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  1. Denpepe

    Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure

    So gearbox decided to make this Borderlands 2 DLC now available as a stand alone "game'. It will be 10$ but for now on PC it can be had for free on the epic game store
  2. Denpepe

    Sin Reloaded

    Justy noticed this on Youtube, 3Drealms is keeping busy it seems
  3. Denpepe

    Steam problem

    So my recently rebuilt computer with a clean windows 10 install seems to be having some issues with steam webhelper.exe. My computer will lock up and the only thing I can find in the logs is "Error: Failed to add firewall exception for C:\Program Files...
  4. Denpepe

    Asrock X299 taichi broken?

    So last night after waking my pc from sleep it turned itself off and now I can't start it up anymore. If I press the power button the pc seems to start, but I get no video and the keyboard and mouse don't get power. After 15-30 sec the pc will turn off and reboot and keeps "running" still...
  5. Denpepe

    New intel CPU listings spotted

    So there seem to be some new intel CPU's comming up as you can see here These seem mostly to be the current CPU's but without the iGPU
  6. Denpepe

    Destiny 2 Ghost on sale on amazon

    There is a sale for the Destiny 2 ghost speaker/Alexa thingamajiggy for 9.99$ iso 89.99$ in case anyone would like one
  7. Denpepe

    Main site down?

    Having some trouble reaching the site today, the forums work okay but the website is giving an error on both Edge, chrome and Opera, see below error Deze site is niet bereikbaar Het IP-adres van de server van kan niet worden gevonden. Zoek op Google naar hardocp...
  8. Denpepe

    Sound volume problems SoundblasterX AE-5

    So I have this issue that when I play a game on my main monitor and have YouTube open on the other, once I get into combat, my YouTube sound will drop by a whole lot to the point I can't hear it anymore over the other sounds. As long as not much is going on in the game (I mostly only play...
  9. Denpepe

    Changes to read threads?

    Did something change in the last couple of days? It used to be that after I clicked on a thread and got back to the thread list that thread got grayed out, but this does not happen anymore for me. Is this a change to the site or Edge acting up?
  10. Denpepe

    Free SSD with GTX 1050 or 1060

    I got a mail from Nvidia about this, Guess they are trying to get rid of their overstock one way or the other.
  11. Denpepe

    Asus ROG swift PG65

    Asus' spec page for the big format gaming display has turned up Not sure how much of your body you would need to sel to be able to afford one but I want one :p
  12. Denpepe

    Diablo 4 comming?

    According to a job opening at blizzard there seems to be something brewing could it be nr 4? Something to keep an eye out for.
  13. Denpepe

    X299 Taichi crash after reboot - bios troubles

    So in my infinite stupidity I gave destiny 2 another try, game crashed, got a blue screen, pressed reset button, computer reboots, I click on hwinfo64, 20% orso into loading this, I hear some kind of pop and computer freezes. results in me slightly panicking. I press reset again, does nothing...
  14. Denpepe

    Raid array gone after creators update

    So tonight I got the creators update, installed ok as far as I can see but I can't see my raid drives in windows anymore, the bios detects them alright, and also intels rapid storage technology in windows sees them but gives me only 4 Mb free space which should be a lot more. The array is 2 WD...
  15. Denpepe

    I7 7820x Mobo opinions

    So I'm looking into going for an i7 7820x but the motherboards are a bit of an unknown for me. I'm looking to keep the cost reasonable and will most likely stick to a mild overclock so for I got my eye on the folllowing 3 mobo's, since I have no experience with either Asrock or Gygabite maybe...
  16. Denpepe

    PC/Games crashing when using 1440p, resolution

    So my computer keeps crashing every now and then when playing games, had it on my old GTX780 and still happens on my GTX1080 but it usually only happens when playing on 1440p, not if I play on 1080p but it can work ok for days and then crash 2 times in 5 minutes. I have no idea what going on...