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    Not computer but MCM Electronics 5 dollar shipping.

    I thought i would post this. MCM Electronics has 5 dollar shipping on all orders under 50 Lbs and free for orders over $200 under 50 Lbs. This deal is up on Feb 4th MCM is where i buy raw speakers for very low price. I know speaker building is a popular hobby and thought i would share. For...
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    Moved motherboard into a new case and now can only boot with 1 dimm

    I moved my Mobo, Ram and Processor into a phantom case with a cx430 in it for my brother in law. Long story short it will only boot with one of the 4 sticks of ram in either of the number one slots, All sticks work in those slots and boot, Just not at the same time.
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    CX 430 enough for 4870 and i5 2400?

    As the title says, Will a CX 430 V2 power 1x 7200 rpm HD 1x DVD Burner 1x Radeon 4870 a i5 2400 and a h61 board? I calculated it out to be somewhere around 320 watts, about 100 for the processor 160 for the GPU and 60 for everything else, Also worth noting it will be in a Phantom case with 2...
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    Slightly confused. Which is better?

    Im notlooking for a new PSU, I was just wondering what power supply has a better ability to power a lowish end gaming rig (Mine in the sig but with 2 5770s) Just curious. PSU 1 Is a XG vortec PSVO-600 600w Psu here is the sticker on the...
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    Is the Creative Audigy 1st generation junk?

    Just wondering if it was or not, That and the drivers are terrible. I just like the breakout box. Will the SB0090 Audigy be better than the VIA one on my mobo?
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    Bad processor?

    As the title says im not sure if this processor or ???? I bought a Gigabyte ga g33m dr2r from a [H] member, I cannot get it stable with a e6550 but it works flawlessly with a celeron d. The e6550 freezes very often, I have tried to up the voltage but with no success.
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    Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R Woes.

    So i bought a motherboard from a fellow [H] Member and im having problems with it, Before i go further he agreed to give my money back but i would much rather have the board work. Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R Intel E6550 @ 2330mhz 4 dimms of ddr2 all 667 (2X512mb) (2x1gb) Powercolor HD4830 WD...
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    Asus M4A79XTD EVO Green Motherboard possibly bad?

    As the title suggest my computer is inop right now. No beeps or post or anything of that nature just a slow spinning of the fans. If i take both of the sticks of ram out it will beep at me telling me I have no ram, But if i put one stick in any of the slots I get no post. I doubt both...
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    So does anyone have any opinions on the Viewsonic E90fb

    So i just picked it up from a friend and i have to say its a nice monitor. Max resolution is 1733x1344 and it is 80hz i havent been able to game on it due to my gpu being down but the picture quality is very good. Im only running it at 1600x1200 and 70hz? Can display port do 70hz? DVI is...
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    Old raptors still relevent?

    Would A pair of wd360 raptors in raid still be decent to boot off of? I think they are the first of the 10k rpm raptors and still work.
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    Photoilumincent case floor? Help with identification.

    I have been looking for this for a long time after seeing it, But i can never find it. The time i saw it first was a [H] member you turn on the computer and the floor produces a glow. I was browsing the mdpc list and saw this computer had it so i was wondering if someone here knew what it was...
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    5770 Multi-color vertical bars?

    As stated in the title all my 5770 outputs is a screen of varying colors and bars of a different shade of the background. Dead card? PS thanks.
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    240V vs 120V Pros and Cons

    I read somewhere that running a computer PSU on a 240v Circuit Will give you better efficiency and reduce waste heat and possibly prolong the lifespan of your PSU. So i pose the question to those with more knowledge on the situation than I, What are the pros and cans for running the PSU on a...
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    New computer coming soon

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming and web browsing. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1000 shipped. 3) Where do you live? USA, Woodlands TX 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case, etc. The word...
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    Old phone new OS?

    Is it possible to put android on my old Samsung SGH T919 Behold? i think the specs are the same as the behold II, I was just wondering if its possible and how.
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    Wireing a new GPU fan. PMW.

    So my cooler fell off the other day, Just the shroud, And i ordered a Coolviva z1 to replace it. The factory cooler on the card has a 4 wire plug and i want to know if i can wire up a PMW fan to replace it to put on the coolviva. Thanks for the future replies.
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    Oh noes! My graphics card broke.

