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    What's your favorite GPU comparison website? for a macro comparison, then specific card reviews from websites like
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    What game have you put the most time into?

    According to my Steam account it's CS:GO with 977 hours. But looking back I don't think Steam has always logged hours played? I mean I was playing tons of Counter-Strike even before Steam if I'm remembering correctly. Like CS 1.3 or 1.4. Anyone remember those jump maps in OG CS? For when you got...
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    LAWL, I was totally one of those Source n00bs with a Geforce 2 MX! Such fun times nonetheless!
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    Your CPU progression

    CPUs in my personal PCs: P4 1.3 Willamette Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester Opteron 170 Phenom II 940 Ryzen 1600
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    AMD EPYC “Genoa” (Zen4) to feature 96 cores across 12 chiplets, 12-channel DDR5 memory and SP5 (LGA6096 socket)

    That is one stout chip. What does a 400w CPU cooling solution look like? Custom liquid?
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    AMD 3rd Gen EPYC Milan ‘EPYC 7543’ CPU With 32 Cores & 3.7 GHz Boost Clocks Benchmarked, Faster Than Dual Intel Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs With 56 Cores

    Does this mean good things for Threadripper? Hopefully we hear more about it from CES on Jan 12th.
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    If you could have a 3080 or a 6800XT which would you rather and why?

    This given the current information I know of. The vram might be an issue in the future but who knows.
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    The 2020 Year in Physics

    Dark Energy is still the theory for the expanding universe exists? I didn't know black holes eventually evaporate? I thought they'd be around forever and eventually gobble up everything.
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    Intel Expands 10nm Manufacturing Capacity

    At first glance this sounds promising, but not sure it has much to do with PC desktop parts? Marketing fluff?
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    TSMC Completes Its Latest 3 nm Factory, Mass Production in 2022

    14 > 3 😋 moar better, moar faster! I like erek's posts, especially the ones involving rare or unique components 👍
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    Doom 3 - 16 Years Later: A Retrospective

    Doom 3 is a great game that I very much enjoyed. My memory is that it did become predictable with the jump scares; enter a room, baddies jump out, kill them all, move on to the next room, rinse and repeat. What a great time tho. Doom 3 pushed me to spend all my cash on an evga 6800 ultra...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    GeForce 2 MX, and probably loaded up Counter-Strike.
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    Guess the price of 24GB RTX 3090 FE

    Over $2K. Nvidia will have other skus to fill in the lower price points. Sounds like a halo product at 24GB, therefore halo product price.
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    Optimus watercooling, has anyone used their products?

    Which option did you choose for the cold plate finish, Raw Copper or Pro-XE Nickel? Just curious is all. Thanks.
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    This exactly, but I still enjoyed the card for it's time. It just felt it didn't hang in there long enough.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Evga GeForce 6800 ultra. My first high-end video card purchase. It was a good experience and I learned from it. Honorable mention: BFG 8800gts 512
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    Canceled"cram everything into a old case"

    I think this is a really cool idea, I hope it turns out really well. Can't wait for some more progress pics. I always wished one of the big mobo makers would do some sort of throw back series with old school looking green PCBs and as little heatsinks as necessary. That way I could get those...
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    Zen 2. Threadripper appears in user benchmark database.

    Taken with salt, but looks good. Octal-Channel memory maybe happening on the WX cpus?
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    Games that you have replayed the most

    Super Mario Bros F-Zero Metal Gear Solid Outlaws Star Wars Dark Forces Half-Life Half-Life 2 All my other games just 1 or 2 plays through, but this list always draws me in again and again. Edit: Forgot to include Twisted Metal on the list.
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    Confused over ASUS subbrands: TUF, Strix, ROG, etc.

    I would go for the Asus ROG line if the budget allowed for it. The ROG Crosshair VIII Hero or Formula. Otherwise the Prime series maybe a more "simple" motherboard. Asus Prime X570 Pro or Prime X570-P. I do not have direct experience with these exact boards, but I have an Asus prime board...
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    Found my first MP3 player

    Panasonic SV-SD80. Came with a 32MB SD card that I eventually upgraded to 256MB. Those were the days! +1 For the Zune HD. Still have it somewhere around here. Anyone else have issue with the Zune software deleting your music on you?
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    Intel Plans to Launch Its Discrete GPU Lineup Starting at $200

    Wasn't this one of the main problems with AMD's GCN architecture? And Navi is now AMD's "gaming" specific architecture? Or do I have this all wrong?
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    "Portable" gaming: NUC or laptop?

