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    FX8120 or i7 860?

    Struggling to decide which way to go. I have a FX8120 CPU, M5A97 mobo. I also have an i7 860 CPU, P55 mobo. I'm pairing it with a GTX 970 GPU, an SSD, and 16GB of RAM. Either one will be cooled and OC'ed with a Corsair H60. Which would be better really for gaming? Building for a friend of...
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    Gigabyte X99 Mobo Confusion

    Hi Guys, I have a client who wants me to build him a high end PC for production. I am looking at using an X99 with 5820K. I've been looking at Gigabyte mobos, the plan is to use a Samsung 950 Pro NVMe drive and then two 3TB HDD in RAID1 for data storage. However, all of Gigabytes...
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    MSI R9 280X Won't POST - Advice?

    While I was in Japan on vacation last month, I purchased an MSI R9 280X GPU from Sofmap. I was planning to build a friend a computer for Christmas and such, and all I needed was a GPU as all the ones I had were pretty old and long in the tooth. I finally got home and got around to assembling...
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    Tri-SLI Woes - 3x970 in Surround

    Well, I've spent over 10 hours now fighting with this. I got another GTX970, an eVGA model, dropped it in, figuring hey, tri-SLI will be fun to have. Spent hours fighting with it, only could get it to do two of the cards in SLI. It constantly says "For optimal 3D performance, connect the...
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    970 Video Playback while Gaming

    Hi, I've found that with surround gaming enabled, loading up WoW or any other game on the surround setup, and then trying to watch a video (MPEG2/MPEG4/H264) on the secondary 1080P monitor hooked up to the second video card, the framerate of the video will plummet and it will become choppy...
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    Need Recommendation for Video Card(s) Upgrade at $500

    Hiya, I got 500 from a holiday party as a gift card, and I am looking to upgrade my GPUs in my PC again. I am currently running 3240x1920 Eyefinity with dual Radeon 6970 2GB GPUs. I'd like to get one card that is as fast or faster than these two cards put together, or two GPUs that will be...
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    Corsair GS800 Issues

    Has anyone ever seen this issue happen before? My friend had me build her computer some months back. We picked a Corsair GS800 watt power supply. This was a rebuild of her old Core 2 Duo PC, which had a 500W PSU in it. The specs are : 2550K @ 4.4GHz, 8GB, 2 HDD + 1 SSD, DVD-RW, GeForce...
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    Dual 6970 Crossfire + Eyefinity Locking up

    Basically, about 15-20 minutes of gameplay in Diablo 3, Deus Ex HR, Crysis 2, the entire thing hard locks and the monitors all say please check display cable. Games are being played at 3240x1920 across 3 Dell U2312HMs. Rest of the specs are in my sig. The cards are right aganist each other...
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    Radeon 6950 and MiniDP-VGA on a CRT. Cant set resolution.

    I can't set the resolution any higher than 1280x1024. CCC shows the monitor as being a flat panel display. I am using the Accell adapter, and I've had the same exact results with the Apple adapter. This is extremely frustrating. :mad: I can't use my monitors at their full resolution or try...
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    Eyefinity across 3 CRT Displays - Question

    Can I chain my FW900 alongside 2 Dell 22" monitors? Resolutions are 1920x1200 on the FW900, 1600x1200 on the 22"s. And yes, har har, CRTs, it's all I really have right now. :p And the FW900 is god.
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    Gigabyte H57 mATX board and i5 650 - How to disable internal GPU

    I have built this combo for a friend and she had me pair it up with a discrete graphics solution, which I chose the GeForce GTS450 for it. Now upon setting it all up and installing Windows 7, it shows the internal GPU is using 128MB of RAM. I can't find anywhere inside of the BIOS to...
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    X2 4600+ 939 Idle Temps on Stock HSF

    Is 75-80c normal, or is something wonky going on here. I traded this, and when I had it, it never hit that high at all, but now it is, so I'm not sure what's going on.
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    AMD Mainboard Advice

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a AM2/AM3 mainboard that meets the following 3 criteria. - Supports core unlocking. - MicroATX - Uses DDR2 800 Memory. I'm trying to replace my sister/brother-in-law's mainboard and processor from their HP pre-built PC, that has a...
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    Gigabyte EX58-UD4P Woes - I can't figure this out.

    Hey all. Ever since I went and updated my systems' BIOS to F13 and it cleared out my settings, my machine has been completely borked. I reset all of my settings to the best of my knowledge that I had them at for the overclocking and all, but still. I originally updated the BIOS to solve a...
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    EX58-UD4P BIOS Update F13 - Updated and now everything is laggy and slow.

    I don't know why, but I updated my i7 build to the latest Gigabyte BIOS, and now everything is acting incredibly slow and choppy, like my mouse cursor jumps, my audio stutters, everything. It is driving me absolutely insane. Has anyone else had these problems with this BIOS?
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    Any suggestions on 5.1/7.1 USB/USB+3.5mm headsets?

