboGrafx 16 games from PSN (better than roms). I've got a 3.55 Fatty that does everything else for media, linux, and homebrew...
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    Will running Skyrim at 120hz break the game?

    That's because it's not a modern engine. Creation Engine is Gamebyro with paperclips and bubblegum.
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    What caused RARE to go to crap after Microsoft bought them?

    Both directed by Ridley Scott so you just proved the point ;)
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    Geekhack Refugee Camp:
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    LG L204WT: 5ms and 2000:1 contrast

    Mine is dead. How did you repair yours?
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    The point of releasing it on PC is that you don't need to buy an Xbox 360 or PS3. Also higher resolutions is probably a given (but hopefully not frame rate lock). Gamepads for playing on PC is already a given in so many games these days because of porting. We wouldn't even get those games...
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    According to all the articles I read, it won't. There will be basic mouse+keyboard support but gamepad is mostly required, but we will see at release what happens.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    Available on Steam but still requires GFWL like that Fallout 3 and SF4? YUCK
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    Wii U won't support Unreal Engine 4.

    Nintendo focuses so much on their own titles because the 3rd party abandoned Nintendo 10 years ago. They love 3rd party and would embrace it if 3rd party developers cared about Nintendo. Look at the DS, the majority of games on that system were 3rd party and that's why it was one of the best...
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    PS4 Backwards complatiable with a twist?

    This makes little sense. How can you just assume this? The PS3 already struggled throughout its years trying to emulate PS2 correctly after they removed the EE chips. The PS4 is probably going to go for a more traditional architecture because they got bit by developer support by having such an...
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    Starhawk's new old mouse

    Either that or the ghetto mods thread but yeah this is not a case mod and should be in the mouse section maybe?
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    PS4 Backwards complatiable with a twist?

    People are shocked? This is nothing new. When they took PS2 backwards compatibility out of PS3s early on, they replaced it with PS2 classics from the PSN store that you could rebuy to enjoy.
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    From pc to ps3

    I have a PS3 connected to my PC. The sound and video go through the PC to one of my Eyefinity monitors (can do recording) and's just so hard to play PS3 games. Graphically, the majority of games are terribly inferior to the Xbox 360 because of how difficult it is to program for the PS3...
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    How hard were you rubbing with that Q-Tip? How did you manage to damage/snap off surface mount components with a cotton Q-Tip? And why would you ever put a piece of exposed and ungrounded electronic equipment into a fluffy carpet full of static and ESD potential?
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    IObit's Game Booster 3

    Sorry, I just don't like software that claims to "boost" performance. Many users unwittingly use these things to kill processes or "clean" things like the registry (which can be bad for Windows 7) and often cause more harm than good.
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    FREE Beef Jerkey Sample

    Sorry his shipping rates to Canada are ridiculous. $37.00 for 5 lbs to Canada. I used to get 5 lbs from Big Johns for about $15 shipping.
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    What's up with Curt Schilling MMO game "Copernicus" ?

    That is just underhanded and just awful, verging on evil.
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    IObit's Game Booster 3

    I'm shocked every day how veteran PC gamers still fall for crapware and the equivalent of snake oil medical quackery for "cleaning" their registries, suspect-defragging, "optimizing", killing processes, etc. Get rid of Smart Defrag as well please. IObit is a very unsavory company.
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    Antec KUHLER HO 920 CPU Water Cooler Review @ [H]

    No issues after many months. Fan control is excellent. USB interface is better than Corsair which makes you physically open your case and press a button and select between three static speeds until you pay another small fortune for their ridiculous control unit.
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    38 Studios and Big Huge Game Gone

    LOL, I love how this IGN reveal was published 6 days ago. And then the company is gone a week later.
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    38 Studios and Big Huge Game Gone

    "the company is suffering from an economic downturn" aka "the company is suffering because it up-chucked a bunch of mediocre and unprofitable games"
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    IObit's Game Booster 3

    All of these things are fake, crap, and often do more harm than good. Background processes in comparison to wealth of CPU power and vast memory we have these days won't do anything to gaming performance unless your computer is ancient and you notice your ram filling to capacity and your CPU...
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    [warm] Monoprice mechanical keyboards, cherry mx black or red *new*

    Yikes. Backlit * Mechanical *Ergonomic That's like the triumvirate of things you are most likely not to find a keyboard.
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    Sleeping Dogs August 14th all platforms

    This game would be much better if it was actually dubbed in Cantonese but then it would probably be a commercial failure in the west. I bet the voice acting will be as stereotypical and cheesy as it was in John Woo's Stranglehold (the Max Payne like Chow Yun Fat 3rd person shooter). Hong Kong...
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    Where can you get a ps3 reball done?

    A reball is a good as permanent if you get good soldering and a decent reballing/surface mount equipment. For me, the cost of reballing was only $15 for the balls and stencil as I have access to industrial equipment. For others though, the cost of reballing may be worth it if they have an...
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    From pc to ps3

    If people are asking you to switch to PS3 to play games with them, they are not really your friends. ^_^
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    Where can you get a ps3 reball done?

    Reflow is just temporary and can be done with a heat gun, oven, towel, or the machine. It will never last like a reball would.
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    Where can you get a ps3 reball done?

    No there is a permanent fix. You were confusing the things you researched or didn't understand it properly and most people make this same mistake. A reball is the permanent fix. The temporary fix is the reflow. The reflow (using the bake in an oven or heat gun method) simply reflows the old...
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    Blizzard = Apple of Game Developing Server Shutting Down in 14 Minutes...
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    Battlechess is on Kickstarter

    The only reason I played this as a kid was the funny gore like on Knight on Knight action where he cut off the limbs of the other knight. Basically, it was like fatalities before Mortal Kombat invented fatalities. I think the only way a modern battlechess would work is if it didn't repeat...
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    [warm] Monoprice mechanical keyboards, cherry mx black or red *new*

    The backlit one is just a rebranded w/red LEDs ione/xarmor/scorpio It's obvious from the pics. It's the exact same keyboard. Those get mediocre reviews but they aren't bad. For the price, I'd get something else though. I hear the xarmors have some LED bleed issues or uneven lighting and the keys...
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    EA wants your feedback on Origin

    "make it more like Steam"
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    Sniper Elite V2

    I gotta ask - does this game get any harder than the demo? Even on Elite difficulty, having the mouse pretty much means any decent gamer will just slaughter everything and never die because they are so generous with health.