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    Data Center Network Design

    I just wanted to see if this network design makes sense or if there is a better way it can be done. The current setup doesn't include the distribution layer, but there is also only one cab with servers and storage. So right now cab 3 goes directly to cab 1 and cab 2. Since I will be adding a 4th...
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    What Tool for Automation?

    I am looking for something like Puppet or Chef that can be used for automation. It needs to be agentless, and preferably free or at least not very expensive. I would like it to at least work with Windows and VMware, but support for Linux and network devices would also be nice. I was considering...
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    Windows 2012 R2 Failover Cluster with Virtual RDM - Cluster Across Boxes?

    It seems difficult to find a solid answer to this question. VMs are running on vSphere 5.5 across multiple ESXi hosts. VMware documentation says both physical and virtual are supported in this configuration but physical is recommended. The same documentation also states, "Clusters across...
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    Supermicro X10DRH-iT support CentOS 6.8?

    Need to know for sure that this motherboard with an LSI 3008 HBA will support CentOS 6.8. On Supermicro's website, they only list version 6.6 and 7.0 for 64 bit support. Version 6.8 isn't even listed, so I am guessing it was...
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    Intel 320 Series SSDSA2CW300G3 300GB Internal Solid State Drive 2.5 inch

    Intel 320 Series SSDSA2CW300G3 300GB Internal Solid State Drive 2.5 inch | eBay
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    Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate + Activity + Sleep Wristband Tracker -Large -Black

    Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate + Activity + Sleep Wristband Tracker -Large -Black
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    Apple Watch Sport 42mm Case - Space Gray Aluminum - Black Sport Band (MJ3T2LL/A)

    Apple Watch Sport 42mm Case - Space Gray Aluminum - Black Sport Band (MJ3T2LL/A)
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    Western Digital WD 4TB RE SATA III 64MB 7200RPM Enterprise WD4000FYYZ OEM

    Western Digital WD 4TB RE SATA III 64MB 7200RPM Enterprise WD4000FYYZ OEM
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    Bose QuietComfort QC25 Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple Devices

    Bose QuietComfort QC25 Noise Cancelling Headphones For Apple Devices
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    LSI 9271 with CacheCade or all SSD on ESXi

    For one, I have never used CacheCade before, so I am curious on how good or bad it is. I was looking at used LSI 9271 with the CacheCade license. A little background, I have two servers that are several years old. Both had LSI 9260 controllers. On one of them I swapped it for the LSI 9266...
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    PowerCLI to set multiple NICs on VM

    I am moving VMs from one vCenter to another. Since we use distributed port groups, the network adapters show up as "invalid backing". For VMs with a single adapter it is easy to update with a script. What I would like to do is update all the network adapters via a script. I am thinking there...
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    Buying Cisco gear from Authorized Distributor or VAR?

    My company is technically a Cisco VAR, so we only buy Cisco gear through an Authorized Distributor, which is a small list. Being that we are a smaller company, our prices are OK at best. Are we allowed to buy Cisco gear from another Cisco VAR, or is that not allowed? All I was really told that...
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    Wildcard SSL Cert with vCenter 6.0

    Honestly I never bothered replacing the self-signed certs before, but with browsers stopping support of SHA-1 and trying to better follow the Security Hardening guide, I figured it would be a good time to start installing the proper SSL certificates. Ideally I would like to just get a wildcard...
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    vCenter - Windows session credentials cannot be used

    This is driving me nuts. I recently installed vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 with an external Platform Service Controller. I found this article which would be great news if it applied to me.
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    Combining iSCSI and Access on the same 1Gbps switches

    I've always heard that when it comes to using 1Gb switches that storage, especially iSCSI should always be on its own switch. I was curious as to the impact of running everything on the same switches and what would be a good recommendation in this case. Here is the current setup. 4x ESXi...
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    Upgrade vCenter Server Appliance adding Platform Services Controller

    Anyone know if you are running vCenter Server Appliance 5.5, can you install the 6.0 PSC separately and upgrade 5.5 to 6.0 using the PSC or are you stuck with SSO being built into the vCenter Server appliance?
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    vCenter Server 6.0 Appliance HA

    I am looking to setup Figure 5 from this blog. Multiple Site vCenter Server & PSC with High Availability Architecture Is the Clustered vCenter Server only available with Windows install? If that is the case, I am not...
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    Apple OS X Server on ESXi

    As far as I know OS X is supported on ESXi 5.5, but Apple still has the policy that you can only install OS X on Apple branded hardware. However they no longer sell Apple servers.... If you want to run an Apple server in a datacenter, what are you supposed to do?
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    vSphere Network Security for Multi-Tenancy

    I was wondering what are some recommended solutions for ensuring the network is secure when running a multi-tenant vSphere environment without vCloud Director? I am not really a network guy, but are there risks of layer 2 intrusion or other possible issues? Our environment is setup more like a...
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    Ceph Storage with OpenNebula or OpenStack

    The question is more about using ceph and any pros/cons or recommendations. This is for a large website that is currently running on about 50 physical servers. The servers are web, db, and elasticsearch servers. Only 5 servers are KVM which are connected to an EqualLogic. There are some custom...
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    Nutanix is Windows Server Hardware Certified Honestly I would just like to know the real story. Nutanix seemed to go rogue on VMware. It is all about Citrix and Microsoft now. Hell, if you go to their website and look at their partner list, VMware isn't even listed...
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    So...Who is going to be at VMworld this year