    So i was cleaning my computer and readying it for a fresh install of Win 7 and removing the old hard drives. For no apperent reason the plastic fan and shroud broke off, I didn't even touch it, so i took a look all of the plastic broke that holds it on! I have emailed Sapphire they offer a 2...
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    i just thought i share with you all!

    so i was looking at thermal conductivity on the wiki and found that diamond is about 2-5 times better at thermal conductivity than silver, silver being the 3rd best diamond above in 2nd and a man made element above them, so i googled diamond thermal paste and came up with this very imformative...
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    Laptop display color inversion? help?

    i got the laptop from a friend in hope to fix it for him, the same one who gave me his old overheating alienware that i fixed and use, well, the screen colors are inverted even in the bios. i reformated it put windows 7 on it ,to replace vista, and put powerstrip on it to reinvert the colors to...
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    color inversion?

    well, i have a second hand laptop for free from the same friend who game me his old overheating alienware laptop that i use now, its an acer f8s series but the colors are inverted, even in the bios im not sure what to do. any help would be appreciated.
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    mounting coolviva z1 to 9600gso

    i friend of mine has a 9600gso that he wants to overclock but the stock cooler is fail will the coolviva z1 fit on this card its not listed, but nither is the 5770 so any help would be nice thanks
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    Good CPU cooler under $40 and under 138 mm?

    anyone know of a decent low cost low profile air cooler any thoughts the build is a cm elite 341 case 775 mobo. my bad its a 132mm distance. also worth mentioning that its a e6550 and it will be overclocked to at least 3ghz
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    i know my computer isnt close to the best but this is low performance? pcsx2 emulator

    i know my computer isnt very powerful but i would think it would be able to run ps2 games at first i thought it was my drive so i made an iso but i was still getting like 20 fps. anyone have any info on what i could be doing wrong on pcsx2. specs in the sig, not the laptop lol.
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    i think i got the deal of the year!

    so i just picked up a lightly used NZXT khaos for $85 this case is so nice weighs a ton and lots of room
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    Word of warning

    in case some of you dont know you cant scratch your mobo with a screw driver lol just letting you know i did it and the board no longer works, i think its a goner.
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    Phantasy Star Online

    Does anyone still play this, or am i the only one, i think it was a underated game that was a lot of fun anyone still play or interested to play?
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    ps3 for folding?

    a guy on here told me a ps3 wasnt worth folding on, i by no means have a powerful computer, and i need all of my power to do games and such and have none to spare, opinions on 2 things 1. are ps3s good at folding, and or more powerful than my computer. 2. a ps3 doesnt pull much juice from the...
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    Norton Ghost cloning?

    i have a ide drive that was my primary drive, i want to clone it on to my 1 tb sata drive, but when i copied it with norton ghost it wont boot, it says its missing the boot mgr how do i clone a perfect copy?
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    whats the best mobo

    my friend is getting a new mobo, and will be overclocking his e6550 im wondering should i go with one of the ddr3 hybrid boards he will be running 4 gigs of ram and a hd 4830 with his e6550 any one have any suggestions? cheaper the better.
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    asus m4a79xtd evo problems

    so i upgraded my mobo and ram i have cool and quiet on but the cpu fan runs at full blast and sounds like a jet, i dont want to do the profiles my gigabyte mobo would do all of the cpu fan stuff automaticly.
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    how is this for a htpc?

    i have a bunch of old parts its gouing to be a my current gigabyte mobo sempron sparta 1.9 i think 2 gigs of 1066 ddr2 blueray burner 120 gig harddrive, i will only stream 1080p but its mostly to watch dvds as my dog broke my dvd player but i will watch the few bluerays i have in it, will the...
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    Different mobo different results unlocking?

    Well my 425 x3 didnt unlock with my gigabyte mobo, is there a possible chance it might do better with a ASRock M3A770DE? or is that a no? also if it does or doesnt will my X3 or the X4 it unlocks to be sufficient to run 2 5770's in crossfire?
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    putting ramsinks on my 5770,3DMark06 Scoress right? problem after unlocking

    well you can see my rigs stats in my sig, i didnt have 3dmark06 when most of this happened i was using passmark, but i used to get 1800 fps in the 3d simple test but after i tryed unlocking my cpu i get like 800 and relocking it back down didnt help, didnt even score higher on the cpu part, im...
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    buing a mobo tomorrow, which board should i go with, also crossfiring

    im looking at 2 mobos im going to be crossfiring 2 5770's and unlocking and overclocking my X3 the asrock M3A770DE motherboard here is the link i like the price on this one better but it has less sata ports terrible coloring and a...
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    OCZ Reaper worth it?

    well im getting a new mobo its a MSI 870-G45 it has 4 memory slots and supports up to 16gb of ddr3 2000 with overclock, newegg has OCZ Obsidian 4gb (2x2), and OCZ Reaper 4gb (2x2) both run at 1600 for $34.95 after MIR, the 2 inner slots will be covered by my large heatsink, the obsidian will fit...
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    Raidmax Cpu Cooler X3 unprofessional review

    I picked the Raidmax CPU Cooler X3 up at frys for $35 it was open box and cheaper than everything else in its league, better looking also, i was going to get the Evercool Transformer but it was $46. So lets start off by saying the is a stock clock speed AMD Athlon II X3 425 that is not unlocked...
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    Blast from the past!

    So i was cleaning out the computer closet when i found my old computer, socket A, and i was looking at it, and the more i look the more i liked the case its a Cooler Master ATCS 100 the all aluminium beast. Now the air flow is quite poor beeing 1 80mm on top and mounting spots for 2 80mm in the...