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    Emulation Station Build (Mini-ITX)

    The build looks good! What does the back panel look like? Is it solid or vented as well?
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    Any Lan parties or PC gamers in Ohio?

    neokeelo, make sure to come say hi to me :)
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    GeForce LAN 6 Oct 14-16th

    I don't want to post up the link to the other one that I know about because I am involved in it and I don't want to be advertising on here. But all of the sponsors who are involved received seats. If you check them all out you will find them. More importantly because they all have seats I bet a...
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    GeForce LAN 6 Oct 14-16th

    for those of you who missed out on tickets, some of the sponsors are giving away the BYOC tickets.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    Wes from LanOC here. We didn't work with Corsair at the time of its launch, but we did want to make sure we got our hands on one to compare to cases from other manufactures in the future. Also, about the 8/10. We loved the case but it was hard to ignore the problems with the stock cooling...
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    Advance Auto Parts $50 Off $120 Coupon - Expire 6/11

    thanks, had to order parts anyhow, totaled up to 125 pre code. Just enough to save 50 and also get free shipping!
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    Summer Case Mod Contest

    I don't know how I missed your post before. We the cards ATI provided us are HD5570's not the HD5770's. They are also reference cards so they don't have a brand. Just the ATI logo on them :)
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    Summer Case Mod Contest

    I just wanted to let everyone know that we have extended the contest out until October 1st to make sure everyone is able to finish current projects and to give time for more people to enter.
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    Summer Case Mod Contest

    You can use anything. We will cover shipping to US and Canada, anyone is welcome but we can't covering the shipping costs beyond that.
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    Summer Case Mod Contest

    Just wanted to let the modding community know that LanOC Reviews just launched our Summer Case Mod Contest, and there's still plenty of time to join! We've got plenty of great sponsors providing kick-ass prizes for the top three case mod entries voted upon by the public; that's right, anyone can...
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    CompUSA/ Tigerdirect made me lol today

    as-advertised only means that it was in an ad... This has nothing to do with the price. Most retail shops do this
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    Two of my Cooler Master Rigs. I hope noone minds all of the pictures. I can change them to links if needed. Red Rig Case by CSX/smooth creations i7 930 Gigabyte X58 motherboard Danger Den water cooling Powercolor 5870 Western Digital SSD Raptor X under the top mesh Samsung DVD Burner...
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    Star Trek Online trial -- can anyone help me out here?

    I am looking for a key if anyone has any
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    ioSafe Solo 2TB Disaster Proof External Hard Drive $408

    Ive seen IOsafes demo at CES last year, the main difference is you cant use the hard drive while its in the safe. It's not like you plan on the fire happening... It will happen when you least expect it. IOSafe's drives will work all the way up until the point where the SATA and power cables melt
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    I saw this in person at CES a few times, nice job.
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    Are all gamers big pawed palm style mousers?

    I have had trouble finding mice that are big enough for me, its funny though that you have owned all of the mice that I would consider larger. You really should look at all of the other Razer mice, the deathadder and Mamba are the only mice they make they is for larger hands. I have the...
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    "Hero" games with $40 gift card

    Walmart is giving out $40 dollar gift cards along with all of the Guitar/DJ/Band Hero games and Tony Hawk. In our store Guitar Hero 3 is $50 bucks with the $40 GC, 10 bucks!
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    hot! open box asus eee pc 10" seashell 1005ha (10.5hr version) $283.99

    i get 7 to 8 out of my 1000HE as long as i keep the power management on auto
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    Intel Retailedge 2008 (2 purchase programs this year?)

    order number 235** small kit showed up today, it would have been yesterday but they came before i got up
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    Is this hot? AMD 1.8GHz efficient quad core plus ATCS 840 $238 shipped

    the 840 is the best case I have EVER worked with.. That is coming from someone who has/had over 20 different cases in the past year alone. Amazing cooling, great wire management, almost every feature you can think of, and a strength and quality that is matched by only the best cases on the...
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    HOT!!... for Retail employees i7 920 + Vista 64 Ultimate + W7 Voucher for $129.

    how is almost half price not a hot deal? not even counting windows that you may not use but it is still included. I will be involved in this one, reminds me of the q6600 deal early last year
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    Looking to see if anyone else has any suggestions for my next mobo

    I wanted to go Asus, but I couldnt find one that also had 8 or more Sata ports
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    Looking to see if anyone else has any suggestions for my next mobo

    well i ordered the non n200 version of the classified I hope I dont regret it! $400 is a lot of money for a motherboard
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    Looking to see if anyone else has any suggestions for my next mobo

    Ok, I am looking to upgrade from my current X58 motherboard to something with a few more options. I run crossfire with two 4870's that take up both of my PCI express x16 slots, I now have a LSISAS3442E-R SAS controller card that I need to add along with a Bigfoot Networks Xeno PCI expressx1...
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    Asus SuperComputer

    badass mobo msrp $450 release date may 19th im really considering this one
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    Nice Aluminum Padded Case $16 Shipped

    true but a normal piece of paper will fit. Inside Dimensions 12 3/8" L X 9 5/8" W X 4 1/2" D making it perfect for putting a camera or any other somewhat small items in. I picked one up, im sure ill find a good use for it
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    Does anyone have opinions on Storm Sniper?

    im running the sniper right now, i love the buldged side panels. They give you lots of room for wiring. The fan controller is great. The case has great cooling. .. And incase your wondering, im running the v10, it fits :) I saw the Scout at CES, im excited about it. It should be coming out in may
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    Im going to have to test it out, im getting ready to test the thermalright AXP-140
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    got my sidewinder x8

    ive got the x8 sitting here, im curious how the upcoming wireless razer mouse will compare to it
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    Which cooler for core i7

    v10 i love mine, i need to test it against the TRUE
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    I do product reviews, they sent it to me about a month ago. I was under the impression it was available.
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

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    Question about i7 heatsink

    I don't think you read my full post. I have aftermarket coolers, infact I have a bunch of them (cooler master v10, v8, thermalright axp-140, true black with 1366 brackets, noctua's NH-U12p SE1366, NH-C12P, NH-U12P, and NH-U9P). I just don't have a stock cooler to compare them too. I was...
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    Question about i7 heatsink

    I need to test a stock i7 920 heatsink against some aftermarket heatsinks. But unfortunately i don't have one. Does anyone know if it is the same model as a q6600 or a q9200 heatsink?
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    Great price on 790i Ultra

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    Cooler Master ATCS 840 or Lian Li PC-P80

    the 840 is one of the best cases ive ever used
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    Does Antec 1200 come with HDD screws?

    you will be fine with screws the only thing missing from buying a OEM hard drive is a sata cable and the disk. You will have lots of screws with your case, and the motherboard should come with enough sata cables
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    Couple CES mentions

    Yeah i got a close up look at your case. As always it looks amazing. I saw that they were giving out your cards also, did you pick up any work from that?