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    Vive vs. Elite: Dangerous, stuttering

    Has anyone else whose Vive has arrived tried Elite? Loading into the cockpit for the first time was by far the biggest "wow" moment I've had with it so far, which is saying something. The sensation of really being in the ship is just ridiculous. BUT. Then I took off, and there's not quite a...
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    Troubleshooting advice needed

    I've been setting up a replacement NAS box, and have run into a problem. A couple of times the machine has locked up during big file copy operations (although not for a few weeks now), but more worryingly I copied about 6TB from a couple of old arrays onto a new one recently and for no...
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    Vista + 295 + other (nv) card for triple monitor issue

    So I gave in and picked up a 30", and then I got a bit carried away and picked up a GTX295 to drive it (against my better judgment, not really being a fan of dual-gpu cards in the past), but I'd quite like to keep my old 24" monitors running too, so I dug out an old 8600GTS and after a lot of...
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    Pre-Order Far Cry 2 on Steam, get Far Cry free (until 9/2)

    In case anyone's interested. I was, mostly because I don't know where my FC dvd is any more and I was going to do FC2 on steam anyway.
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    Ideas for software to run on a NAS box

    I decided to not upgrade my video card and instead put together a little NAS box, which is now freshly built and running Ubuntu 8.04. I set up the raid as a samba share and that's all working fine, but since it's essentially a fully-functional PC I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for...
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    region free external dvd drive

    I'm looking for an external dvd drive to replace the worn-out drive in my Vaio laptop. It will be for watching movies mostly, and being a Brit in the US I have a mixture of region 1 & 2 discs so it has to either be region free, or have an available firmware or driver option to disable region...
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    Resevoir woes

    I've been running a swiftech apex kit (the storm version) for about a month and the only part of the loop I've had any trouble with is the resevoir. The micro res that came with the kit leaked like a bastard thanks to laughable construction/non-existent qc. I was naturally keen to get the pc...