    The Zotac Magnus series may be worth looking into. I wouldn't buy into the Skull Trail NUC for gaming. Hades Canyon NUC is a much better gaming experience vs the Skull Trail NUC. But given your space and power constraints, if it was Skull Trail NUC or nothing, I would take the Skull Trail NUC...
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    Seasonic Prime Gold 850, Seasonic Focus Pro 850 Gold, or Corsair H850

    My vote is for the Seasonic Prime Gold 850. Second choice is the Focus Pro 850, I have one. Either one is a good choice. I would take Seasonic over Corsair for psu.
  25. RomeoGolf87

    "Portable" gaming: NUC or laptop?

    I second the small form factor build with discrete graphics card over the NUC or laptop for your situation. A $600 intel nuc is not going to have the graphical horsepower anywhere near your RX580. You would have to shoot for the Hades Canyon nuc for any kind of quality gaming performance at 1080p.
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    Advice on Cable Modem purchase

    I received the new modem, CM1150V, early last week and set it up. Setup was really simple and I was back online within one hour. I ran an internet speed test before and after installation of the new modem. Downstream increased by about 10Mb/s and upstream by 1Mb/s. My only gripe about the modem...
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    Intel Core i9-10900K - 10 Core Is Coming

    I'm not buying this is real. New socket is about the only thing believable, isn't that sad? lol I LOL'd hard at this as well.
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    Anyone else constantly torn between building a tiny ITX and a massive EATX system?

    A Fractal Design Node 202 and a Ryzen 5 3400g would be a sweet little set up. Fractal Design Case FD-CA-NODE-202-BK
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    Advice on Cable Modem purchase

    I ordered the Netgear CM1150V. I tested out my old Netgear WNR3500v2 wifi router and it still works fine for our mobile devices. I'll see how it goes. Thanks for the advice!
  30. RomeoGolf87

    Anyone else constantly torn between building a tiny ITX and a massive EATX system?

    ^This. I started out always ATX, then went down to uATX. Now back at ATX. I love the idea of a tiny box you can almost put in your pocket. But then the possibilities that E-ATX has! So ATX it is lol.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER and 2060 SUPER Review Roundup

    I like that 2060 super. Both those cards appear like that are built well. Nie performance boost over their predecessors. Anyone else curious about the 2060 possibly manufactured by Samsung at 11nm?
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    Advice on Cable Modem purchase

    I'm seriously considering purchasing the Netgear CM1150V modem with voice now, and using an older Netgear WNR3500v2 wifi router that I have in storage. I'm more concerned with wired performance than wireless performance right now. I could upgrade to a better wifi router later. The CM1150V is a...
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    Advice on Cable Modem purchase

    Thanks for your response These 2 units are recommended by my isp, xfinity. I currently have a integrated modem/router. Kind of limited on desk space where we keep the modem/router now, i'd prefer to keep it all in one unless there is cost savings/better performance with separate? Currently we...
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    Advice on Cable Modem purchase

    I'm looking at purchasing my own cable modem rather than continue renting one through my isp. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 options: Less expensive Motorola MT7711 $199.99...
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    Popularity of overclocking

    I don't see the big pay off for investing lots of time in manually tuning hardware anymore. Boost clocks and software overclocking has come a long way. As more CPU cores have been added my mhz gains with manually overclocking have gone down: A64 3000+ Winchester 39% gain Opteron 170 25% gain...
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    Poll: Tensor (TPU) Cores on consumer GPUs: Boon or Bust?

    Future Boon. I think it is still too soon to call it bust. I believe there is not enough of a notable benefit currently for me to justify a hardware upgrade.
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    Forbes - "AMD Killing Off Threadripper Processors Suddenly Makes Perfect Sense" - ??!?!?

    I definitely agree with this to an extent. I'm sure Threadripper sales are a small slice of the CPU sales pie for AMD, like single digit percentages. R5 and R7 is where it's at for AMD. Being that Threadripper was supposedly an internal enthusiast pursuit that AMD never really planned from the...
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    Forbes - "AMD Killing Off Threadripper Processors Suddenly Makes Perfect Sense" - ??!?!?

    As much as I'd like to see the Threadripper model continue, this was the same thought I had. Just seems to make sense if 16 core Ryzen on AM4 is really going to happen.
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    Intel CPU Shortages Are Expected to Worsen in Q2

    Intel 10nm will be just a low power mobile chip node? All this time and money spent on 10nn just to further expand 14nm wafer production by 25% by Q3-19? No new performance parts until 7nm? I guess Intel thought that without previous competition from AMD, 14nm would live on forever. 14nm for...