    I had the Razer Barracudas, but the entire right set of speakers goes in and out after a year. I'm looking for a headset that has 5.1 surround sound at least, with a USB or 4 3.5mm jacks + USB amplifier like the Barracuda had. Any suggestions? Price isn't too much of a concern, I'm more...
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    Best heatsink for a Core i7?

    Well, I was looking at a Q9550, but now I've decided to splurge a bit extra and just jump straight to i7, X58 and DDR3 RAM, as it was only a 80 or so price difference. I'm trying to figure out the best price/performance ratio for an air cooler. It will be inside of an Antec 900, and I'd like...
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    Is there a noticable difference between Q9550 E0/C1? Whats the best heatsink for this

    Trying to figure it out, hoping maybe someone can chime in and give me a bit of advice. I'm looking at the Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 processor, to be paired with a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P and 8GB of G.skill DDR2 1066 RAM, using a Corsair...
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    Best video card choice for a Dell GX280 under 60-70?

    Hey all, I'm looking to get my brother a new computer system from this non-profit I work for, which is going to be 80 dollars. It's a Dell Optiplex GX280 tower system, with : Intel Pentium4 HT 3.0GHz 512MB of RAM (Going to drop 2GB of DDR2 into it off the bat) Windows XP Pro 80GB SATA...
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    Cant get this HP mobo to boot.

    Basically none of the fans spin or anything except for the power supply fan, it spins very slowly. This is as soon as you plug power into it. I'm quite confused with this one, and I'm curious to see if any other [H] member has come across this. It'd be quite nice to get this to work to...
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    Noob question about PSU sleeving.

    Will it short out the mainboard at all if I ran it underneath of the board? I really dont know.
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    Semi-Hot - Simpletech 500GB 2.5" External HDD 159.99 @CC

    Going price online seems to be 149.99 with shipping. 159.99 isnt too bad, as it comes with a case at that point that you can put your old one in. I'm pretty certain the Simpletech drives are WD inside too, well at least all the ones I've opened were...
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    Core Duo Laptop RAM Question

    Has anyone gotten more than 2GB to work inside of a Core Duo lappy? What if it was upgraded to a Core2?
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    Question about a C2E QX6700 on ASrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 mainboard

    Anyone ever try this combo? I'd really like to know if the boards BIOS does support the unlocked multiplier. Their website shows the QX6700 is supported. I got this board so I can hold onto my Radeon X1950 Pro AGP card until the next gen of video cards and when I have money to drop...
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    Warm - Kingston 1GB DDR400 PC3200 184pin DIMM - 35 at CC I dont think they'll get much cheaper then this new in a brick and mortar. Best Buy should price match if your local CC is out.
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    ASRock 4Core-DualSATA2 Mainboard anyone ever use before?

    I'm looking at possibly picking up this board, a 2180 CPU, and 2 GB of DDR 800 RAM. Anyone have any thoughts on the board? How well it'll overclock? I'm not too fond of VIA chipsets, but it seemed to get a bunch of good reviews on Newegg. I'm just looking for something faster than my...
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    Grr. EMI Interference from my Razer Barracudas. plzhelp.

    Grrs. I own the Razer Barracuda headphones, and on my 3rd pair with this damned interference (First pair worked beautifully, until it developed a short in the wiring 4 months later.) This 3rd pair has a bad front right speaker. -.- But I'm getting interference. Its annoying as hell, a bunch...
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    NVFlash wont flash card

    I have a FX5500 PCI card that has Dual VGA that I'm trying to save for a secondary rig. I had it flashed for a Macintosh, then lost the floppy, and flashed it with the AGP version of the BIOS, which didnt work. Now its corrupted or something, I found the floppy, and I would like to reflash...
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    9800XT Not working right

    I have a Radeon 9800XT for AGP, and its not working correctly. Nothing will show up on the screen. But, it gets hot like its working, and the computer doesnt beep like there is no video card installed. I've tried it in two different computers, same result. Power cord is plugged up, and...
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    TV tuner applications/Video game playing

    Hey all. My HTPC set up consists of a custombuilt box, a 27" Gateway Destination monitor, and the Happuage MCE-150 card, as well as a avermedia M038 USB box. Is there any way to play my PS2 and Xbox through these without lag? I've been using Media Player Classic, but its a pain, and it doesnt...
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    939 AMDX2 AGP Mobo Recommendations?

    My current rig is this : Pentium 4 2.8 GHz OC'ed to 3.25 GHz 2 GB of DDR400 Dual Channel Memory OC'ed to 232MHz ATi Radeon X1950 Pro AGP 8X 256MB GDDR3 Visiontek Dual 250 GB WD Caviar 250GB Storage Drives 160 GB Maxtor ATA133 Diamondmax Boot Drive NEC DVD-+RW Drive Antec Nine Hundred...
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    Looking for RAM, SSE 3 CPU, and good AGP board on a budget of 175... help!! :(

    Hey all, I have a 175 budget, not including shipping. I'm looking for these key points. AGP Slot SSE 3 Instructions At least 512 MB of DDR. I am looking at the Celeron Ds/Semprons. Any help would be appericated, its been a long time since I upgraded. (I'm running a 900 MHz Duron...