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    [Epic Store] Lawn Mowing Simulator (Free Till [DEAD])

    There are some folks out there who love to get on a riding mower and just mow. This would be perfect for my old next door neighbor.
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    Allergic to Logitech MX Master 3 wheel

    Could always get a finger condom. I mean gaming grip . .
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    BitSight Discovers Critical Vulnerabilities in Widely Used Vehicle GPS Tracker

    Really should start finding other sources for some of this tech. BOSTON – July 19, 2022 – BitSight announced today the discovery of six severe vulnerabilities in the MiCODUS MV720 GPS Tracker, a popular vehicle GPS tracker made in China and used worldwide by consumers for theft protection and...
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    G213 Prodigy RGB Owners?

    This is an old thread, but just picked one of these up on sale for 34.95 as a spare. Like OP I did not want to have to install the software to change the RGB. It can be done on the KB by pressing the backlight key on, then press and hold it while hitting number keys 1 - 0 for the different...
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    Anyone have an nVME Gen 4 SSD they like with good random read performance at high (4TBish) capacities?

    I recently upgraded to this drive, a 1TB WD Black SN850 on a Z590 chipset with an 11th gen i5. Just ran disk mark again.
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    One of the worse PC builds you seen.....

    The old days were messy. :D
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    Best/worst computer brands.

    A couple of years ago I bought a system from Puget Systems (Threadripper 3960) because they carry a strong reputation in the workstation / video rendering community. They design systems around off the shelf parts, so no specialized OEM motherboards, power supplies, etc. As others mention this...
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    transient power consumption spikes

    No plans to go 4000 series anytime soon. My 2070 Super still does anything I need gaming wise and I still got a 3070Ti now as well. I'll just deal with these spikes. ;)
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Bluetooth Computer Speakers ($79.99 w/ Walmart+ Membership)

    I've had the Pro Media 2.1s for about 2.5 years now, pre-bluetooth. No complaints.
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    Intel re entering the HEDT game.

    This PC is a Z590 chipset and I started it about 1.5 years ago with a 10th gen. But to utilize PCI 4.0 with the m.2 slot you need an 11th gen. So I just got one of those last week and dropped it in this.
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    1000W PS Not cutting it on TR4 Setup?

    Oh yeah, sounds a bit rougher than around here. Bumps that beep are rare, I hear the damn things go into battery check (the relays, fan comes on) click a lot more that they beep.
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    1000W PS Not cutting it on TR4 Setup?

    Is the power bad where you live ?
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    Windows 11 and Windows Update KB5013943 warning with Sophos

    Yeah, pretty much DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Here's showing it's in and running. I sent a message to Sophos this morning letting them know. EDIT - Got this back from Sophos this morning. "Very sorry to hear of the troubles, but happy to hear you were able to resolve that...
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    Windows 11 and Windows Update KB5013943 warning with Sophos

    I have actually already delt with this and got working again. But this morning the malware/ virus software I run (Sophos Home) posted a warning as I booted up letting customers know this is an issue and not to install the update. Windows 11 Bluescreen/stop error after Windows Update KB5013943...
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    1000W PS Not cutting it on TR4 Setup?

    It's the Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3
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    1000W PS Not cutting it on TR4 Setup?

    You should be OK, this is my 3960 under full CPU load, all 48 cores.
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    SETI.Germany's 13th Annual Pentathlon (2022)

    I'm Ok with number fields this morning processing WUs. Still have completed units from Universe sitting waiting to upload even though I shut those off yesterday. So will "run the numbers" for 24 hours.
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    SETI.Germany's 13th Annual Pentathlon (2022)

    The good news is it's working and there's a definite difference in completion times vs windows like y'all said. That should cover any time lost this morning getting it working.👍
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    SETI.Germany's 13th Annual Pentathlon (2022)

    Saw that this morning when I checked the boxen, multiple units "frozen" in various stages of uploading or downloading. So set it to not download any more units and left it for a couple of hours. Checked again and it was now clear of units. Decided to pull out an extra drive and install Ubuntu vs...
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    SETI.Germany's 13th Annual Pentathlon (2022)

    Pretty sure it was the latest, Boinc manager showed 7.16.20. Ran the check for update in Boinc and it said there was nothing newer. So I did the old uninstall / reinstall. Now it connected and is running. (and there was much rejoicing)
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    SETI.Germany's 13th Annual Pentathlon (2022)

    Yeah I get they're overwhelmed, but I've been trying for three days now to add the project and it keeps failing. I was able to go to the website directly and add an account, but still can't add the project. Guess it's not in the cards for me this year. The very best of luck for those who can. 👍
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    SETI.Germany's 13th Annual Pentathlon (2022)

    Something up with the Universe@home client ? I keep trying to add the project in Boinc and saying failed, try back again later.
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    Threadripper is no more!

    I bought a 3960 system from Puget systems a couple of years back for the DC stuff. Looks like it will be what it already is until something in it dies or it ages out. (I've said this before . . .) But it will probably be the last of the more expensive CPUs I purchase.
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    World Community Grid

    Hit a snag. :(
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    SETI.Germany's 13th Annual Pentathlon (2022)

    Keeping my eye on it. About two weeks out now.
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    Intel finally responds to bending 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs on LGA1700 motherboards

    I wasn't speaking about anything other than Socket-A, specifically some of the very first boards. However as I said that's been quite a while ago. Go look up an Asus A7V and you'll see it had the ability to read the CPU temp, but no setting to perform a shutdown.
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    Intel finally responds to bending 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs on LGA1700 motherboards

    I have an aging memory now, but I do not remember any thermal protection for those Athlons. If that HS came off while it was running, it fried. The first boards didn't even have a temp sensor, but that was added later. However don't remember that being included in any protection/prevention. It...
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    Intel finally responds to bending 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs on LGA1700 motherboards

    Had a lot of 462 Athlons, Was fortunate to never damage one or burn it up because the heat sink wasn't attached / well. Although I do remember that happening to a few folks because they didn't have thermal protection back then. My 12th gen might be getting bent but the temps are just fine...
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    Intel Arc Alchemist Xe-HPG Graphics Card with 512 EUs Outperforms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (Leak)

    A laptop mobile got tested too by someone in South Korea.
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    Gaming in your 40s

    I'm older than the atom. You just have to find where the enjoyment is now, like running folks over vs shooting them. :D
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    Intel ARC Performance and Pricing Speculation

    Gamer Meld video talking about someone who got a laptop in South Korea and tested the ARC mobile GPU in it. (not that great)
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    Ratpadz XT

    I show you're delivered 👍 That is an original and you have one of the few left in "new" condition.
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    Are you bending your alder-lake?

    Article in the tech news section this morning. Intel finally responds to bending 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs on LGA1700 motherboards
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    Google's Unbelievable Level of Incompetence in dealing with a Pixel Warranty Issue

    Food for thought for sure, as I've owned a Pixel 4 that was purchased as unlocked and placed on Verizon but I didn't have to deal with a hardware failure other than a battery.
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    Ratpadz XT

    I'll consider letting go of one of the flames, since there's two. Are you located in the U.S. ? I have to keep something for an ice scraper ;)
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    Ratpadz XT

    Still have three of them, unused, because I don't use a mouse. I think the flames are original and the plain black is an XT (FrgMstr would know).
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    D.C.S. World AH-64 Simulator

    Yeah Combined Arms is more like a strategy game, moving and controlling ground forces, but some of the vehicles you can control and fight in if desired. Just getting the controls worked out and learning landing without trashing the blades. Slowly but surely.
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    For laughs, found an OLD one

    Sata 2 drive. Still works. 👍