    I think there was 22,000 people last year. Curious to see how many people this year. Can't say I know any of the bands this year for the party.
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    HP BladeSystem c7000, Storage, Exchange 2013

    I am just trying to get some opinions. I already know what was implemented is a bad design. Well, really just the choice of SAN that was a bad idea. Customer has the c7000 blade system with a few 460c G8 blade servers and a few older 460c G6 blade servers. The blade system has 6Gb SAS switches...
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    Anyone registered for Hands-On Labs Expert-Led Workshop at VMworld 2015

    Seems like it is impossible to get into these classes. I checked yesterday as soon as I received the email that the schedule builder was live and they were already full.
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    Microsoft Windows VDI Licensing for Service Providers

    I have yet to figure out how we can license VDI using a Desktop OS in our infrastructure. We use VMware VSPP and Microsoft SPLA. Our SPLA licensing forbids us to install a Desktop OS in our environment. I am guessing some others here may also be using SPLA. For now we have just been...
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    TechTarget VDI Event

    Has anyone been to TechTarget events and if so, have they been good? I was thinking about going to one of their VDI events in NYC this August. The event only seems to be about 4 hours.
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    Extend RAID 5 Array on 3ware 9650SE-8LPML?

    Currently there are 4x 2 TB drives setup in RAID 5. I am trying to find out before purchasing more disks if it is possible to install one more 2 TB drive and extend the RAID 5 array without losing data? It seems that with LSI you can extend an existing RAID array, but this is a legacy 3ware...
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    If Your IT Budget Allowed, Would You Think Provision Everything

    Just curious what others think. I was talking to a buddy of mine recently and his company is a VMware and 3PAR shop. He said that because they have a high IT budget and storage is cheap, they thick provision everything and deduplication is turned off. Would you do the same?
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    vSphere 5.5 Hardening Guide

    How many people follow the hardening guide to a T? I've honestly never looked at this guide before. Most of it looks pretty good, but I am wondering if some is a bit excessive in small environments. Mike Foley at VMUG today was saying that the guides can be difficult to follow and the one for...
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    VCAP5-DCA (5.5) Study Guide

    I know I have asked this before and one of the recommendations was to watch the Jason Nash aka NetJunkie videos on Pluralsight. My only concern is those videos are for 5.1 and I am scheduled to take the 5.5 exam on May 30th. Should I still use these videos for training? I am already way...
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    Bye Bye vCloud Director

    I am finally uninstalling and getting rid of vCloud Director. Since it was setup over a year ago, it was pretty much never used and being that VMware is no longer developing the UI, it seems pointless to keep. Anyone here actually use vCloud Director and like it? Any other recommendations for...
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    Tintri on its way!

    Last week we placed an order for a Tintri T820 to run along side our NetApp. Main reason for the purchase is to increase performance to a Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS Farm that is currently running on our NetApp using Flash Pool for SSD caching and still not getting the performance it needs. I...
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    Using Supermicro IPMI over Internet Securely

    Anyone know if you can definitely use a purchased SSL certificate with Supermicro IPMI and what protocol/cipher/hashes is supports? When I look at the Generate SSL certificate on the IPMI web portal, the max key length you can select is 1024 bit. I would want to use a wildcard certificate with...
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    Opinion on .OST Files in your VDI or RDS Farm

    Just wanted to get some opinions about having .OST files in VDI or RDS Farms. In my particular case I think it is only hurting performance of the RDS Farm. Due to cost concerns the customer opted for Office 365 rather than having Exchange running in the same cloud infrastructure as the rest of...
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    FreeNAS to VMware - NFS or iSCSI

    Just wondering what makes the most sense to setup. I used FreeNAS awhile back with NFS, but haven't touched it in awhile. Here is the specs of the SAN. 2x 10 Gb NICs (LACP) 38x 2 TB SATA Drives 16x 1 TB SATA Drives 12x 600 GB SAS Drives I don't currently have a use for the SAS drives...
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    Does the LSI 9280-4i4e have IT Mode - HBA

    I've never actually done this before but I have seen people talk about it with LSI RAID controllers. Basically I already have this controller in a custom built Supermicro SAN that I want to change the OS to use ZFS. It seems that you shouldn't use RAID with ZFS, so I want to see if this adapter...
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    SOC 1 - SSAE 16 Type II Audit - Active Directory Password Policies?

    I received the following information about AD passwords for this audit. Internal network domain (default domain) passwords must conform to the following requirements: Enforce password history (can’t reuse a password from prior 24 passwords) Maximum password age (42 days) Minimum...
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    ESXi 5.5 Kickstart Installation

    First I would like to mention that I have never actually created a kickstart script before. Unfortunately scripting and automation is not my forte, but it is something I would really like to learn. Second I am looking to start by first creating a separate script for each ESXi install. So I will...
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    Best Practice for ESXi Syslog

    I don't want to use syslog built into vCenter anymore. I would rather just have the logs reside on one of the datastores. I also want to use a kickstart script for setting up the syslog location during the install. One of the examples I was looking at I believe modified the
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    Virtualizing Exchange, SQL, etc and Storage Block Sizes

    I am curious how others are doing this especially in a VMware environment with SAN storage. For example. Say you are running Exchange 2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2. The OS is installed on a datastore where the LUN is using 4k blocks. I believe recommendations are still 32k for its Exchange...